Korg B2 Review 2022: Does it Plays Like a Real Piano?

The Korg B2 mimics a real piano and people applaud it for its beautiful appearance. This is an excellent 88-key digital home piano that features a weighted hammer action keyboard and built-in speakers. Korg has years of experience in manufacturing instruments and always adds a degree of quality and posh to their line of pianos. The Korg B2 line of pianos is a series of beginner and entry-level pianos that were first launched in the year 2016. The B2 stands as a tremendous improvement over its predecessor, Korg B1 piano, and the unique specs of this piano are as follows,

  • The piano features an 88-key fully weighted keyboard with a matte black finish.
  • The keys are naturally weighted with touch sensitivity.
  • The piano features stereo PCM sound with 128-note polyphony.
  • There are 12 instrument sounds in the piano with a duo mode to play with a partner.
  • This piano features metronome, transpose, and fine-tuning feature 
  • There are two 15W built-in speakers in this piano
  • It connects with the headphone jack, damper pedal jack, audio-in jack, and has a USB type B port as well.
  • The piano is easily portable and lightweight and weighs only 25 lbs.

Korg B2 Digital Piano Review 2022

Korg B2 Digital Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.2/10
Performance and sounds9.4
Build Quality9.1
Value for money9.5

Quick Opinion by Larry

Korg B2 is a decent beginner piano with terrific sound quality. Korg has made some good changes from the last-gen B1, adding some quality features and improving the sound quality. Although some improvements are still needed, especially when it comes to connectivity.

The B2 series of digital pianos from Korg features three models, namely the B2, B2N, and B2SP. We will discuss the features of the Korg B2 in detail here. This keyboard is available in an elegant black and white design and is accessorized with a music rest, AC adapter, and a damper pedal. 

External Design and Features of the Piano

Design of Korg B2

The Korg B2 does come with a three-pedal setup and a furniture-style stand. Thus it can adapt seamlessly inside the living room and add to the room’s elegance and décor. One notable feature of this piano is its large speaker grill, which is located right at the front panel of the board, above its key bed and controls.

There are very few controls on this piano that can be operated within a few buttons. Button and key combos are a rare phenomenon in this digital piano and the keys don’t protrude much, making it less intuitive. But, there are unique dedicated buttons to provoke dedicated buttons in this piano. The piano is available at an attractive cost and thus doesn’t feature a display screen. There is a damper pedal system, that is shaped like that of a sustain pedal. Pianists can also purchase a separate sustain pedal as its accessory. 

The Keyboard of the Korg B2 Digital Piano

The design of the keyboard of the Korg B2 digital piano is moderate but it has strong key action. It comprises of natural weighted hammer action keyboard, which is pretty basic and tries to stack up the GHS action of the Yamaha digital piano. The keys along the entire length of the keyboard are sensitive to touch and thus, the harder the keys are pressed, the louder will be the sounds. The response of the keys can be altered right at the front panel and it is possible to choose between three preset levels, namely light, heavy and normal. 

Though the keyboard responds to one’s expectations, rapid key presses hardly register. The surface of the white keys is glossy and there is matte finishing on the black keys. Professional piano players feel that the keys are too light for their playing style and the dynamics of this piano are pretty hard to control.

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Sound Effects and Related Features

The sounds and their effects on the Korg B2 piano are limited, where the players get only eight voices. But the actual sounds in this piano are highly detailed. The piano makes use of the PCM sampling technology that is the basic form of the sound sapling and harmonic imaging in this piano. Korg B2makes use of multiple samples to achieve great effects. by multisampling, we learn that every note that the players play is capable of triggering up to three samples at the same time simultaneously.

