Top 5 Best Digital Pianos for Classical Pianists

Pianos are some of the delicate and intricate instruments that are capable of producing intense music. There cannot be anyone who will not fall for the soothing music from a classical piano. But everybody can’t own and use a classical piano, but luckily we have digital pianos that come to our rescue as they are capable of mimicking the richness and quality of digital pianos for a classical pianist in a smaller and finer footprint. The digital pianos are compact, lightweight, portable, and are also much affordable, setting themselves to be perfect alternatives for traditional acoustic pianos for a classical pianist. 

Best Digital Pianos for Classical Musicians

Top 5 Pianos for Classical PianistsEditor RatingPrice
#1. Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Digital Piano9.5/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. Kawai ES920 Digital Piano9.4/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Piano9.6/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Yamaha CLP-745 88-key Digital Piano9.5/10VIEW ON SAM ASH
#5. Casio PX 860 BK Privia Digital Piano9.4/10VIEW ON AMAZON

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5 Best Digital Pianos for Classical Pianists in 2021

Classical music is a different kind of music and is generally taught in a music school. And therefore the classical pianist requires an instrument that is capable of adhering to strict rules and techniques in music performance. Here are our top picks for the best classical pianos for classical pianists from the world’s best brands.

#1. Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Digital Piano

This is an excellent piano from the leading Yamaha brand, which has been making the finest acoustic pianos in the world for over a century. The Arius series of the Yamaha digital piano brand renders the best conveniences of an electric piano without sacrificing the performance of an acoustic piano. This digital piano features a graded hammer keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops. The keys on this board offer the performers a tactile surface with exceptional responses even with a feather touch. 

Its pure CF sound engine is a result of years of expertise and features exceptional sampling technology. The sounds from this eminent Yamaha CFIIIS 9’ concert piano is reproduced faithfully for exceptional dynamics and expressiveness. This 88- key piano keyboard renders a graded hammer keyboard, such as the keys and the hammers available in an acoustic piano. The matte finish on the keys makes them less slippery, even while playing for a long time.

The half-damper pedal resembles the pedaling system on a grand piano and offers mellow reverberations while the damper pedal is depressed. Thus, we can expect the most realistic sounds from this piano, which is similar to an acoustic piano. This piano is iOS compatible and with the help of its digital piano controller app, it is possible to adjust its settings, choose sounds and even record performances.


  • Exceptional digital pianos that make use of a pure CF sound engine.
  • Offers excellent feel and playability
  • The GHS keyboard is great for the aspiring pianist, as it helps them to learn appropriate finger technique. 
  • Its half-damper pedal control creates a detailed nuance while playing.
  • It is possible to record up to two tracks simultaneously.


  • Though it resembles a real piano, it is still a digital piano and its keys don’t bounce back fast enough.
  • There is no string in the system and the keys don’t vibrate as expected.
  • Its speaker cannot produce a real piano sound.

#2. Kawai ES920 Digital Piano

Kawai ES920 Digital Piano

The Kawai ES920 is an excellent and portable digital piano that is the next generation piano in its ES series. This piano is best suited for home, school, and studio as it is extremely lightweight and is powerful and compact. This piano features a highly responsive hammer III keyboard that is capable of producing highly authentic sounds from its harmonic imaging XL technology. This digital piano renders the outstanding tone and touch of a grand concert piano and this is one of the best portable pianos available ever. 

The Kawai ES920 digital piano features a highly responsive hammer III keyboard action with redesigned keys. The piano renders improved acoustic sounds along with updated virtual technician parameters. The Bluetooth MDI and audio connectivity features of the piano help in enjoying diverse music from tablet and smartphone through its impressive audio system. The intuitive panel design of this appliance renders excellent access to the intricate sounds and features of the piano.

The appliance connects with Bluetooth MDI and features an impressive audio system. Its improved motherboard helps with inherent tone clarity and its control panel is equipped with 4-band EQ faders and OLED graphic display. This piano is very lightweight and sturdy and renders the most rewarding piano playing experience. 


  • The piano is available in a stylish rounded case design
  • The lightweight chassis of this piano makes it easy to shift around the house.
  • This piano is compatible with the GFP-3 portable triple pedal unit
  • Features an excellent control panel with OLED graphic display
  • Portable digital instrument.


  • Limited sounds as it has only a 256 note polyphony
  • Doesn’t come with a stand.

#3. Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Piano

Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Piano

Arius YDP 103 is one of the finest pianos from Yamaha and has been developed for the most prestigious concert halls in the world. This piano can recreate the touch of an acoustic piano and features a sleek design, intuitive features, and advanced technology. The Arius series renders the tone of a powerful grand piano and its weighted keys produce a highly controlled and responsive touch. Its graceful touch and stylish design make it an ideal device for any home.

The virtual resonance modeling option in this grand piano can resonate with a soundboard and emulate a natural feeling of an acoustic piano, even with headphones on. This piano blends perfectly with all smart devices and makes it very easy to select voices and to choose settings. We only have to connect the piano with a smart device with the help of the USB and make use of the smart pianist app to work magic with music.

