Yamaha P121 Review: A Lighter and Portable Piano – 2023

Pianists around the world normally love to use two types of pianos- the traditional acoustic ones and the digital pianos. With the advantage of portability and high endurance people now prefers digital pianos and Yamaha always at the top position with its unparallel performance. The brand matches the acoustic pianos with their advanced technologies and offers a wide range of selections in digital pianos.

Yamaha’s P series already got umpteen fans and now the trending one in this range is Yamaha P121. Though it’s a miniature version of the Yamaha P125, the music lovers find it very accustomed to their basic needs. The ultra-portable compact design allows you to carry the Yamaha P121 wherever you go. This write-up shows light on the main characteristics of the model and its salient features.

Yamaha P121 Review 2023

Yamaha P121 Digital Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.4/10
Performance and sounds9.6
Easy to Assemble9.8
Build Quality9.1
Value for money9.5

Quick Opinion by Larry

P121 is a great-sounding portable keyboard. Although connectivity features are limited, it’s a quality keyboard that provides a realistic experience considering the price it is available. The built-in speakers are also good but just don’t compare them with those highly-priced pianos with high-end speakers.

An Overview of Yamaha P121

This model is provided with a fully weighted 73-key set which makes it especially comfortable for beginners and resembles the original 73-key set of acoustic pianos. The graded hammer standard ensures the realistic touching experience of the acoustic piano in this model. The keys in the lower ranger are comparatively heavier than those in the higher range. As with the pressure you apply on the keys, it can offer a wide volume range as the keys are pressure-sensitive. This allows a preset mode in the keyboard under 4 categories soft, medium, hard, and fixed and the default setting will be the medium setting.

Number of Keys73
Piano SoundPure CF Sound Engine
Weight22 lbs
Keyboard TypeGraded Hammer Standard keyboard
USB to host connectivityYes

The keys are extensively designed to match the great fingering techniques. For a prolonged playing experience, the black keys are provided with a matte black finish. The non-slippery feature of these keys helps you to maintain the flow of music without any slips. Most of the features entitled in these digital pianos are very close to that of the acoustic pianos and hence the user won’t find any difficulty in using the acoustic pianos at a later stage.

Versatile ranges of functioning modes are available in this model and the user can switch between them easily. With the help of other functioning modes and interesting features like volume control fader, you can recreate innovative music ideas on your piano.

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Notable Aspects of Yamaha P121

Sound Quality

One can recreate the sound of different instruments just with the help of a push button. The Yamaha P 121 comes along with inbuilt speakers and never compromises the sound quality with the 73 keysets. It is almost able to offer the same tone, feel, and features as a full 88-set keyboard. Another excellence comes in terms of the polyphonic features. The combination of piano, clavichords, electric piano, bass, strings, and vibraphone altogether produces 24 voices. The ability to perform in the lowest frequency ranges makes the Yamaha P121 an authentic digital piano, especially for the fresher in this field.

The Pure CF Engine

The rich tone of the acoustic piano is assured in this model with pure CF technology. The deep reverberations and minute detailing are possible with the Yamahas own CF engine. As this model is deprived of the key-off simulations and string resonance, it always gives a vivacious feel to the audience. Each note can be delivered with extra depth and create specific moods corresponding to the club, chamber, concert hall, and recite hall. No other model in this range will offer this much dynamics and clarity.

With the sophisticated Intelligence Acoustic Control (IAC), this model addresses all the problems of the loss of treble and bass. Especially playing at minor volumes, this model adjusts the mix between the bass and treble, creating deeper sounds effortlessly. The intelligent acoustic control mechanism ensures better sound qualities at lower frequency ranges and offers better performance.


Two speakers are allocated on either side of the piano delivering 7W sound each. For beginners, a total of 14 W sound qualities is enough to practice or make a small performance amongst friends. Yamaha’s product- the acoustic optimizer is inbuilt into the piano and it enhances the speaker outputs. Well-maintained sound flow and tone control are the best proof of this model’s excellence.


The ability to produce more than one tone simultaneously will enhance the total output or music of the piano. This polyphonic feature helps the intermixing of several sounds in the P121 model. The elaborate music produced with the help of 192 notes at a time is highly helpful in developing the backdrop chords.

