Best Cheap Portable Keyboard Pianos Under $150

Pianos are excellent musical instruments for those who build a passion for art. A good beginner piano can be an ideal instrument for students who embark on music education. Some of the best brands and manufacturers of pianos release some amazing high-quality pianos at an affordable cost. And we have listed here the top 5 best portable pianos under $150 here.

These pianos are great to be transported and these models instill the basic piano skills in the students so that they can transfer the same to full-size pianos. Let us discuss the inherent features and qualities of these cheap and portable pianos here.

Best Portable Pianos Under $150

Top 5 Portable Pianos Under $150Editor RatingPrice
#1. Yamaha YPT270 Portable Keyboard9.8/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. Alesis Melody 61 MKII Portable Keyboard9.6/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. Casio Casiotone CT-S200BK Portable Keyboard9.7/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Yamaha PSR-E273 Portable Keyboard9.7/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#5. Yamaha PSRE253 Portable Keyboard9.5/10VIEW ON AMAZON

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Top 5 Best Cheap Portable Keyboard Pianos Under $150

#1. Yamaha YPT270 Portable Keyboard

Yamaha YPT270 61-Key Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha YPT 270 is an excellent piano that combines the quality styles and voices of a sophisticated piano. This piano inspires beginner piano players to realize their potential and inspires them to learn the instrument and play some quality music. The diverse fun and educational features of this piano ensure the players play the game in a fun-filled way.

This is an excellent piano that is complemented with hundredths of high-quality voices and drum kits. The piano also features special FX kits that help in bringing about a lot of variety and authenticity to the music. The special feature of this piano is that it brings a lot of accompaniment instruments to the playing style. Its smart chord feature helps in playing great chords from simple pop triads to complex jazz sounds within its 61 keys.

It features 61-full sized keys on the board that are great for learning and developing some excellent keyboard playing techniques. This piano helps the players to develop their interest in music by playing different notes and sound effects. The players can learn to play the songs with the help of its three built-in lesson modes and also capture performances with the help of the onboard song recorder.


  • The smart cord features of this piano making playing chords very easy for beginner piano players.
  • Its built-in voices and styles help players to play virtually any type of music.
  • A great starter piano for music enthusiasts.
  • Renders excellent sound and has many pre-programmed songs.


  • Great piano for beginners but doesn’t appeal to professionals.

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#2. Alesis Melody 61 MKII Portable Keyboard

Alesis Melody 61 MKII Portable Keyboard

This is an excellent piano with built-in speakers, headphones, piano stand, microphone, stool, and music rest. The piano has responsive keys with speakers that are great for playing high-quality music and for practicing with family and friends. The piano features more than 300 built-in tones with both layer and split modes and there is also a one-touch song mode feature in this piano with about 300 built-in rhythms.

It is possible to play along with more than 40 demo songs and record their own song. This piano features an easy to assemble stand and also features a bench with three adjusting height settings. The piano also features a music rest, headphone, power adapter, and also a microphone to sing along as one plays the piano. The melody Alesis piano comes with an easy to assemble keyboard stand that guarantees to keep the keyboard secure at all times.

It is possible to practice the songs in privacy with one’s own headphones. It has more than 300 built-in accompaniment rhythms that are a perfect tool to help players compose their own original songs. The piano helps piano players to record their own performances and they can also use the microphone to sing along. The piano comes with an easy to assemble stand, a bench with three adjustable height settings, headphones for privacy practice, music rest, etc. 


  • This piano is great for first-time piano lessons.
  • This is a great piano for beginners
  • Features layer and split mode with more than 40 built-in songs
  • Possible to record one’s own song with its record mode


  • The filter on this piano is not very impressive.
  • The sounds on this piano are not quite impressive.

#3. Casio Casiotone CT-S200BK Portable Keyboard

Casio Casiotone Portable Keyboard

This is an excellent keyboard for beginners available at an impressive cost. The piano features USB connectivity, MIDI support, and also features a built-in carry handle. The best feature of this piano is that it features more than 400 tones, 77 rhythms, and 60 songs to help beginners practice the songs on their own. The diverse functions of this keyboard can be monitored with the help of its LCD display. 

The piano also features 61 full-size touch response keys along with a pitch bend wheel and ten types of reverbs for additional music expression. With this piano at hand, it is possible to easily select a style or choose the keys to trigger basslines, drum loops, synth parts, effects, and music transitions. This piano allows the players to truly express their music style and is presented as an ultra-compact music device.

The Casio CT-S200BK is easy and is also fun to play and features an LCD display and intuitive controls, to quickly recall the piano sounds and settings. The built-in speakers of this piano help in rendering an excellent stage show and its plug-in headphones help with quality and quiet music time as well. Music players can connect with the free chordana play app to play the favorite songs and also to download the MIDI files with no drivers.  


  • An ultra-compact device that helps to make music whenever and wherever required.
  • It is possible to explore a variety of excellent sounding tones with this instrument
  • Possible to create and remix EDM tracks easily on this piano.
  • It is possible to play, record, and share high-quality music with this piano at hand.


