Korg B1 Review: The Perfect Piano? -2023

Korg is an amazing musical brand that was founded by Keio Electronic Laboratories, which is well known for the manufacturing of electronic musical instruments and relevant types of equipment. One of the best pianos from the brand Korg is Korg B1. Electric guitars and Recording Equipments are some of their well-known products. 

Korg brand is always known for its number of innovations. The idea behind the “key transpose” is kept in front of the people by the Korg brand only. Korg was a well-known company to feature the synthesizer effect on pianos and make them an amazing piece of art. The pianos by the Korg firm are as unique as they can be. Korg B1 is one of that pieces, which owes some great unique features, which could be as follows:

Korg B1 Digital Piano Review 2023

Korg B1 Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9/10
Performance and sounds9.2
Build Quality8.9
Value for money9.2

Korg B1 is known for its affordable price as compared to other top digital pianos. It has a contemporary and elegant design. The piano is made for portable use. So if you are a professional pianist and always do gigs at different places, this is a good option for you. It is good with portability because it is compact in shape so you can keep it in small spaces. It also fits on table and desks but placing it on a stand is more recommended because it is more convenient. The weight of the piano is also lighter so you can carry it easily. All these details make it fit for transport without any unnecessary hassles. 

B1 is a straightforward piano to understand because you’ll quickly remember the main combinations for sounds and functions. It is available in black and white color only. Talking about the keys, the piano features natural weighted action keys which give a true acoustic feeling to play. The keys are also touch-sensitive i.e. the harder you hit the keys, the louder the sound will come. The sound technology used in this piano is PCM stereo sampling and the speakers are of motion feedback technology which produces rich and clear sound. 

Features of Korg B1 Digital Piano

  • The piano does not offer any split or dual mode for playing different tones of different instruments at the same time but what it does offers is a duet mode or sometimes called partner mode which will split the keyboard into 2 equal halves which will produce identical notes. This helps teach someone or being taught by someone.
  • There is a transpose function that will allow you to shift the scale of the keyboard by semi-notes. You can play any song that you find difficult in the key in which you are comfortable by making changes in this feature. You can also set the key according to your fellow musicians and this will improve your jamming session.
  • There is a metronome. It provides a steady beat to practice along. If you regularly practice the piano using the metronome, you will find improvement in your time-keeping skills and will also improve your sense of rhythm.
  • There 2 jacks for connectivity. One for connecting the headphones that can be also used as a line out which means you can also connect that jack to external speakers and amplifiers if you want. On the bottom part of the piano, there is a sustain pedal port which is used for connecting the supplied sustain pedal or the 3 pedal units separately. The piano does not feature any USB port for MIDI connectivity which means you won’t be able to connect the piano as a MIDI device. But considering the cost, it is not a deal-breaker.
  • The accessories that come with the piano are – A furniture stand to keep the piano on top of it. Furniture stands are pretty stable than X-shaped stands. Other accessories involve a sustain pedal and a bag. It is advisable to buy a headphone which will help in practicing because headphones will let you hear all the minute details of the sound.

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Pros & Cons of Korg B1 Digital Piano


  • As per the norm, the keyboard should be always simple and elegant. This piano is having no extra bells and whistles on the keyboards, just had some basics, giving it the perfect highest quality keys.
  • The sound produced by the keys of this piano is excellent in sound. They are very nicely weighted and are completely satisfying while playing it.
  • The technical functionalities can be done quite well. Data input for different kinds of recordings and arranging will be done easily, without any hustle of know-how.
  • The speakers that came attached to this piano are completely big and very rich in sound, making it superb in playing and accompanying the music room, in any kind of live amplification.
  • The bass endnotes for these pianos are great. They don’t need extra drivers to deal with the sound. All can be easily managed without any external effect.
  • The design of this B1 piano is very sleek and very much stylish. It gives a royal look to the musician, along with a very mesmerizing sound.
  • The piano is quite spacious, as the buttons there are kept to a minimum, giving the piano, a very neat and very cluttered look.
  • The Korg B1 is having a built-in stereo sound system, which was made using an MFB Servo technology, giving it a very rich and very royal voice.
  • The piano owes a greater ability to produce the onboard reverb and chorus effects. It is available in black or white color to match the decor of the music.
  • It has the amazing capability of providing reassuring stability and a great feel, under the foot, giving it a wide range of sounds in and out.


  • There might come a time when the keys will not work or may produce some very different volumes, ups, and downs. This might cause some issues while performing live,
  • Another criticism that came into the picture is the pedals which are completely sustainable. The connections seem to be very fragile, which could be a break for the very first time.
  • Robustness in the jack style connector is not present, making it lack a unique feature for any piano.


The Korg B1 seems to be a great piano for people who are either just beginners or are experts in their domain but are not looking for any of the big and vast performance quality. The piano is completely an amazing choice for children as well, who are just planning to start and learn the piano and enjoy the music.

The only point to make sure before investing in any of the musical instruments is to make sure if the piano owes all the right features and unique features as per your requirements or not. If yes, then go ahead and spend the pennies and have fun.


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