How to Connect Headphones to a Digital Piano or Keyboard? – 2023

How to Connect Headphones to Digital Piano or Keyboard

Headphones are the best accessories for digital pianos and keyboards, as they help in rendering a thorough keyboard experience without disturbing others. It also helps in listening to one’s composition and allows others to listen to your masterpieces as well. Above all this, one of the best functionalities of coupling a headphone with a digital … Read more

How to Clean a Piano Black Finish (2023)?

Piano Black Finish

Cleaning the piano is a must to enhance its longevity. It is important to offer proper care and maintenance to prevent the settlement of dust and perspiration on the piano and also to prevent the harmful particles from damaging it extensively. It is also appropriate to choose the right type of cleaning products to clean … Read more

How to Read Piano Tabs – 2023?

Piano Tabs

To play a complete song on the piano, it is important to learn to read the music sheet and know about piano tabs. It is not possible for the pianist to memorize every single song and it is practically impossible as well. Both beginners and professional pianists prefer to read either the actual sheet music … Read more

Do I Need Weighted Keys? – 2023

weighted keys in the piano

Let’s answer the question, Do I need weighted keys? It is mandatory to have weighted keys to qualify the instrument like a piano as it will be referred to as a mere electronic keyboard if it doesn’t have weighted keys. It is better to have a digital piano with weighted keys rather than to play … Read more