Damper resonance and sympathetic sound modeling are included in the Korg B2 piano. These effects will emulate vibrations in the neighboring strings when the note is played, which helps to enhance realism further. The piano surely helps in recreating the experience of playing a real piano, when two notes should not sound in the same way. Other features about the sound effects of this piano are as follows, 

  • Preset voices: There are 12 present voices in this piano, which includes 5 grand pianos, stage electric pianos, digital electric piano, pipe organ, harpsichord, electric organ, orchestral strings, etc. 
  • Sampling: This digital piano emulates the sounds of the German concert piano which is a Bosendorfer concert grand piano. 
  • Classical tunes: These sound samples are great for playing classical tunes with deep bass frequencies. 
  • Accompanying sounds: The accompanying organs and electric piano sounds are great, but have limited malleability features. Its strings are passable and can be used for layering with other piano sounds.
  • Effects: There is also a reverb and chorus effect in this piano and these presets are tweaked with optimal piano settings. 
  • Polyphony: There are about 120 voices includes in its polyphony, which is good for creating good pieces of music.
  • Speakers:  The Korg B2 piano features two 9W speakers and they sound great. Since it has front-firing speakers, the sounds from this piano are less affected by the shape of the room, which is a great advantage with this piano.
  • MFB: The motional feedback technology reproduces bass frequencies by moving the speakers to the desired frequency. At higher volumes, the speakers sound great and are too bright at high frequencies. 

Functions Available in the Piano

Though the Korg B2 is a basic line of pianos, the effects and the functions of this piano are also basic which includes,

1. Transposition: It is possible to move up to 5 or 6 semitones, offering access to a complete octave of expanded range.

2. Metronome: The button for the metronome is on the front panel of the piano and helps with diverse modifications in the settings of the piano. It is possible to change the tempo from 40 to 240 beats per minute. 

3. Master tuning: The tuning of the piano at the middle point can be modified with the default setting of 440 Hz.

4. Demo songs: Each of the piano’s presets has a corresponding demo song, that can be played with the help of a single button press.

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Connectivity Features

The connectivity features in this piano are limited but still are great for a beginner-level piano. There is a headphone jack to practice peacefully and this jack also doubles as the main output to connect with speakers and amplifiers. There is a pedal jack and an Aux in mini-jack to help connect the piano with the phone or music player. The USB type B port helps in data exchange between the MIDI and Audio

Connectivity of Korg B2

Other Features

The Korg B2 renders a limited sound setting and integrates with the Korg module app for iOS devices, using the USB to host port. This app features a rich library of sounds, that the pianist can download from the app store for free. The pianist also gets 100 presets that are split across the organs, clavinets, pianos, brass, strings, and synth sounds. The other features that are included in this piano are its recorders, PDF sheet music support, and practice features.

Korg B2 with a stand

The Korg B2 features a partner mode, that splits the keyboard into two halves, within the same key range. With this feature, the teachers can play with the students. The piano also offers a three-month premium subscription for an online piano tutorial platform, the Skoove. But the Korg B2 doesn’t have an onboard recorder and to record the audio, it is important to use an external recorder.

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Pros and Cons of Korg B2

What’s Best in Korg B2?

  • The piano features an interesting a relatively lightweight construction
  • The Korg B2 has a simple user interface and features a decent and a fully weighted graded keyboard
  • It has all the basic connections that are required for a beginner level piano
  • The piano features detailed grand piano sounds with damper and string resonance.
  • There are an audio-in jack and USB audio support with this piano
  • There is a 1/8” headphone jack for listening and practicing in private
  • Its included pedal looks great and comes in handy when required.

What’s Lacking in Korg B2?

  • It is not possible to connect this piano to external speakers.
  • The piano is compatible with AC power and not batteries
  • There is no display screen available on this piano.

Alternatives of Korg B2

Here are some options you can consider as alternatives to Korg B2.

  1. Yamaha P45
  2. Yamaha P125
  3. Casio PX-160

Final Verdict

The Korg B2 is indeed a cheap digital piano for that pianist who is looking for a simple and highly functional gadget for their home. The Korg B2 is an excellent option for advanced and adventurous piano players and the sounds from this unit are great. Its included software such as Scoove, Korg module, etc, makes this piano an excellent option for learning

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