Roland FP-90 Review: Really a Premium Portable Piano? -2023

The introduction of the Roland FP-90 Digital piano has truly raised the bar of how well a digital piano should behave and sound. The Roland FP-90 belongs to the flagship range of the FP line of digital pianos of this brand, and it turned out to be extremely impressive among piano enthusiasts. The best feature of this piano is its supernatural sound engine and a hybrid hammer action technology. The piano also features several unique features and is one of the most impressive digital pianos that are available at that price.

Roland FP-90 Review 2023

Roland FP-90 Digital piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.4/10
Performance and sounds9.6
Build Quality9.4
Value for money9.6

Features of the Roland FP-90

The Roland FP-90 is a rich and authentic grand piano that features progressive hammer action technology with escapement. This piano features the best wood and the best-molded materials to render a tremendous feel and lasting durability of a digital piano. The best features of this digital piano are as follows:

  1. Keys: The piano has 88-fully weighted keys with ebony and ivory simulation technology.
  2. Piano technology: This digital piano features the latest supernatural piano modeling technology and makes use of a convenience sampling technique for a richer and more detailed piano sound.
  3. Connectivity features: This piano is capable of connecting with a tablet or a smartphone device with Bluetooth connectivity technology.
  4. Apps: With the help of dedicated piano apps, it is possible to play along with the audio or route the music with the help of the piano’s powerful speaker system. The polyphony of this piano is about 384 notes.
  5. Speakers: There are about four speakers in this piano that helps with rich and powerful piano sounds that are great for intimate live performances.
  6. Sounds: The piano has a premium selection of good organ sounds which includes the strings, synth sounds, etc., for live performances.
  7. Pedals: The Roland FP-90 digital piano is compatible with the DP-10 damper pedal and with the RPU-3 triple pedal system (this is optional)
  8. Connections: With the help of dedicated connections in this piano, it is possible to connect with the MIDI in/out, USB to host, USB to the device, to the headphone jacks, three-pedal jacks, Bluetooth, etc.

Everything You Should Know About the Roland FP-90

The Roland FP-90 is an eminent digital piano that offers exceptional piano sounds without having to compromise on the keyboard feel and quality. The piano has an exceptional sound engine and a premium keyboard construction and undoubtedly flaunts a stylish body. And regardless to say, Roland’s unique piano modeling technology spans the entire keyboard with its ambiguous sound creation technology of an acoustic piano. It is possible to generate rich and complex sounds that are complete with overtones from this piano. Let us discuss the other unique features of this music bundle here.

1. External construction

The Roland FP-90 is a new type of keyboard that blends with natural wood and molded materials to render the best of both worlds. This piano features beautiful and ambiguous wooden sides that render each key it’s characteristic familiar and rigid mass, which is just right to create some divine music. The inner frame of this piano is made of durable materials and thus this piano is meant to last for years to come, without having to worry about reliability.

Design of Roland FP-90

2. Powerful speakers

The powerful speaker system of the Roland FP-90 piano makes it suitable for exceptional amplification, even in smaller venues. We all know that this piano is equipped with exceptional sound, irrespective of where it is played at. Its onboard discrete bi-amp sound delivery system renders powerful sound to its main speakers and its newly developed dome tweeters. There is absolutely no doubt that the audience will enjoy a range of dynamic music with excellent reproduction of each acoustic element precisely. 

Speakers of Roland FP-90

The piano features a three-band equalizer that is located conveniently on the front panel. Thus, it is extremely easy to adjust the sound, to fit the venue. No matter if the players are using its onboard speakers for small venues or connecting to an external amplification system on large stages, the FP-90 will not cease to render exceptional music at all times.

3. Portable piano that doesn’t compromise on sound quality

This piano is available in a portable format but still doesn’t compromise on the superior piano sounds it renders. Its superior sound engine and premium keyboard construction make it the most sought-after piano among pianists.

Its supernatural sound modeling technology renders rich and complex sounds that are overloaded with overtones. These overtones are capable of responding to the way people play. And above all, its durable inner frame ensures that people can enjoy the FP-90 for years to come, without having to worry about reliability

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4. Compatibility with Bluetooth

People play piano with their favorite songs that are generally stored on their smartphones. With the help of built-in Bluetooth connectivity and support, this piano stays a step ahead. It allows its players to stream high-quality music with the help of the powerful internal speakers of this piano. And by loading the Piano partner app on the mobile phone or tablet, it will be possible to get access to more creative rhythm accompaniments in different genres such as pop, jazz, blues, etc. This app will also follow all the chords that the player plays and with the help of eminent Bluetooth technology, all of this can happen wirelessly.  

5. Pro-quality music sounds for a complete performance

Generally, even the best pianos will be able to render only the sounds of a classical piano. But what about a solo stage performance, where other sounds other than the sounds of the classic piano sound are much desired? The Roland FP-90 digital piano gets you covered. It features a tremendous collection of pro-grade sounds such as that electric pianos, strings, organs, synths, etc., which renders the options for the pianist to play almost any style.

The panel on this keyboard features a dedicated upper and lower volume sliders panel and its sounds are also easy to adjust. The mic input and the vocal effects on this piano such as the compression sounds, reverb, doubling, etc., will amplify the vocals to many folds, without requiring any additional gear. It is also possible to record the whole performance in the USB memory in the WAV format to share with other pianists.

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6. Miscellaneous

The FP-90 digital piano is packed with several time-saving features and the latest technology for busy musicians. Its exterior design and interior features look simple and highly refined. Though it is a portable piano, it looks great for home and stage performances. It comes with a KSC-90 stand and a KPD-90 pedal for a contemporary and fresh look. The stand of this piano is durable, stable, and features a modern and simple design. Its three-pedal system supports Progressive damper action for diverse piano playing experiences. In short, this piano features all that it takes for an ambient piano playing experience. 

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Pros & Cons of Roland FP-90


  • The Roland FP90 is a high-end piano that features weighted and graded keys with an ambient feel of the escapement.
  • The keys have a matte texture to improve grip and wick away moisture.
  • Features six groups of tones that include sounds of E.piano, strings organs, etc.
  • Its internal speaker sound is the loudest and the clearest among all pianos of this range.
  • There are four present supernatural grand sounds namely concert, mellow, bright, and ballad.
  • Its sustain pedals support half-pedaling to achieve partial sustain.
  • Its song recorder helps to store music both internally or as MIDI data or in an external USB memory device.
  • Its Bluetooth connectivity feature helps to stream external audio for break-free music and a playing experience.


  • Its built-in speakers and premium actions add weight to the piano.

Alternatives of Roland FP-90

There are not many alternatives to Roland FP-90 in terms of sound quality, but still, these are the closest competitors.

Final Words

The Roland FP-90 is an excellent digital piano that has been designed for pianists looking for a stellar piano playing experience in an all-in-one digital package. The realism in this piano is great and the non-piano sounds and recording features goes great with all types of singers and pianist.

In short, we can say that the Roland FP-90 is a combination of both a home piano and a stage piano with excellent built-in speakers. People love this piano for its supernatural grand sounds and the core piano sounds that are produced by its physical modeling technology. People will love this piano for its versatile sounds and ambient playability.


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