How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano (2022)?

The cost of moving a piano depends on several factors such as the type of piano, weight of the piano, and the distance to which it has to be carried down. Roughly we can say that the cost of moving a piano ranges from $150 to $550 and it depends on the location (Different floors of a building), transportation distance (within the state or to a different country), etc. Most of the digital pianos can be moved by themselves as they are lightweight and portable models. Even the digital piano with cabinet-style furniture can be disassembled by self and moved to the new location.

But moving the grand acoustic piano is not easy and simple. If you are trying to move the antique grand piano to a new home in the same locality, or in a different place, it is not like moving any other piece of furniture, even if it is like moving it to the next room in the same house. The acoustic piano is an ensemble of many unique features such as pedals, wires, keys, and other components that are quite expensive and are impossible to replace. It might be required to hire professional piano movers so that the beloved instrument is maintained in its best class during and after transportation.

Moving a Piano

Factors that Determine the Cost of Moving a Piano

Many different factors determine the cost of moving a piano and some of them are discussed here.

1. Size and the type of the piano

The weight, height, width, and length of the piano determine the challenge of moving it, and accordingly the cost of shifting and moving also varies. There are many types of acoustic pianos, namely the grand, baby grand, and upright pianos and the easy of them cost differently for transportation. The upright pianos can cost between $100 and $300 to transport. The spinet pianos can weigh around 300 lbs. and the heavier upright pianos can weigh around 500+ lbs. and this plays a major role in their transportation cost. It might be required to dismantle the grand piano for shifting it and this much cost an additional dismantling cost.

2. How much distance should the piano be moved?

Distance will influence the cost of moving a piano. Grand pianos can take anywhere between $250 to $550 to shift and it is not uncommon for long-distance piano movers to charge between $2 to $3 per mile. It has been estimated that the local movement of a piano could cost about $650 and a long-distance move would cost around $1000 – $2000. If the piano has to be shifted across the country, then the shipping cost would be around $950 to $2500, when it is shifted through consolidated freight, where the items of multiple people are shifted in the same direction.

3. Cost of moving the piano through the obstacles

When there are obstacles on the way such as doorways, stairs, tight turns, and other things that hinder the shifting of the piano, then it will enhance the cost of the move. If the piano has to be down the stairs, it will cost another $5 per step and can mount to $50 to $100 for a plight of stairs. If it is too challenging to move the piano up a flight of stairs, then a crane has to be used, which could increase the cost of the move drastically. 

4. The location

The cost of living of the city in which the person lives will affect its moving cost. In rural areas, the cost of shifting will be more to move the piano, as the distance will be more to shift the piano to the city.

5. The equipment required

The movers require specific equipment to move the piano and depending on the type of equipment that is used, the cost of shifting can alter. If moving trucks, locking belts, pads and skid boards, slings, ramps, and packing tapes are used, the cost of shifting can alter accordingly.

6. Miscellaneous cost

The cost of insurance is included in the shift and generally, the moving companies will charge an additional $15 insurance for every $1000 of the worth of the piano. And tipping is expected in the moving industry and can be around 10% of the total shifting cost. You can also tip more if they render exceptional services. Tip them if they are very careful in moving the piano up the stairs, through the doorways, and even around the corners, and especially if they are responsive to the specific requests made.

Choosing the Best Piano Movers

Despite the cost, it is important to look for the best and the most professional piano movers so that they will not damage the belongings and also help you to avoid personal injury. Choose movers who have piano-specific experience and those who have specific equipment to move the piano carefully. It is optimal to choose a mover who is also capable of dismantling and reassembling the piano if required.

It is important to check the qualification and references of the professional piano mover, maybe with the help of online reviews or from past customers. After choosing the professional movers, it is important to settle all the details and get the detailed contract in writing, along with the financial planning that is required. Ask for a detailed breakdown of costs and the total amount to pay at the end. This breakdown is important to prevent unwanted surprises at the time of payment. 

It is also good to have pictures and videos of the piano before shifting to compare with the post-shifting status of the piano. We should also stay aware and away from scams and refrain from making the complete payment upfront. It is highly beneficial to get everything in detail.

Bottom Line

The grand piano is a valuable possession that has to be moved with utmost caution. After the piano is safely delivered to the new location, it is important to do a complete examination to ensure that nothing gets damaged during the transportation.

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