Casio CDP-S100 Review – 2023

Design of Casio CDP-S100 Digital Piano

Casio has been a renowned and ancient brand and a pioneer in the manufacturing of digital pianos. They have released a number of series with different alterations over time, and we are here to review the CDP-S series, that was released during its 15th-anniversary celebrations. It is moderately priced and though it doesn’t have fancy … Read more

Yamaha P121 Review: A Lighter and Portable Piano – 2023

Design of Yamaha P121

Pianists around the world normally love to use two types of pianos- the traditional acoustic ones and the digital pianos. With the advantage of portability and high endurance people now prefers digital pianos and Yamaha always at the top position with its unparallel performance. The brand matches the acoustic pianos with their advanced technologies and … Read more

Casio CDP S350: Contemporary Digital Piano

Casio CDP S350

Various instruments, each with its own special charm and distinct character, have added to the world of music. The Casio piano stands out among them as a dependable and adaptable instrument that has enthralled both performers and hobbyists. Casio pianos are renowned for their inventiveness, affordability, and exceptional quality, and they have made a name … Read more

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775 Review: Is It Preferred By Skilled Pianists? – 2023

Design of Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775 digital piano represents the middle-range models in the 700 series of Yamaha pianos. Yamaha has designed this piano with an array of unique features, across its body. One such notable improvisation is the newly included sound samples of the Bosendorfer and the CFX grand pianos. We all know that these two … Read more

Kurzweil Home KAG100: 88-Note Digital Grand Piano

Kurzweil Home KAG10

American inventor, businessman, and musician Raymond Kurzweil launched Kurzweil Music Systems in 1982 after becoming well-known in the voice recognition industry. The business first made electronic music synthesizers, but in the late 1980s, it began to produce digital pianos as well. The business Kurzweil debuted its range of home pianos in the early 2000s, fusing … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Alesis Recital

alesis recital review poster

Digital keyboards of the Alesis Recital line are geared towards beginning and intermediate players. These keyboards are renowned for their low costs, mobility, and extensive feature sets. Many models, including the Alesis Recital, Alesis Recital Pro, and Alesis Recital White, are part of the this line. These keyboards come in a variety of sizes and … Read more

Casio PX-360BK: A Perfect Blend of Innovation and Quality

Casio PX-360BK

The well-known company Casio manufactures a variety of electronic musical instruments, including pianos. Casio pianos are renowned for their functionality, durability, and affordability. Portable keyboards, digital pianos, and hybrid pianos are just a few of the different varieties of pianos that Casio offers. The majority of portable keyboards are small and light, and they are … Read more