Best Synthesizer – Korg Kross 2 88-Key Review (2023)

korg kross 2

The Korg Kross 2  is one of the best-selling synthesizer workstations for beginners, and full disclosure, it’s additionally one of my personal favored financial synthesizers and workstation keyboards. Unlike Yamaha MX88, which straddles the line between notebook and ROMpler, Korg Kross 2 gives you a lot of extra freedom, and as such, is considered one … Read more

Best Synthesizer Yamaha Montage 8 Review (2023) 

yamaha montage 8

Yamaha Montage 8 is an 88-key balanced hammer action synthesizer combining state-of-the-art dynamic control, big sound advent, and streamlined workflow. Yamaha Montage 8 is an 88-key computer synthesizer that combines factors of the DX- and Motif-series keyboards. Employing Motion-Control Synthesis, Montage combines two sound engines: AWM2 (Synthesis- and Sample-Based Sounds) and FM-X (Frequency Modulation Synthesis). … Read more

Best Synthesizer Sequential Prophet 6 by Dave Smith Instruments – Review (2023)

prophet 6

The Sequential Prophet 6 by Dave Smith Instruments is a stunning and cutting-edge synth that was thoughtfully created to satisfy consumers. The Dave Smith Prophet 6 “Sequential Circuits” synthesizer has six analogue polyphonic voices. When Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) made the decision to return to the analogue synth market 20 years after the company’s death, … Read more

The Brand New Synthesizer Arturia MicroBrute – Review (2023)

arturia microbrute

The Brand New Synthesizer Arturia MicroBrute – Review (2023) The newest member of the Brute family of synthesizers is the Arturia MicroBrute. The younger sibling of the acclaimed contemporary classic, MiniBrute Synth. It is a modern and beautiful synthesizer. The Arturia MicroBrute is smaller in size but still has Arturia’s multiple wave oscillator with wave-shapers, … Read more

Best Synthesizers for Beginners Guide- 2023

Synthesizers for Beginners

Music enthusiasts and professional keep mixing music to create professionally sounding sounds and the synthesizers makes it easy for them to do so as they are packed with all the desired tools to help in professional music mixing. They share the same keyboard style layout as that of the piano, but they render a myriad … Read more

Best Synths for Hip Hop: Top 5 Picks- 2023

Best Synths for Hip Hop

When it comes to music, there can’t be any hater of hip-hop music. The music sounds divine to the ears and helps us jump into the party mood instantly. But a lot goes into the creation of hip-hop sounds. Instruments such as synthesizers help in creating flawless hip hop music, anytime and anywhere and it … Read more

Yamaha MX61 Review 2023: Ideal Music Production Synthesizer?

Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer Review

A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals through diverse methods such as frequency modulation synthesis and additive synthesis. These sounds are also modulated with the help of diverse components such as envelopes, filters, and oscillators. Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer Review 2023 Brand Yamaha Model MX61BK Keys 3 Models (49-key, 61-key & 88-key) … Read more

Best Budget Synths Under $500 – 2023

Best Synths Under $500

Synthesizers are great devices for music freaks who are looking for an instrument that renders fat bass and the best sound. With a digital or analog synth, it is possible to create and route new circuits and knobs to generate great music and discover new sounds. We have gathered the top 5 best budget synths … Read more