Top 5 Best Budget Digital Pianos Under $500

If you can lay your hands on a digital piano that provides you the same acoustic sound quality along with additional advantages, wouldn’t you go for it? Well, whether you are a budding pianist or an advanced user, digital pianos can be a great choice over the traditional pianos in many ways.

Digital pianos are portable with space-saving designs and enabled with digital features such as USB connectivity, built-in recorders, learning enhancement programs, and different voices, among many other special features. Here’s a list of 5 top digital pianos that are affordable and available under $500. You can read the comprehensive review appended below that gives away complete information on each model to enable you to find the perfect digital piano for embarking on your musical journey. 

List of 5 Best Digital Pianos Under $500

ImageBest Pianos Under $500Price
Yamaha P71 Action Digital Piano
Yamaha P71 Action Digital PianoVIEW ON AMAZON
Yamaha P45B Digital Piano
Yamaha P45B Digital PianoVIEW ON AMAZON
Korg Digital Piano SP170SBK2
Korg Digital Piano SP170SBK2VIEW ON AMAZON
Casio Priva PX160BK Digital Piano
Casio Priva PX160BK Digital PianoVIEW ON AMAZON
Yamaha P121 Digital Piano
Yamaha P121 Digital PianoVIEW ON AMAZON

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Best Budget Digital Pianos Under $500

#1. Yamaha P71 Weighted Digital Piano

Yamaha P71 Action Digital Piano


  • Yamaha P71 is an ideal digital piano model for aspiring pianists as the GHS action aids in building the correct finger technique.
  • Polyphonic; offering a maximum number of notes an electric piano can produce at a time.
  • Offers a realistic feel owing to the weighted keys
  • It is equipped with a USB port allowing connecting the instrument to smart devices, DAWs on PCs and to sustain pedals.
  • It is enabled with MIDI data transfer technology
  • Loaded with 10 different instrument voices
  • Easy to operate; perfect for beginners


  • No recording function
  • Doesn’t come with a stand

The Yamaha P71 is an all-in-one model that’s the perfect home digital piano for beginner-level pianists. Designed with 88 weighted keys, this piano allows users to choose from 10 varying sounds. Additionally, users can layer two voices at a time to create impactful music akin to a stage performance.

Despite its elaborate features, Yamaha has a lightweight built. It is slim and can fit in anywhere in your living space. The portable model allows for easy storage. It is also enabled with a USB connection that facilitates connecting it with external devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Play, sing, compose or learn from scratch as your glide your fingers on the smooth keys of this remarkable digital piano!


  • Yamaha P71 digital piano comes with a sustain pedal and includes a power adapter for easy plug-in and play.
  • The GHS weighted action of Yamaha P71 gives it the heavier touch at the base and lighter touch in the higher notes. It replicated the hammer effect similar to that of the acoustic piano.
  • The Advanced Wave Memory sampling facilitates sound recording akin to an acoustic piano. It is this sampling that uses digital technology to create high-quality sound.
  • All-in-one button for operations. This piano offers a single button setting where users can hold down the function key to change voices, configure various modes as well as play the demo sources.
  • Yamaha P71 is lightweight measuring only 25 lbs and has a compact design with 12” depth requiring less storage space.
  • Offers 3 levels of touch sensitivity

#2. Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano


  • The simple interface is great for beginners and all age groups of users.
  • Yamaha P45B digital piano is portable, weighing 25lbs. Its lightweight design makes it easily transportable.
  • Offers a rich acoustic experience
  • Single button operation makes it a user-friendly digital piano


  • This model from Yamaha is not equipped with a MIDI recorder.
  • The sound quality is diminished by the increased polyphony.

Yamaha P45B is not just a budget digital piano, it’s a unit designed to cater to beginner level pianists. This model is equipped with almost every feature you need to get started.

P45B weighted action digital piano offers 10 sounds along with a headphone and 64-note polyphony. The weighted action can be powered on and off with the help of the switch. This is a big advantage for beginners as it facilitates a ground to get acquainted with the keys before using the weighted effect.

The 64-note polyphony allows players to perform reasonably dense musical tracks even when using the sustain pedal. The chorus effect and reverb enables flow of deep and rich music. This model is programmed with metronome and ECO Operation as additional features. The sustain pedal, music reset and power adapter come as a bonus.

For its features at an affordable price, P45B from Yamaha is a good buy!


  • The SB connectivity allows users to download software updates from Yamaha. It also enabled controlling the of the soft synths and VSTs on connected devices
  • The Graded Hammer Action feature replicates the sound and feel of an authentic acoustic piano.
  • It comes with an in-built metronome that’s fully adjustable. This allows users to easily adjust the volume and tempo.
  • The transpose button allows users to change the key with a press of a single button. This enables users to tune the piano to match a backing track as required.
  • The Dual Mode on the piano allows users to stack two presets. This creates a full-band sound effect.

#3. Korg Digital Piano SP170SBK2

Korg Digital Piano SP170SBK2


  • Graded keys
  • 10 different instrument sounds
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ideal for aspiring pianists


  • Keys aren’t of a grand quality and leave a plastic feel
  • The tones lack nuance

With their experience in designing musical instruments over the years, Korg has established a special position in the competitive market. The digital piano SP170SBK2 from Korg features a host of remarkable functions apt for the beginner level of players. It has a simple interface with four buttons. There are the power knob, the volume knob and the buttons for piano play and sounds. 

