Roland RD-2000 Review Master in Stage Revolution? – 2023

The Roland RD-2000 is an excellent stage piano that is a tremendous superlative for digital pianos. This piano features the best elements of a normal digital piano along with ample features for professional musicians. Roland is undoubtedly been one of the major players in the digital piano industry for years and this piano is an excellent instrument that wants to practice and play piano at home. The purchase comes with a single unit of a digital stage piano, power cord, and damper pedal. But it doesn’t come with a piano stand. This piano belongs to the lightweight variant of digital pianos and weighs only 47 pounds. 

This weighted piano features an 88-note hammer-action keyboard and the power supply in this piano adjusts automatically to different line voltages. The Roland RD-2000 digital piano features a supernatural sound engine with 128-voice polyphony for the sounds of electric piano and other instrument sounds. 

Roland RD-2000 Piano Review 2023

Roland RD-2000 Premium Digital Stage Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Performance and sounds9.6
Build Quality9.1
Value for money9.4

Unique Features of the Roland RD-2000

  • Sound engine: Being a next-generation stage piano, it features two independent sound engines and modern controller features.
  • LED indicators: There are eight knobs in this piano with LED status indicators and nine sliders for real-time control of sounds and sound effects.
  • Polyphony: Pianists can derive the most authentic tones with detailed polyphony in the Roland RD2000 digital piano.
  • Premium touch: The keyboard in this piano is made of hybrid wood by making use of a molded construction technology, that helps with a premium touch for pianists along with lasting durability.
  • Sound combination: In this piano, there are eight fully assignable zones for combining both the internal and the external sources.
  • Master controller feature: The Roland RD2000 is the perfect master controller for working with software-based instruments on stage.
  • V-piano technology: The RD2000 renders magnificent sounds of an acoustic piano and incorporates the latest piano technologies of Roland.
  • Effects: This piano renders 9 types of reverbs with 42 presets. There are also 17 types of chorus effects with 267 presets and Master EQ functionality.
  • Connections: The connections in this piano are USB to host, USB to the device, MIDI in and Out feature, pedal jacks, jack for audio in, etc.

The External Design of the Roland RD-2000

Design of the Roland RD-2000
Credit: Roland

The RD-2000 is a high-end instrument that features excellent built quality. There should be a special mention of its elegant keys and design and how well it carries itself on stage to win applause for the pianist. The front panel of this piano is impressive as the piano is built with the idea of rendering complete hands-on control for the pianist. Its knobs, sliders, and buttons lie across the front panel, offering direct control over diverse parameters at the same time. 

We can say that this piano takes inspiration from modern-day workstations and its buttons also feel excellent. It also renders excellent tactile feedback and there are many small buttons around the screen for immediate and instant tone selection. Its knobs are also equally good and can be used for shaping the sounds and effects and for making precise changes in music.

The knobs in this piano are also well done and are used for shaping the sound and adding effects. Its parameters have little to no stepping and have good resistance, allowing for precise changes. The pianist gets accustomed to its screen and the large value dial that they can make changes pretty instantly. 

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Roland RD-2000 Digital Piano – Master in Stage Revolution

Features of Roland RD-2000
Credit: Roland

The Roland RD-2000 is an excellent digital piano that is great for performing pianists. This piano has been designed for the stage as navigating across the keys during live performances is as easy as a cakewalk. The piano has around eight knobs and nine sliders to render excellent control over effects, sounds, and a lot more. Thanks to its LED indicators that help with precise adjustments and tremendous visual feedback. The unique features in this piano are as follows,

1. Excellent Sound Engine

The piano features a dual sound engine that is capable of powering the best electric and acoustic pianos along with the finest action that has been put in a stage piano. The acoustic piano sounds are magnificent and feature the latest piano technologies for a natural, responsive, and detailed rich sound. It blends piano technologies with modern control to achieve new levels of creativity and inspiration. The dedicated acoustic piano sound engine helps with an authentic and detailed tone, full of polyphony.

The piano also features a supernatural sound engine with a 128-voice polyphony to yield rich electric piano and other additional sounds. It is not surprising to learn that it also features sound recreations with vintage analog effects along with over 1100 non-piano sounds that include brass, organs, strings, and other delicate instruments.

You can check this Youtube video to know how well the RD-2000 sounds.

2. High-Quality Performance

Performance features of Roland RD-2000
Credit: Roland

The RD 2000 features all that it takes to complement a performing pianist. The piano features the best sound engine and power that mimics the powerful acoustic and electric pianos of the past and it also features the finest action, like that of a stage piano. The piano features a massive selection of high-quality ensemble sounds to cover any task. There are also two wave expansion slots in this piano to add more sounds while performing on stage. The piano features an innovative and modern interface and mingles tremendously with the software of modern times. Its classical features along with its intense room for innovation and technology make it the best piano for a pianist of all skill levels.

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3. Latest Piano Technology

The sounds of the Roland RD2000 digital piano are magnificent. It incorporates the latest piano technologies of Roland and its long-researched V-piano technology. Through this technology, the piano ensembles an incredible and natural acoustic voice, rich detailing in the notes, and a dedicated sound engine. Its keys are full of polyphony and different instrument sounds, thus helping the pianist to render exceptional and authentic piano performances with absolutely no compromises. 

4. Combination Sounds in Layers

There are unique zones in this piano to render wonderful piano scenes. It features around eight assignable zones that helps pianist to map sounds in different key ranges. It is possible to create a lot of combination sounds in up to eight layers in this digital piano. There is also a new scene function in this piano, through which it is possible to save up to 100 different snapshots of the entire keyboard setup. Pianists can also recall these sounds instantly with a quick button touch while performing on stage and in live stage shows.

5. Keyboard

Keys of Roland RD-2000
Credit: Roland

The RD2000 features a progressive hammer action keyboard with hybrid construction technology. The keyboard features a wooden core and a plastic outer shell, rendering the feel of a true acoustic piano. Its keys feel very good and are slightly lighter. There is a huge library of sounds in this digital piano that comprises synths, organs, and electric pianos with ample scope for playing exceptional acoustic piano sounds. The plastic keys have a matte textured finish for a natural grip and render tremendous playability and escapement. 

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Pros & Cons of Roland RD-2000

What’s Best in Roland RD-2000?

  • The piano has an excellent build quality and its controls are laid down exceptionally well to make sense.
  • The keys in this piano feature a progressive hammer action with hybrid construction
  • The layout of the keys and controls in this piano is easy to decipher without a manual.
  • The piano has surprisingly impressive tones, that are offered across an impressive sound palette.
  • The keyboard is featured with a supernatural hybrid modeling technology.
  • It is possible to play up to 8 voices simultaneously in over 1100 tones.

What’s Lacking in Roland RD-2000?

  • The display on this piano is very small and it could be hard to read the text during stage performances.
  • The faders in the piano that helps to mix sounds feel a little cheap.
  • Requires external speakers or headphones to hear what one is playing.

Bottom Line

The Roland RD-2000 piano is recreated with a great extent of detail and is capable of simulating intricate sounds to enhance the realism of the music. Its V-piano technology and supernatural sound engines render a range of high-quality sounds in this piano and it is possible to personalize music in this piano with the help of its piano designer feature. Its effects are commendable and are a highly recommended piano for the advanced and intermediate pianist. But we have to admit that this piano is pretty expensive, but we really get a lot of features for the money spent.


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