Nord Stage 3 Review: Piano for Stage Shows? -2022

Design of Nord Stage 3

Nord always builds instruments for professional musicians and the stage 3 digital piano has been in use for live performances and stage shows for ages. It is also one of the best pianos for music shows. This piano features a large internal memory and also encompasses diverse features, effects, and functions, and its weighted wooden … Read more

Nord Piano 4 Review: Really a Premium Piano? -2022

Nord Piano 4 Digital Piano

The Nord Piano 4 is considered the most popular instrument and belongs to the fourth iteration of the classic pianos. The piano was originally released in the year 2010 and is compatible with the Nord sample library and is considered the best substitute for grand acoustic pianos when it comes to staging shows. The piano … Read more

Kawai ES520 Review: Outstanding Piano for the Price? -2022

Design of Kawai ES520

The Kawai ES520 is an exceptional piano for home and stage. It combines the authentic responsive hamper compact II action keyboard with progressive harmonic image sound technologies. The piano also features modern Bluetooth connectivity with a powerful 40W speaker system. The ES520 delivers the best-in-class touch and tone and the piano is indeed a portable … Read more

Kawai KDP70 Review: Piano for the Money? -2022

Kawai KDP70 Digital Piano

The Kawai KDP70 is an exceptional digital piano that comes with a stand, bench, and three years limited warranty. The piano features an authentic responsive hammer action keyboard with highly expressive EX concert grand piano sounds. The piano also renders 88- key piano sampling with its built-in Burgmuller and Czerny etudes. Yet another best feature … Read more

Roland RP102 Review: Worth the Money? -2022

Design of Roland RP102

Roland is a leading name in the market of digital pianos. Its instruments are known for their quality performance and exceptional features. The pianos from Roland are also affordable and are space-saving and thus ideal for home use and they also fit in seamlessly in the studios, practice rooms, and other educational settings. The Roland … Read more

Korg B1 Review: The Perfect Piano? -2022

Korg B1 Digital Piano

Korg is an amazing musical brand that was founded by Keio Electronic Laboratories, which is well known for the manufacturing of electronic musical instruments and relevant types of equipment. One of the best pianos from the brand Korg is Korg B1. Electric guitars and Recording Equipments are some of their well-known products.  Korg brand is … Read more

Donner DEP-45 Review: Best at an Affordable Cost? -2022

Donner DEP-45 Digital Piano

This is an expert beginner digital piano that is available at an affordable cost from the Donner brand. The piano features sustain pedal with Bluetooth MIDI connectivity and connect exceptionally well with tablets, cell phones, and PCS for expert audio output. This digital piano is a great choice for beginners and features an 88-key half-weighted … Read more

Donner DEP-20 Review: Best for Beginners? – 2022

Donner DEP-20 Design

Donner DEP-20 is a digital piano for beginners with an 88-key full-sized weighted keyboard and an adjustable touch response. It is one of the bestselling digital pianos that boasts a lot of features and is available at an affordable cost. The Donner DEP-20 piano comes with a furniture stand that is convenient for people to … Read more

Donner DDP-100 Review: Most Realistic for Intermediates – 2022

Design of Donner DDP-100

Donner DDP-100 is an 88-key fully weighted action digital piano that matches the intricacies and performance standards of high-order pianos. The piano renders the most realistic and exceptional sounds, which helps players develop a keen interest in music and the ability to distinguish between sounds. The piano features a streamlined design, a wooden cabinet with … Read more