  • The USB connector shaft is not well-built.
  • Its spears make a buzzing sound while playing the piano.

#4. Yamaha PSR-E273 Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-E273 Portable Keyboard

This is also an excellent, high-quality, and portable keyboard from Yamaha that is available at less than $150. This practice piano from the legendary Yamaha brand features hundredths of high-quality voices that are complemented by special FX kits and drum kits. These features will never fail to bring about a lot of authenticity and variety to the music. Irrespective of what music one plays, be it playing country, rock, and roll, or the samba music styles, this instrument will work to bring about a lot of life to the music, by adding natural accompaniment instruments to one’s music style.

The smart chord feature of this piano allows the players to play great-sounding chords from simple pop triads to complex jazz chords with just a single finger. The piano features 61 full-sized keys that are great for learning and developing some true keyboard playing techniques. In short, the PSR-E273 combines the high-quality voices and styles of the traditional piano, to help the piano players develop great enthusiasm for learning and playing music.

Players can have hours of fun in exploring a wide variety of sound effects, that can be played from the keyboard such as weather, animal, vehicles, bell sounds, and a lot more. Its smart chord features help in playing the chords easily for beginners. Its built-in voice and style is been inspired by cultures all over the world, which helps players to play virtually any kind of music. 


  • Possible to play a huge variety of instrument voices.
  • It’s easy to understand panel layout helps to fund out the styles and voices quickly.
  • The headphones can be used to eliminate distractions
  • The piano features an ultra-portable design and it can also operate on batteries.


  • The power adaptor for this piano has to be bought separately.

#5. Yamaha PSRE253 Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSRE253 Portable Keyboard

This is one of the best budget pianos available from the Yamaha brand and its 61-keys are great for learning music and for developing some excellent piano playing techniques. The Duo mode in this piano splits the keyboard into two halves, thus helping the pianist to play with the partner or even the teacher. Its AUX line input allows the players to connect with any music device with a headphone output such as the MP3 player, computer, and even another keyboard.

The portable grand button on this device resets the piano instantly to the grand piano voice and its 32 polyphony music notes help in performing both beginners to advanced level pieces, allowing the sustained notes to ring through, without being cut off. This PSRE253 piano operates either on batteries or with the help of a power adaptor. This piano is great for traveling and to use in instances where space is limited.

The PSR- E253 is an ideal instrument for aspiring musicians, who are just starting to play music. This musical instrument has around 385 quality voices that include guitars,  pianos, drums, and other orchestral instruments. This piano makes use of grand piano voices and stereo sampled sounds inorder to render excellent music feeling a presence. Players can enjoy reverb effects for playing in concert halls and choruses to add more feel to the sound. 


  • Has 100- accompaniment styles for real-time band backing tracks based on the chords that one plays.
  • Weighs less than 9-lbs to carry anywhere at ease.
  • There is a scoring and waiting function to adjust the tempo of the music to the accompaniment styles.
  • It is an excellent entry-level piano that features a range of sounds and functions.


  • The power supply for this piano is sold separately.
  • Its keys are not touch-sensitive and doesn’t respond to velocity.

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What to Look For in Your Cheap and Portable Keyboard?

There are many pianos available from different brands within the budget of $150 and it is important that we spend little time researching for the best digital piano that suits one’s requirements and budget. The following are some of the important points that should be found in a piano.

  1. Piano keys:

Though you are buying a piano on a tight budget, it is important to make sure that the keys on the piano are highly responsive and play high-quality music when they are pushed down. This phenomenon is also referred to as action in pianos, and they differ in firmness and resistance from one model to another. Unweighted keys will be easier to press and push down, compared with weighted keys, just like the traditional piano. A piano with weighted keys will be great for beginners.

  1. Compatibility with MIDI:

MIDI stands for musical instrument digital interface. MIDI allows the users to send and receive signals, though it is not a necessary feature in the music instrument for beginners. Students and beginners piano players should ensure that the piano has MIDI compatibility so that they can earn electronic music or choose to connect the computer and the keyboard.

  1. Connectivity with the computer:

A vast majority of the pianos render computer connectivity. This computer connectivity option is great for beginner students who wish to create their own music with music composition programs. Buying a keyboard with computer connectivity will help to upgrade the keyboard in the future.

  1. Storage function:

Music students can download software patches and new keyboard sounds with the help of micro USB cards, but the piano should have ample storage functions. Choose to buy a piano that offers more than 100 different sounds with additional settings for user presets and new sounds.

  1. Sound:

The sound of the piano is an important feature to choose from a good beginner piano. The best pianos produce sounds that are equivalent to that of the sounds produced in an acoustic piano. Other considerations in the piano include polyphony and the ability of the piano to play strings, drums, and other music in the background to compliment the music that is been played.

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Bottom Line

A piano is a full-sized weighted music instrument that is ideal for people to play piano music. Beginners should choose a piano with an ambient keyboard and electronic music to deliver high-quality sound functions. Also, buy all piano accessories such as bench, piano stand, dampening pedal, etc., for a high-quality music experience.

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