How to Stay Motivated When Practicing the Piano (2022)?

Stay Motivated When Practicing the Piano

From the outside, playing the piano looks fun and easy but practicing the piano requires so much motivation and determination in reality. When you start off learning the piano you are motivated but soon the motivation gradually declines as practicing requires repeating the same things again and again for hours. Only then do you master a particular piece or a song? But there are certain ways to trick your mind so that you don’t get bored and lazy while practicing the piano.

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Things to do to Stay Motivated When Practicing the Piano


Make your daily schedule and place the daily practice session in it. Deciding a particular time to the piano will remind you to play despite your level of motivation. Start looking at practicing the piano more like a habit than just a hobby if you want to progress rapidly. We never miss out on our habits and that’s why they are habits in the first place. Hobbies are just recreational activities done in leisure time and it’s completely fine to see the piano as a hobby. It’s just that you won’t make enough progress regularly. 


Consistency beats hard-work. Playing the piano for 8 hours in a single day and not even looking at it for another 15 days will never work. It sure is hard to pull-off hours when you are not in the mood. To deal with that, decide on a minimum practicing time. Decide the minimum number of minutes you will practice each day, no matter what! This number may vary according to your schedule but you need one. On the days when you don’t feel like practicing at all, you just have to gather some will power to at least practice for that minimum number of minutes. This way, you won’t miss out on any of the days and that’s the golden rule for mastering any skill.

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You don’t have to go with the trend always because at the end of the day, you are learning the piano for yourself, not to be in the trend. So pick up your favorite genre, your favorite songs, your favorite movie themes and work on them. Learning what you value will give you the incentive to practice. While doing the practice, we know what we are practicing for and what the result is going to be and if it is not something that you genuinely love, you will lack motivation. But having this attitude towards every session of practice won’t help either because there needs to be some technical and repetitive practice initially but always keep in mind that doing this practice will give you the freedom to play your favorite parts with no difficulty.

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When you can play decently, ask your musician friends to come over and jam with them once in a while. Playing with other musicians flavor ups the session and gives everyone a different muse. Once you Jam, the days when you are not motivated to play the piano at all would feel like the days you are more than ever eager to play it. Besides fun and enjoyment, playing with other musicians will help you learn new things about music. You would certainly be amazed to know how other instruments work and connect musically with the keyboard. You can form a local band and work on original compositions as well.


Finding a particular spot in your room will help you so much. We associate things with our behavior. We only sleep on the bed, eat on the dining table, Study on a desk, etc. Find a permanent place in your room and place your piano there. Whenever you decide to practice and will reach out to the piano, you will automatically shift your mind into the practicing mode and there won’t be other obstacles coming between your way when you practice. 


Maintain a journal or a small notebook to jot down your daily progress. Deciding on goals is fine and works out well but writing down your achieved goals will be like a reward and will further motivate you to practice. You will know how far you have gone and how much more you need to practice. Knowing that you are working hard will boost your confidence and will increase your duration of practice and also knowing that you are not practicing enough will make you think that you need to practice more and you will be paying more attention to the piano. 


Start recording and posting your learned songs on social media handles and let people appreciate your skills. When people make comments and like what you do, you feel motivated to learn more and make new content for your audience. Posting right from the beginning will let you and your audience see your progress every time you post something new. You will form a loyal fan-base if you are consistent with providing the content. You can also connect with people learning the piano. You can make collaboration posts that will help both of your reaches. You can ask for request songs from your viewers which help you learn the varied type of songs and explore music.

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Consume content on each social media platform that is related to piano. You can watch and listen to the content of the most brilliant artists who play the piano. Knowing their story of success will motivate you to practice harder. You will at least try your best to give your 100% to reach closer and closer to their level of success. 


Spend some minutes of your daily session randomly experimenting with things on your own. Do not think about the technicalities and rules; just start playing what feels good to your ears. This sounds like a crazy idea but it is a unique way to surprise yourself.

It is perfectly normal to feel unmotivated sometimes but always look at the piano as something that you practice for yourself and this feeling of attachment will never keep you out of motivation.


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