Korg D1: Best Digital Piano Review (2022)

korg d1 88key

Korg D1 has continually been in the spotlight of the tune equipment market, being remarkable for being one of the best quality instruments since the 1970s. Korg has demonstrated to be an attractive factor in having high-design quality, user-friendly outcomes, and approachable play appliances endless times over.  The Korg D1 is marketed as an entry-level … Read more

Kawai Digital Piano: Top 11 and Best Pianos Review (2022)

kawai digital piano

Kawai Digital Piano has dominated the market for grand and upright acoustic pianos for a very long time. Professional players love the sound and feel of their pianos thanks to their attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. Kawai leveraged their understanding and experience of the piano to create outstanding digital instruments that were unlike anything … Read more

Top 12 Best Yamaha Pianos in the Market (2022)

Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Pianos are a major player in the music industry. It’s likely that you have examined a significant number of Yamaha instruments if you have ever participated in the band at school or have ever seen a live concert.  The YP-40, one of the first digital Yamaha pianos, was introduced in 1983 and has a … Read more

Best Affordable Digital Piano: Roland FP10 Review (2022)

roland fp10

The entry-level Digital Piano Roland FP10 is an affordable and portable digital piano that is continually prepared to play, with a reassuringly actual feel from the 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard, joined through Roland’s evocative Supernatural piano tones via onboard audio system or headphones.  The Roland FP10 is a portable, space-saving design. It acts as the … Read more

Top 8 Best Yamaha Arius Digital Pianos in the Market (2022)

digital piano

Yamaha Digital Pianos are one of the best and most modern pianos being produced right now. The Yamaha Corporation addresses a lot of circumstances with the Yamaha Arius digital piano line of first-rate and less expensive pianos.  Using their 30+ years of experience in crafting great digital and electronic keyboard instruments, Yamaha developed the Arius … Read more

Roland FP30X: Best Portable Digital Piano Review (2022)

roland fp30x

The Roland FP X series’ sweet point is the Roland FP30X. This sleek and fashionable portable piano improves on the entry-level Roland FP10 with an improved sound engine, more potent onboard speakers, and greater polyphony while maintaining affordability and outstanding performance.  The Roland FP30X is the ideal home instrument for experienced musicians, featuring Roland’s Supernatural … Read more

Korg SV2 88-Key Stage Vintage Piano Review (2022)

korg sv2

The Korg SV2 Stage Vintage is the only piano to ever successfully combine the distinctive sound, the distinctive performance environment, and the aesthetic pleasure of so many iconic keyboards. The Stage Vintage line was introduced by Korg ten years ago to rousing acclaim.  Since more than ten years ago, musicians from all over the world … Read more

Best Synthesizer – Korg Kross 2 88-Key Review (2022)

korg kross 2

The Korg Kross 2  is one of the best-selling synthesizer workstations for beginners, and full disclosure, it’s additionally one of my personal favored financial synthesizers and workstation keyboards. Unlike Yamaha MX88, which straddles the line between notebook and ROMpler, Korg Kross 2 gives you a lot of extra freedom, and as such, is considered one … Read more