Yamaha PSR-E353 Review (2023): Why It is Cheap and Best Piano?

Since Yamaha PSR-E353 not available in the market, you can check out an upgraded piano: YAMAHA PSR-E363.

YAMAHA PSR-E363 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

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If you have just started playing with the piano keys and are looking for a perfect keyboard to start your journey, the Yamaha PSR-E353 will be just the right choice for you.

Even if you are an experienced musician, this Digital Piano has all that you could possibly want in order to learn and even more! The Yamaha PSR-E353 has been loaded with a swarm of features that can take your sonic experience to the next level.

The PSR-E353 comes preloaded with hundreds of preset voices and accompaniments along with some new and amazing effects that add an extra dimension to your music.

Do not compromise with some low-grade and poorly built keyboard when you have an instrument that embodies Yamaha’s quality standards at such an amazing price.

In this post, we tell you why the Yamaha PSR-E353 value much more than it’s worth.

Yamaha PSR-E353 Review 2023: Why It is Cheap and Best Piano?

Control Interface

  • The Yamaha PSR-E353 has a 61-note keyboard that features touch sensitivity. The keys will now sound soft when played with a light touch and sound much louder if you press on them firmly. You can imprint some delicacy in your music with touch sensitivity.
  • An LCD Display on board will enable you to constantly monitor your keyboard status and select the desired keyboard settings with relative ease.

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  • The PSR-E353 uses the AWM sampling technology to generate the tone of the piano. The AWM sampling is highly effective in offering a wide and dynamic range of piano tones that can enrich your music with the perfect symphonies.
  • The piano features a 32-note Polyphony which means you can play 32 notes at once without the fear of note slipping. You can now play those complex rhythms which have lots of notes, layers and sustain action with a new coherence and flourish.
  • It comes with around 573 preset voices which included 196-panel voices, 18 Drum/SFX kits, 339 XGlite voices, and the featured 20 Arpeggio sounds.


The PSR-E353 showcases a variety of effects that can add that extra flavor to your music and make it more interesting.

  • It includes a Reverb effect, Chorus effect, Master EQ effect, Harmony, Ultra-wide Stereo effect, and 150 types of Arpeggio effects to liven up the classical ballads.
  • The Keyboard function can be modified with the Dual Layer effect for adding one layer of voice over another for the entire keyboard, Split mode where the keyboard is divided into two halves and each half plays a different voice, Panel Sustain and a Melody Suppressor function which lowers the tone of the melody so that you can clearly play the melody line with the music.

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Songs and accompaniments

  • There are 158 preset styles on the keyboard along with several options for style control. It also comes with a comprehensive music database with a hundred different preexisting categories which allows you to try all kinds of music genres.
  • The piano also features 154 preset songs and available with a song recording option. The two-track recording system can record a maximum of 5 songs or approximately 10,000 notes and are saved under the SMF format.


  • The PSR-E353 is uploaded with a Yamaha Education Suite (YES) which is an excellent platform for beginners to learn to play the keyboard all by themselves. It features nine stages in the lessons which can be used to train either hands or both of them with the help of the stored songs. There is a unique ‘waiting’ function that will automatically adjust the tempo of the accompaniment according to your playing abilities.
  • Apart from this, the piano is provided with a control for Metronome, which times your tune and prevents it from being too fast or too slow, and a Transpose for bringing all the instruments down to the same scale.

Storage and Connectivity

  • The Yamaha PSR-E353 has an in-built memory of approximately 1.7MB. This provides for effectively saving your work so that your genius ideas are never lost.
  • The piano can act as a wonderful speaker system for your devices with the AUX IN jack. Just plug in your phone or portable player and play music through the powerful built-in speakers of the PSR-E353.
  • A USB TO HOST port lets your keyboard interact with any music software on your computer where you can digitally edit your music to the minutest detail that cannot be achieved directly on the synthesizer.
  • The Piano can be easily connected to your iOS device and linked to a compatible Yamaha Application that you can download from the App Store.


  • Touch-sensitive keyboard
  • Comprehensive list of high-quality voices
  • The Yamaha Education Suite for beginners
  • 150 powerful Arpeggio styles
  • Lightweight and easily portable


  • No sustain Pedal
  • Lower polyphony as compared to other models
  • Not a full-sized Piano
  • Power Adapter sold separately

This was the complete and honest review of the Yamaha PSR-E353 piano that you are going to purchase or want to purchase.

We have reviewed so many pianos here and all are the best picks that anybody wants to purchase.

Yamaha PSR-E353 is the best digital piano with having a very cheap price tag and you will enjoy it.

I hope you will find your best piano and will purchase that ASAP.


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3 thoughts on “Yamaha PSR-E353 Review (2023): Why It is Cheap and Best Piano?”

  1. Thank you, you’ve helped me make up my mind. With so many out there it gets rather confusing to a first-timer!
    Now, if my wife will allow me to raid the housekeeping money……………!

    • Ive got too, I bought it last oct 1st. The piano sound is unmatched by any keyboard of its price range and even higher. I like the sweet sounds like sax and flute. And the synths are superb. My only complain is it has only 9 registration slots. Casio ctk 4400 have 32 slots in contrast. But my priority is sound quality so im not totally despaired. Worth looting the housekeeping money bro…


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