There are three pedals in this piano, to add more feeling and control to the music and the device has exceptional keys that are made of ebony and ivory to render a more natural and comfortable feel to the musicians. It is possible to practice duets or work simultaneously with a teacher by making use of a headphone jack. The advanced wave memory stereo sampling of this piano recreates natural instrument sounds and its dual-mode allows a combination of two voices together for an inspiring new piano playing experience.


  • The GHS weighted keyboard mimics an acoustic piano.
  • The special matte finish on the keys helps it to remain tactile for a long time.
  • Connects with iOS apps for quick and easy navigation.
  • Its memory stereo sampling techniques recreates natural instrument sound in stereo.


  • There are no recording or playback capabilities in this piano.
  • Players may have to reset the off-pitch of the piano.

#4. Yamaha CLP-745 88-key Digital Piano

Yamaha CLP-745 88-Key Digital Piano

The CLP series of this digital piano is exceptional to render the original sounds of a grand acoustic piano and recreates its sound. This piano allows the pianist to play the keys in different variations of speed and depth, to achieve a diverse variation in tone and creates unique personal performances. The CLP series of the Yamaha is loaded with tones of convenience features that help in a great piano playing experience. These features are,

  • Headphone connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Speaker features
  • Connects to smart pianist app
  • Simple to use control panel
  • 256 Max polyphony and 38 preset voices
  • 221 video demo songs

The CLP-745 reproduces the diverse tonal variations that are created by rich hammers and strings as that of a grand piano. The tone variations that it creates renders a complete and fuller experience for the player and helps pianists render genuine and high order expressive abilities. The sympathetic resonance that it creates is because of the vibration of the entire instrument. Its virtual resonance modeling produces rich sympathetic resonance. This Clavinova piano enjoys the same momentary dynamics and deep sympathetic sounds that are produced by the entire body of the piano.


  • Features several expressive capabilities to make the playing experience much enjoyable.
  • Has 88- linear graded hammer keys.
  • Features a complete LCD with 256 polyphonies. 
  • Comprises of three pedals for ambient music production.
  • This piano is compatible with the smart pianist app and the visual performer app


  • Heavy piano that requires assistance for assembling
  • Comes with a built-in stand and is thus not portable.

#5. Casio PX 860 BK Privia Digital Piano

Casio PX 860 BK Privia Digital Piano

The Casio PX 860 is new to the Privia line of the Casio digital piano that is great for a classical pianist. This PX-860 renders an advanced AiR sound technology that renders an additional level of realism. It also comes with a grand piano lid simulation and a sympathetic resonance system. This piano is a perfect combination of exceptional keyboard action and a powerful new sound engine, rendering a new level of nuance, expression, and detail for a grand piano experience. 

This Casio piano makes use of a new proprietary sound and renders the main sound of a 9-foot grand concert piano. The sound of this grand piano is captured at four dynamic levels. Its AiR sound source delivers a seamless dynamic sound for powerful and expressive performances. Its hall simulator provides perfect simulations of the acoustics of real-world locations and it renders the playing experience of a grand piano sound in a variety of locations.

There are many impressive features in this PX-860 grand piano. It features an impressive 25 notes of polyphony along with an impressive selection of 18 instrument notes. This piano renders both split and layer capabilities allowing the players to play a bass note in their left hand and play two layered tones on their right. Dual-mode splits the keyboard into two equal ranges so that the teacher and student can play together.


  • This piano has an elegant and stylish design.
  • The PX-860 features a tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard.
  • Its action has three sensors to capture the dynamics of powerful piano performance with expert speed and accuracy.
  • There is a USB port to record expert performances.
  • Available for concert play.


  • The configuration buttons on the control panel are not labeled.  
  • Players have to master the technique of using the volume dial.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Classical Piano

Buying a perfect digital piano can be confusing and overwhelming for both beginners and seasoned musicians. But buying a digital piano is a huge investment and thus it must be bought with careful considerations. Check the following points before buying a classical piano.

1. Portability and convenience:

Digital pianos are lighter and are compact than acoustic pianos. Even the console model of pianos has cabinets that resemble a traditional piano that weigh less than acoustic pianos. These models can be broken down easily for storage while the digital pianos are designed for stage performances.

2. Volume:

Traditional pianos have a specific volume range that depends on how hard we strike the keys. The volume of digital pianos can be controlled and it is possible to practice them with the help of headphones. Choose pianos that have extensive sound sets and have a lot of sounds such as drums, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and many other sounds to add more vigor to the performance.

3. Recording feature:

Most digital pianos allow users to record the performance, which can be an advantage while learning to play and wish to review the performance. Recording and sequencing capabilities are important to create one’s songs.

4. Cost:

The digital pianos for classical pianists cost much less than their acoustic counterparts. Their maintenance is also less and they don’t demand tuning and maintenance from time to time.

5. Teaching and learning tools:

The digital pianos for classical pianists include several built-in lessons, exercises, metronomes, chord displays, and access to online resources. Choose pianos with such features to enhance your performance.

Bottom Line

These are our top picks for the best digital pianos for a classical pianist. If you are a beginner, choose a low-cost model with some built-in learning tools. Intermediate and advanced players choose pianos that are sensitive to touch and velocity. Also, make sure that the piano you choose is compact and fits in the space at home, and is also portable for easy stage use.


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