Casio PX-770 Review: A Superior Grand Piano – 2023

The brand Casio is so familiar to the common man with their versatile products like calculators, watches, keyboards, etc. But Casio has become the synonym for keyboards with the wide range of models they offer at the entry and intermediate levels. The legacy of the Casio brand is carried forward through the latest piano upgrades. 

To its Privia range, Casio has just made an update with the PX-770 model. The most desirable feature of a piano is its feel along with the tone. Meeting up with all the customer expectations, the PX series presents so many exemplary feature sets.  The PX 770 replaces its predecessor PX 760 with a designed cabinet, controls, and many other improvements like 4-layer sound inclusions. The PX 770 promises better performances in the offered price ranges.

Casio PX-770 Digital Piano Review 2023

Casio PX-770 Digital Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Performance and sounds9.3
Build Quality9.1
Value for money9.3

Quick Opinion by Larry

It Feels and Sounds Like Real Piano! This Piano is a great deal at the price as I had no issue right from assembling to playing different sounds. Although I would have liked a few more sounds, considering the price, it’s a must-buy piano for beginners and intermediates.

Pros & Cons of the Casio PX-770

What’s Best in Casio PX-770?

  • The lightweight (69.4 lbs) makes them easy to carry
  • Affordability
  • 2-track MIDI recording
  • Concert play feature
  • Triple sensor system
  • 128-note Polyphony

What’s Lacking in Casio PX-770?

  • It does not come with a display
  • It does not have an audio recorder
  • No USB to device port for flash drives

Top Specifications of the PX-770

  • Tri sensor scaled hammer action 88-key fully weighted keyboard
  • Three types of touch sensitivity
  • 128 polyphony and 12 instrument sounds
  • Acoustic simulator with hammer response and damper resonance
  • 60 present songs with 2 MIDI recorder
  • 2 x 8W speakers
  • Best connectivity features

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Design Aspects of PX-770

The greatest design attraction of this PX 770 series is the integrated cabinet set and triple pedal unit. The minimalistic design considerations with lesser seams make the model more user-friendly than the previous versions. The wooden texture offered on the cabinet helps in embracing an elegant and royal appearance. The inbuilt sliding cover helps to maintain the keys without any specks of dust. The whole package comes as separate functional modules, but the assembly of the whole piece is very easy and within half an hour one can do it.

Design of Casio PX-770
Credit: Casio

The small dimensions of the piano set (54.7” X 11.7”) enable it to accommodate in small spaces. The peculiar design with the left side alignment of the control elements makes it more clutter-free.  This series is available in three different appealing colors- white, black, and brown. The labeling above the different functioning keys at the setting side helps in easy navigation.

The Key System

The fully weighted 88-key functioning ensures an unparalleled performance of PX 770. Similar to all the Casio digital pianos; it works through the tri-sensor hammer action. Unlike the springs, these hammer action recreates the original acoustic piano sound. The scaled hammer system works in a weighted manner where one can find heavier keys at the lower notes and lighter keys on the higher side. The intelligent touch sensor system produces volume changes according to the pressure you apply to each key.

Keys of Casio PX-770
Credit: Casio

It also has the provision to create equal volumes on all touches by turning off the touch sensitivity. The moisture absorption competency of the ivory and ebony textured keytops is appreciable. With all these features on the keyboards, it offers a realistic and enjoyable playing experience to both the players and listeners. The richness of the conventional wooden keys is maintained even in the plastic keys with the weighted keys.

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Speakers and Volume

The invariable sound eminence across any volume at variant pitches is a very attractive feature of this product. Though it uses the same speaker as that of the lower Px-160 series, the versatile cabinet design with bigger keyboard blocks helps it produce resonant sound. It accommodates 2 speakers with 8W amplification each, delivering an output of 16 W which is quite decent for small indoor performances.

Casio’s own multi-dimensional morphing AiR sound sourcing is used in the PX 770 series also. As we know, it offers prime quality samples with its elevated memory capacity. Without compromising the quality of the output sound, the original piano sound is reproduced with the lossless audio compression technology. The player can experience the soft pianissimo to powerful fortissimo variations in the product. One can expect 19 sounds from different other instruments in the PX 770 series. The chorus feature delivers a wealthy sound with different pitch and tone variations in each note.