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Noteworthy Features of Yamaha P121

Design of Yamaha P121


With the help of 3 versatile functions, anybody can make out try in creating new music. Multiple sounds of instruments are found to help record purposes and duo compositions etc.

Duo Function

When you want to experiment with two pianos, practically a four-hand experience you can set up this model. The teachers while teaching can make great use of it by playing on one side leaving the other side for the learner. One can produce identical pitch patterns on the two sides with the sharing of the middle C.

Split Function

Similar to the duo function, one can make use of the piano as two separate instruments simultaneously and can play different notes in different sounds at the two ends. The best way to use a piano most creatively can be explored using this feature of the P121 model.

Dedicated Library

The model is pre-equipped with 50 piano songs and 12 demo songs. Based on this the user can make out a self-teaching practice. If the user wishes to have extra songs in the library, the songs can be loaded from the PC through a MIDI. Providing vast options to the users through the flexible features makes the Yamaha P121 a supermodel.

Transpose Function

Easy accommodation of frequency changes is possible with this function. Just restricting the finger movements on a particular space, one can produce varying tones. The controlled layering of tones with intricate nuances is possible with this pitch selection process.


Another self-teaching mechanism in the P121 model is a metronome. The basic skills of a beginner can be easily recognized according to the data from a metronome. This also measures the speed of playing, how silently and fast the high-frequency tones can be played, etc. This will help out in inculcating the rhythmic and timing skills of the learner. One can observe the gradual increase in the exactness, skillset, and sharpness by practicing with this mode. No separate mentors have to be arranged if you can practice with this feature.

Stereophonic Optimizer

Yamaha’s unique feature is the stereophonic optimizer. When a headphone is connected, one can listen to the spacing of the sound and accordingly recreate it. This will help to produce more realistic sounds and overall the listener will get a natural feel. One can involve in playing for long hours with these mesmeric sound effects.

Auto Power Off

No need to waste the power in the piano when not in use. The auto power-off mode will function according to a customized plan. One can enable or disable this function according to their convenience. Hence the Yamaha P 121 model contributes to energy conservation in its way.


Connectivity Features of Yamaha P121

To make external sound connections through stereo and headphones two jacks are there at the bottom side with a quarter-inch dimension. Other output devices like amplifiers, audio systems, etc can also be connected to it. Again at the bottom, there is the USB port to make the connection with the PC or laptop. But that won’t be enough and one must install the USB–MIDI on the PC. Also, several Yamaha 121 compatible apps are available to dig up an enhanced learning experience.

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Yamaha P121: The Pros and Cons

As with the high-end qualities and features on the musical aspect, the P121 model has been on high expectations in all other terms. As it is designed as a mid-range product, the experts can point out some cons too in the model.

What’s Best in Yamaha P121 Piano?

  • Compact gig-friendly design
  • Pure CF sampling
  • Polyphonic with 192 note support
  • 24 high-grade instrument tone
  • Built-in library for 50 piano songs and 12 demo songs
  • grand speaker system
  • USB connectivity
  • Piano app compatibility

What’s Lacking in Yamaha P121 Piano?

  • Limited selection of sound/effects/settings
  • Less sensible key actions with short samples
  • No advanced footswitches
  • Deprived of onboard Bluetooth connectivity

Alternatives of Yamaha P121

These are some of the best models available in the market that you can check if you want some alternatives to Yamaha P121.

  1. Yamaha P125
  2. Casio PX-160
  3. Yamaha P45
  4. Casio PX-S3000
  5. Kawai ES110

Final Verdict

To attract mid-range music lovers and customers, Yamaha released the p121 model. With its 73-key structure, it appears to be compact and lightweight making it even kids friendly. Soothe Yamaha P121 model will be best suitable for traveling musicians with its highly portable structure.

Compared with the other models with the same features, it is more affordable with reasonable prices for its excellent features. The high-quality keys never compromise the sound quality, many times resembling the acoustic pianos. So the Yamaha P121 model can always be considered the best choice for beginners and will be a promising investment for all your future music endeavors.

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