About PianoOpedia

PianoOpedia is a website/blog created by Larry to help piano & music lovers choose right piano as well as improve their skills.


Larry – Founder of PianoOpedia Website

At first, Larry started this website with a different domain (BestDigitalPianoReviews.org) in 2016 as he wanted to share his knowledge about pianos.

Rebranded as PianoOpedia

In 2020, Larry decided to make his site the best place for any kind of query related to pianos, but to do that he had to rebrand the site with a new name, as the old domain was more inclined towards piano reviews, so after a lot research, PianoOpedia was chosen as the new brand and currently PianoOpedia is the best piano encyclopaedia.

The Future

PianoOpedia will continue publishing amazing tips & tricks for piano lovers as well as reviewing latest piano models to help people get their hands on the best pianos depending on their skill budget and brand preference.