With its hammer action technology, Korg digital piano SP170SBK2 provides an authentic piano feel. The keys deliver a sorted response with it sounding heavy at the bass area and lighter towards the upper notes. This model from Korg is a rendition of the P170 and provides 120 notes polyphony delivering an advanced level of performance. It is the stereo sampling technology that enables the realistic and rich sound similar to that produced by high-end pianos in the market. 

The Korg P170SBK2 digital piano model is fitted with an incredible speaker system. This offers clarity as and an ultimate stereophonic experience. Two oval-shaped speakers measure 5 cm and 10 cm each. This takes care of sound clarity with improved tones and resonance. If you want to perform in front of a larger audience, the system facilitates connecting it to amplifiers and high-watt speakers. If you aren’t preparing for a gig, you can always use the headphone jacks on the keyboard for private practice. 


  • This upgraded digital piano from Korg is designed with a weighted hammer action keyboard that offers the acoustic impact on the sound
  • Two key-tones on the keyboard offer the same sound like a grand piano.
  • Offers three levels of touch control labeled as light, standard and heavy that can be adjusted to the user’s play level and style
  • It comes with 10 different sounds including vibraphone, string, pipe organ, harpsichord and more.
  • A stereo sampling sound system enables clean and streamlined sounds.

#4. Casio Priva PX160BK Digital Piano

Casio Priva PX160BK Digital Piano


  • It encases world-class features at a throwaway price
  • Compact and portable
  • Can be connected to Windows or Mac without having to download any additional drivers
  • MIDI controller enables connecting the device with iOS devices.
  • High-quality keys ensure a smooth feel of the keys
  • Perfect for beginners and can be used by professional pianists as well


  • There’s nothing special or new about the design of the piano
  • No LCD screen

When it comes to a reliable provider of digital pianos, Casio is a pioneer brand you can’t miss. The Privia PX160BK in black is a classic representative of its high-end quality available at an affordable price. This lightweight, a sleek digital piano can record high-power sound at four dynamic levels.

It is the ebony and ivory textured keys on the Casio Privia PX160BK model that provides unbeatable speed and accuracy to even a new user. The duet mode turns this piano into an excellent learning device as the keyboard can be split into two parts with the same octaves for 2 people to use it simultaneously. Privia PX160BK facilitates play, practice, recording, and performance.


  • The tri-sensor hammer action II keyboard is scaled to offer an incredible feel allowing the user to enjoy the crescendos of a performance.
  • The AiR engine enables accuracy akin to that of a grand piano where the sound is rich and deep. The damper pedal creates the damper resonance offering a powerful
  • the 8W X 8W speakers deliver amplified sound and an aesthetically pleasing look to the piano
  • PX160BK is preset with different instrument sounds such as the grand piano, harpsichord, electric pianos and more.
  • It provides split capability so that players can enjoy the effects of two sounds with the bass on one side and dual tones on the other.
  • It comes with an SP-33 pedal that provides the grand piano feel and sound; thanks to its three-pedal functionality
  • Privia PX160BK from Casio is equipped with a stand that allows it to stand at a convenient height.
  • Comes with a 2 track recorder that allows recording and playback

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#5. Yamaha P121 Digital Piano

Yamaha P121 Digital Piano


  • Lightweight and portable
  • It is a smart digital piano enabling connectivity over iOS configured mobile devices for a richer experience
  • Enabled with touch-sensitive keys
  • Praiseworthy audio-quality
  • Yamaha P121 is furnished with sustain pedals
  • Easily adjustable tuning


  • Provides a limited sound selection
  • The cable required for downloading the iOS app is not included in the package

An electronic piano that combines rich performance with a user-friendly interface, the Yamaha P121 digital piano in Black offers value for money. The instrument allows players to experience the pleasure of playing a grand piano despite its sleek design. The touch, tone and exclusive features of this 73-key weighted action piano offer a high-grade musical engagement to users.

The weighted hammer action is transcending as it offers the immersive resonance of the authentic piano. The instrument’s lightweight (22.1lbs) adds to its portability and compactness enabling easy storage. 

The ‘Chord Tracker’ function is a fantastic feature for newbies at the piano as it enables learning how to play the chords of your choicest tracks. The smart function powered on the P121 reinforces its contemporary design. The headphones on this digital piano ensure an optimized aural experience with its stereophonic system. This makes every sound realistic regardless of the instrument chosen on the device. 

The reverberation effect, damper and string resonance along with the key off samples make the P121 model a desirable one. It has a recording function. The sustain pedal extends the comfort of keeping the note playing even after you stop pressing the key. 


  • P121 Digital Piano from the house of Yamaha is enabled with the Pure CF sound engine which recreates the magical acoustic depths.
  • It is engineered with advanced 2-way speaker systems that provide a stereophonic sound in both the higher and lower octaves.
  • The Smart Pianist technology facilitates users to control and adjust rhythms, voices, and other settings through your tablet or smartphone touch screen.
  • Regardless of the surface, it is placed on, the ‘Table EQ’ feature enables enjoying optimal and undistorted acoustics. 
  • Equipped with 20 rhythms in accompaniment styles: on-board drum and bass tracks

Concluding Thoughts

All the above featured digital pianos are not only budget-friendly but designed to deliver superior performance so that users don’t have to compromise on the quality. Depending on your skill of playing the instrument, you can always select the appropriate digital piano under $500 to suit your style and preference.


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