The Mind-Blowing Features

  • 2 modes of operation

The notable feature of the PX-770 series is the functionality of the 2 modes in the instrument. One can use it in four-hand mode or Dual mode. Featuring the facility of simultaneous operation by two players, it expands the freedom of operation. And in the dual-mode one can overlay two different sounds helping them to create more complex sounds with a natural touch. You can adjust the volume of these intermixing sounds to effectively produce the dominant and subdominant sounds.

  • Split mode

In this mode, the user can use the keyboard as two instruments by splitting the keys halfway. To the right and side, the player can assign certain sounds and they can assign some different bass tones to the left-hand side.

  • Duet play

This feature is greatly beneficial to piano tutors. At a time the teacher and student can use the same instrument by splitting the keyboard into equal parts with the same frequency ranges including the 2 middle Cs.  Instead of using two pianos, people can play identical notes on the same instrument side by side with this feature.

  • Concert play

The drawback of lacking an accompaniment function in the PX-770 model has been overcome with the introduction of this feature. The concert play permits you to play along with any recordings of a live orchestra. The recorded ten tunes in this mode have two sections like the piano and orchestra.

With close observation of the concert play portion, you can perform the piano part in the orchestra. One can select the songs from the media library of PX-770 with more than 60 piano songs. Also one can customize the library with the uploading of user songs up to 10 which will expand the song list in the library to 70. The player has got full control over these songs regarding listening, practicing, tempo changing, etc.

  • Recording

One can never overlook the 2-track MIDI recording in PX-770. by recording two tracks and combining them into the final product one can make a versatile set of music. The conception of intricate multi-instrument music is now very easy with this feature. One can record the different instrument parts on the different tracks for practicing and mixing facilities. By allocating these recordings into the right (R), and left (L) tracks, one can make separate practice sessions. Though it doesn’t have an audio recorder, you can hit upon a sequence of notes in the MIDI recording option.

Highlighted Features

  • Onboard metronome – a tool to practice a steady rhythm
  • Transpose function-  pitch variations in semitone steps 
  • Tuning function-   adjust the overall pitch in steps of 0.1 Hz
  • octave shift – pitch changing in terms of an octave
  • Temperament selection – 16 different temperaments from classical to Arabian music


Interfacing the instrument with external devices is always of great use. Importing and exporting music, giving the proper amplification, and making it compatible with other formats may require these external connections. The stereo jacks at the front side enable the headphone connection to the instrument. The sound reinforcement with an amplifier connection can be supported through these ports.

For the PC connectivity and musical-data exchange, we can use the USB type B-port. When you are thinking of the expandability of the PX-770music you can surely try out music apps for windows and MAC operating systems. Developing the musical notations from the existing tunes, making novel music with existing algorithms and much more you can expect from these apps.


The whole PX-770 system comes with the following add-on.

  • Music rest
  • Polishing cloth
  • Austin Bazaar instructional DVD
  • User guide

The user doesn’t want to spend extra on the supporting needs of the piano as it comes with the cabinet and 3 pedal systems. The inclusion of the bench aids in practicing at one’s comfortable position. The regular dusting with the polish cloths helps to keep the instrument fresh. 

Most of the practicing sessions seek the help of headphones. Without the disturbance from the surroundings, it gives a great private practicing experience to the users. Relative to the onboard speakers, the clearer sounds with minute detailing help the player in self-improvisation.

Alternatives of Casio PX-770

Here are a few alternatives you can consider if you are not impressed with Casio PX-770. All these models will range from $700 to $1500 budget.

  1. Kawai ES110 Piano
  2. Casio PX-S3000 Piano
  3. Yamaha YDP-144 Digital Piano
  4. Yamaha P515 Digital Piano
  5. Casio PX-870 Piano

Final Verdict on Casio PX-770

Like all other models from Casio, the PX-770 series also comes with great user-friendly experiences. It offers a lot of value for money maintaining the great conciliation between the PX-870 and PX160 series. It acts as a wonderful pick for beginners and intermediate-level pianists.

In the budget-friendly availability, it still maintains the natural feel. If you wish to find an alternative to the traditional acoustic pianos, the PX-770 will satisfy your needs for sure. A brilliant design with 128-note polyphony, 19 high-quality tones, and MIDI recording, it recreates fairly realistic musical notes. On your bucket list, if you are having a budget-friendly, compact digital piano with a cabinet system, that provides a great feel and tone, the Casio PX-770 must be there at the top of the list.

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