Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775 Review: Preferred By Skilled Pianists? – August 2022

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775 digital piano represents the middle-range models in the 700 series of Yamaha pianos. Yamaha has designed this piano with an array of unique features, across its body. One such notable improvisation is the newly included sound samples of the Bosendorfer and the CFX grand pianos. We all know that these two are the costliest of all pianos featuring a hefty price tag. But this piano brings the sounds of these grand instruments at just half the cost. Also, Yamaha was quite conscious of sampling the sounds of these acoustic pianos to ensure that the sounds of the CLP-775 are highly expressive and authentic.

The CLP-775 is a step up from the other pianos in the range and is definitely for serious pianists. The piano feels superior in every single aspect of the piano be it its keys, feel, sound and features. Here is the detailed description of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775 digital piano which has been carefully penned to help our readers make an informed buying decision.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775 Review 2022

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775 Digital Upright Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.4/10
Performance and sounds9.6
Build Quality9.5
Value for money9.4

Specifications of the Yamaha CLP-775

The CLP range of instruments from the Yamaha brand is for a pianist who focuses much on the quality of sounds and feels. It also renders a tremendous pedal and touch response for the pianist. People who seek a simple piano opt for them, though they are meant for a pianist of all skill levels. The CLP775 from the grand Yamaha series truly represents a brand new era in the field of digital pianos. The following are the unique features of this grand unit.

  1. Keyboard: The key bed of this piano features 88 linear graded hammers that are calibrated to simulate the weight of the grand acoustic piano.
  2. Expression: The Real Grand expression feature of the CLP-775 allows the pianist to create a range of sounds, with slight variations in touch
  3. Sampling: This digital piano bears sounds of the Yamaha’s grand acoustic pianos with the help of binaural sampling technology. The three-dimensional that it creates is magical.
  4. Compositions: This is one of the unique pianos that help pianists listen to the original classical compositions, just like how the composers would have heard them, with the help of Fortepiano voices technology.
  5. Sound modeling: The grand sound modeling technology of this piano helps with varied expressions to create the nuances of the grand concert piano.
  6. Pedal: The Yamaha CLP-775 features a GP response damper pedal that helps with delicate pedaling styles while creating masterpieces.
  7. Control panel: The control panel of this piano has a touch sensor, that disappears when not in use to expose the powerful technology of the piano beneath its cabinetry.
  8. Accessories: The piano comes with a bench, a book with 50 masterpiece music, and an AC adaptor with a user manual.  

Features of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775

  • The piano features a grand touch keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
  • Features improved virtual resonance modeling technology and grand expression modeling features
  • There are 38 voices on this piano including two fortepiano voices.
  • Features a strong speaker system with transducers
  • There is a USB playback feature and scope for recording music in the WAV format
  • It is possible to emulate up to 20 rhythms in this digital piano
  • The piano integrates with the smart pianist app
  • Available in white ash, white, polished ebony, dark rosewood, black, and dark walnut finishes.
  • The piano brags on its touch sensor control panel and in an upright consort-style body.
Design of Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775

Key Action and Feel of the Yamaha CLP-775

We have already mentioned that this piano, like every other piano, brags an 88- a key bed that is weighted and graded. The key action of this piano is quite important and is worth special mentioning. 

The keys of the piano are the front line of interaction between the pianist and the instrument and the CLP775 doesn’t disappoint the pianist, as it holds the sensitivity to add even the minutest details to the music. In one line, we can say that it feels just like the acoustic piano, except for the fact that it stands vertical in a compact posture. 

The pianos feature an authentic Grand Touch action on the keys for revealing the sounds of the concert than the piano. The keys are well balanced and are heavy adding more mass to them. But the keys in this piano are weighted individually and not in groups. As this piano renders the feel and response that is close to a traditional piano, it translates even the minutest nuance of the performance, just like an acoustic instrument. 

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Sound Quality from the CLP-775 Piano

The best feature of the CLP-775 piano is that it features a built-in amplification system along with its speakers. Its speakers are much more powerful than the other pianos of the CLP series and the piano can be played at louder volumes as well. Even when the keys are played at lower volumes, there is much clarity in this piano. Also, if the piano features bigger and more powerful speakers, then it will have greater headroom.

As the Yamaha CLP-775 emits a louder volume, it is good enough to fill huge performance spaces, without requiring an external amplification system. And this can also perform as an excellent home music system, when you wish to pair your tablet or your phone with this piano through Bluetooth, to listen to high-quality music.

There are four speakers on this piano along with a transducer. This transfers sound of a certain frequency ranges to the cabinet, to make sure that the entire piano becomes a total sound source in itself. Also, the sound that is emitted from this piano will be experienced by different people differently, which is just the quality of an acoustic piano, and this effect is because of the Grand acoustic imaging feature of this piano.

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Apart from being an exceptional musical instrument, the Clavinova CLP-775 also qualifies as an exceptional piece of instrument for the home, thanks to its bigger size. Its sleek touch-sensitive keys under the LCD screen are worth mentioning as they can be customized. We can get the lamps of these buttons to go off after use, igniting just the on and off buttons. This piano model is considered to belong to the modern and contemporary range of pianos, mainly for this feature. 

The CLP-775’s right-hand pedal is referred to as it sustains pedal, which is again velocity-sensitive. The greater the press more is its influence on the tone of the music. It is more than a mere on and off button, allowing the pianist to play with more expression. There is more headroom in this piano which enables the pianist to play the piano at quieter volumes, still maintaining a quality sound, rather than strain the speaker system to get more volumes.

The headphones of this piano follow a new positional technology, that enables them to sound as if the player is not having the headphones on. Thus the piano makes people feel more natural and organic. 

Pros & Cons of Clavinova CLP-775

What’s Best in Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775?

  • Available in attractive colors and features
  • The piano has more than 36 instrument sounds that encompass the piano room, drum rhythms, etc.
  • The piano features an advanced wooden-key action, termed the Grand Touch S
  • There are four speakers and four amplifiers in the piano 
  • Features an upgraded key action and sound similar to an acoustic piano with graded hammer action. 
  • The CLP775 features Bluetooth MIDI connectivity and Bluetooth audio wireless connectivity features.
  • The piano is bundled with many vibrant features, that makes it sound and feel close to a grand piano.

What’s Lacking in Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775?

  • This is a very heavy piano that is impossible to be shifted easily from one room to another or from the home to the stage.

Final Verdict

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-775 is one of the premier range of pianos from Yamaha that features a better key action, similar to its grand acoustic pianos. Playing this piano offers the same feeling as playing a concert grand piano and thus is much preferred by advanced pianists and those looking to appear for their piano exams. Its speaker system is impressive and so is its Grand Touch keyboard. The intermediate and advanced level pianist will never be disappointed with the CLP-775 grand digital piano from Yamaha.

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