The Best Synths Under $1000 Guide- 2023

Best Synths Under $1000

The Synth is an excellent instrument to create one’s unique sound and can be of much help in crafting music for a brand. With the rise of plugin software synths, the analog synthesizer has become a luxury item for music producers. Though software synths are capable of creating rich experiences with sounds, analog synths are … Read more

What Is The History Of The Piano (2023)?

Piano History

Understanding the history of the piano helps in having a deep connection with the instrument and helps us to play better and with tremendous interest. The instruments are of three different types, namely the wind instruments, the percussion instruments, and the string instruments. The pianos belong to the string range of instruments and clenching too … Read more

What is Polyphony in Digital Piano? (2023)

What is Polyphony in Digital Piano

The Term poly refers to many and phony refers to sound and polyphony is the maximum number of notes that the keyboard can play simultaneously. It could range from 16 to 256 notes and pianists can choose instruments with their desired number of polyphonies while buying the digital pianos.  It is important to look for … Read more

How Learning the Piano Can Change Your Life (2023)

How Learning the Piano Can Change Your Life

It is an almost undeniable fact that learning an instrument is a great skill. We’ve been suggested by our parents, teachers, elders and other musicians to learn an instrument. There must be some reasons behind it. One good reason is that it is a good and recreational hobby. You don’t have to be passionate about … Read more

Top 10 Best Piano Keyboard Stands for Standing (With In-Depth Buying Guide) – 2023

Finding the best piano keyboard stands is optimal for those who own keyboards and play them at home comfortably. These keyboard stands come in a variety of sizes, prices, and capabilities. There is a vast selection of keyboard stands available and it is thus optimal to find the best keyboard stands for a perfect keyboard-playing … Read more

Top 7 Best Piano Keyboard Stands – 2023

piano keyboard stands

A great music performance not only will depend on the performer, but also on the instrument and the accessories that will be used for mediating the performance. The piano keyboard stands are one of the most forgotten accessories for a grand piano performance, which has the capacity to compromise the performance of the musician who … Read more