Yamaha CP73 Review: 73-Key Balanced Stage Piano – 2023

Looking for the Yamaha CP73 Piano review? If you are an advanced player, then it might be right for you to directly buy the piano after having feature research but if you are naive in piano playing, then you need to understand what is the piano and what unique features a piano must possess in order be a good musical instrument.

What Does a Piano Mean?

Piano means “soft-loud”, which means an instrument that produces both soft and loud voices, at the same time. It is a beautiful voice-producing instrument, which could be played anytime and on any occasion.

Every piano has some unique features. Every piano is different from the other. Thus, it is very much important to understand your requirements for any piano. Make sure you do proper research and then invest in any piano. Here, we bring you the review about the Yamaha CP73 piano, which will help you in deciding if you wanted to go ahead with it or not. (Also Check: Yamaha CP88 Review 2023)

Yamaha CP73 is an amazing piano. If you are planning to buy it, just go through the review first and all the pros and cons it could have, and then decide to buy.

Yamaha CP73 Piano Review 2023

Yamaha CP73 Stage Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Performance and sounds9.5
Build Quality9.3
Value for money9.4

Yamaha CP73 produces authentic acoustic and electric piano sound. This particular model is powered by 100 years of craftsmanship and 45 years of synthesizer innovation. It has a realistic piano touch and an intuitive one-to-one user interface which helps you to understand the features including tones, melodies, beats, etc. easily. You can play a variety of genres on the piano because it features a wide range of the grand piano, upright piano, electric piano, and keyboard sounds. 

The design of this piano is very durable and rigorous. The keyboard is also intuitive to use. CP73 is the lightest and most compact model you can find in this range. The weight of CP73 is 28.9 pounds which makes it convenient for transporting and great for mobility. This piano is very useful for doing outdoor gigs and performances with your band or solo because the tones of this piano, just like other Yamaha instruments, work across the full dynamic range.

It does not have graded keys, which means that the keys have the same weight across the full length. It produces a balanced tone throughout the frequency spectrum which makes it usable in both classic and modern music. The default preset of this piano is the CFX concert grand. 

Connectivity Features of Yamaha CP73
Credit: Yamaha

Features of Yamaha CP73

  • The keyboard has basic effects such as master delay, reverb, and EQ.
  • The piano includes FC3A sustain pedal.
  • Splitting and layering – The way it works and the features of this piano is easy to understand. For layering, all you have to do is activate each section and this will give you a layered sound. The piano also has volume knobs to tweak the balance. For splitting, you just have to set a split point on the onboard menu, and then the split section allows you to manage the sound to the left or right of the split point.
  • Live sets – Each preset has 3 sections with custom effect settings and each live set has 8 varied setting chains for recall. So in total, there are 10 banks and 8 different presets i.e. 80 live sets in total. These settings are accessible with the buttons that are present beneath the screen. 
  • USB audio interface – 44.1 kHz USB Audio Interface is present in the keyboard with USB MIDI feature. These features are really helpful for implementing software synths and samplers into your songs without an audio interface.
  • Master keyboard mode – You can activate this mode with the help of the onboard menu. This mode will help you control external sound modules. 
  • Advanced mode – You can find this model in the menu. This mode will enable you to load any sound on any section so that you can try different combinations. This mode seems magical once you get a hold of it. 
  • USB setting – On the rear panel, you will find a USB flash drive input. This USB slot is used for saving and transferring all of your presets and settings to a different keyboard. 
  • Expandable sounds – You can update the firmware once you buy the piano. Doing this will add some new presents and voices to your keyboard.

Pros & Cons of Yamaha CP73

What’s Best in Yamaha CP73?

  • It owes a very versatile keyboard for an amazing live performance and engaging the audience in a wider way.
  • This piano is having very exacting control over the parameters, making it one of the finest tune pianos of its era. 
  • This piano owes an excellent sound with all the finite management of high as well as low pitch sound and goes on with the tunes of all the podcasts and music. 
  • One can easily set the controller of the foot to 76 to make it a perfect pedal work, which works as an amazing actual Leslie effect. 
  • The ability to save “live” pages and change patches on the fly along with the knobs and the switches gives the piano a very old yet classical-fashioned feeling. 
  • This piano does not any kind of built-in speaker which helps in making the piano form, a lighter one. Lighter than a speaker. 
  • Because of the size of this piano, it is very much portable and can be carried anywhere easily. A completely suitable piano to carry to the places, where you just wanted to take the piano and nothing else.
  • The types of equipment used to build this piano is very sturdy and thus, they last for a very long time and is completely free from all kind of manufacturing defects. 
  • The sounds flown by this piano are amazing. The EPs and the class are completely beautiful as they should be and the onboard effect for this piano is just so fantastic. It can mesmerize anybody. 
  • The simplicity of the controls of the piano is superb. This piano has 3 different sound engines which are having their effects and layering, making it one of the suitable pianos for every occasion.

What’s Lacking in Yamaha CP73?

  • This piano is having some uneven patches and special bass patches making it one of the most uncommon situations for any piano. 
  • The piano patches are slightly disappointed, making it one of the most furious cons of its own time. 
  • The patches are not easily added up to the same pod, unlike vibes and bass. This way this could not be sorted into another patch. 

Yamaha is an amazing Japanese brand that rules the music industry in almost all the musical sections of the industry. The famous GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) feature is also launched by Yamaha. The products offered by Yamaha have so many good features at a fantastically affordable price. This piano is also a great product by Yamaha and is worth buying, because of the great functionalities its offers to all the musicians out there.


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