How to Clean Plastic Or Ivory Piano Keys?

Plastic Or Ivory Piano Keys

It is not uncommon for the piano keys to pick up dust or grease on the surface and it could be disheartening to see a thousand dollar investment getting dust accumulation. Most of the piano keys are either made of ivory or have ivory embedments so that they render an excellent tactile feel on the … Read more

What are Piano Chords?

Piano Chords

Chords are not just a term in geometry but refer to piano notes as well. A chord gets created in a piano when more than one note is played at once. A chord is a conjunction of two or more individual notes and to achieve a chord in a piano, the pianist is required to … Read more

How to Read Piano Tabs?

Piano Tabs

To play a complete song on the piano, it is important to learn to read the music sheet. It is not possible for the pianist to memorize every single song and it is practically impossible as well. Both beginners and professional pianists prefer to read either the actual sheet music or opt to learn the … Read more

How Much Does Piano Tuning Cost?

Piano Tuning

We all know that the piano requires frequent tuning to sound at its best. In the first year after purchasing a piano, it might be required to tune a piano at least four times a year. And from next year, we may have to tune the piano at least twice a year. This helps the … Read more

How to Clean a Piano Black Finish?

Piano Black Finish

Cleaning the piano is a must to enhance its longevity. It is important to offer proper care and maintenance to prevent the settlement of dust and perspiration on the piano and also to prevent the harmful particles from damaging it extensively. It is also appropriate to choose the right type of cleaning products to clean … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

Moving a Piano

The cost of moving a piano depends on several factors such as the type of piano, weight of the piano, and the distance to which it has to be carried down. Roughly we can say that the cost of moving a piano ranges from $150 to $550 and it depends on the location (Different floors … Read more

What is Polyphony in Digital Piano?

What is Polyphony in Digital Piano

The Term poly refers to many and phony refers to sound and polyphony is the maximum number of notes that the keyboard can play simultaneously. It could range from 16 to 256 notes and pianists can choose instruments with their desired number of polyphonies while buying the digital pianos.  It is important to look for … Read more

How to Play Piano With Both Hands?

Play Piano with Both Hands

Be it a pianist or a typist, typing with both hands is seen as a mark of professionalism and only experts will be able to use both their hands to play expert piano tunes. Most pianists can play either with their left hand or right hand and when they had to put both their hands … Read more

What Are the Foot Pedals On A Piano For?

Piano Pedals

The pedals in the piano are the improvised levers that are available at the base of the piano and are used to alter the sounds of the instrument in many different ways. Generally, the modern-day pianos have three pedals that are arranged from the left to the right, and these three pedals, from the order … Read more

What is the History of the Piano?

Piano History

Understanding the history of the piano helps in having a deep connection with the instrument and helps us to play better and with tremendous interest. The instruments are of three different types, namely the wind instruments, the percussion instruments, and the string instruments. The pianos belong to the string range of instruments and clenching too … Read more

How to Connect Headphones to Digital Piano or Keyboard?

How to Connect Headphones to Digital Piano or Keyboard

Headphones are the best accessories for digital pianos and keyboards, as they help in rendering a thorough keyboard experience without disturbing others. It also helps in listening to one’s composition and allows others to listen to your masterpieces as well. Above all this, one of the best functionalities of coupling a headphone with a digital … Read more

10 Tips For Setting Up Online Piano Lessons

Tips For Setting Up Online Piano Lessons

 Are you a professional pianist and want to sell your skills online? These 10 tips will guide you through all the important technicalities to keep in mind as well as piano related suggestions that will help you set up a professional online piano class. (In case you need a new piano: Top 20 Best Digital … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano Online?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano Online

Thanks to this digital world, now you can learn the piano online for free. Not just piano but every other skill that you want to learn. To learn the piano online you just need two things, first a piano of course, and second, enough dedication. The time duration in which you can learn piano depends … Read more

How to Stay Motivated When Practicing the Piano?

Stay Motivated When Practicing the Piano

From the outside, playing the piano looks fun and easy but practicing the piano requires so much motivation and determination in reality. When you start off learning the piano you are motivated but soon the motivation gradually declines as practicing requires repeating the same things again and again for hours. Only then do you master … Read more

5 Remarkable Health Benefits of Playing the Piano

Health Benefits of Playing the Piano

“The piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million colors in your mind” Playing the piano is amazing. It will soothe your soul from inside, out. Each musical instrument produces music and has its benefits. Playing the piano is also having its amazing benefits, not only musically but also health-wise. One might … Read more

How Learning the Piano Can Change Your Life?

How Learning the Piano Can Change Your Life

It is an almost undeniable fact that learning an instrument is a great skill. We’ve been suggested by our parents, teachers, elders and other musicians to learn an instrument. There must be some reasons behind it. One good reason is that it is a good and recreational hobby. You don’t have to be passionate about … Read more

10 Tips for Choosing Music to Play on Piano

Choosing Music to Play on Piano

Music is a very powerful way to connect with your audience emotionally and to make sure, you are creating a long term audience by personally touching their hearts. Playing an instrument such as a piano can create an amazing feeling and can create an amazing moment, as well. It can make any moment special. It … Read more

How To Play Piano Chords For Beginners?

How To Play Piano Chords

The piano is an exceptional musical instrument that soothes the ears of the listeners with its soothing chords and exceptional music. The idea of striking black and white keys that feels as soft as snow to strike some pleasant music amazes many people. And there are some who take some google classes to play the … Read more

Top 10 Piano Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Top Piano Tips and Tricks

Every pianist starts learning from scratch with little or no skills and experience. Some of them succeed within a short period while the others take ages. As nothing comes easily, a beginner pianist needs to observe some tips and tricks in order to master everything related to playing the piano. 10 Best Piano Tips and … Read more

How to Clean Piano Keys and Keyboards?

Clean Piano Keys and Keyboards

Do you have a keyboard or piano in your house? It’s the most beautiful and extremely melodious musical instrument ever manufactured in the world. Piano and keyboard needs a lot of practice to be played well, and also these instruments need proper care and accurate cleaning to look like beautiful and shining ever. It is … Read more

How to Get Better at Piano Sight Reading?

piano sight reading tips

Learning sight-reading of sheet music is the best and most recommendable way to improving in playing the piano. Sight reading is simply the act of playing a song by just reading the music. For easy sight reading, it is crucial first to understand how to read music as well as learning the basic music theory. … Read more

Top Finger Stretching Exercises for Piano Players

Finger Stretching Exercises for Piano

Proper finger positioning plays a significant role in the prevention of injuries and improving technique. Finger exercises are a must for a piano player to improve the playing skills. You might have seen small babies and youths yearning to play the piano. Their experience can only grow better with proper exercises to strengthen their fingers. … Read more

How to Improve Piano Skills Without a Teacher?

Improve Piano Playing Skills

There are so many people who want to learn a new skill, but they believe that they need a teacher or competent tutor to do that. Without any doubt, attending courses or private lessons can be very helpful and much more useful for learning. You have someone who can supervise you, correct your mistakes and … Read more