Korg D1: Best Digital Piano Review (2023)

korg d1 88key

Korg D1 has continually been in the spotlight of the tune equipment market, being remarkable for being one of the best quality instruments since the 1970s. Korg has demonstrated to be an attractive factor in having high-design quality, user-friendly outcomes, and approachable play appliances endless times over.  The Korg D1 is marketed as an entry-level … Read more

Korg B1 Review: The Perfect Piano? -2023

Korg B1 Digital Piano

Korg is an amazing musical brand that was founded by Keio Electronic Laboratories, which is well known for the manufacturing of electronic musical instruments and relevant types of equipment. One of the best pianos from the brand Korg is Korg B1. Electric guitars and Recording Equipments are some of their well-known products.  Korg brand is … Read more