Casio PX-860 Review: Should You Buy it? – 2023

The musical instruments market had been anticipating the introduction of the Casio PX-860 Privia Digital Piano ever since the company decided to discontinue one of its bestselling models – the PX-850. The general appearance of this model is quite similar to that of the PX-850.

Bearing in mind that PX-850 is the older model, it’s likely that most of the features present in the previous model are available in Casio PX-860 as well. Let’s see what improvised features the new model has to offer. PX-850 was considered to be aesthetically pleasing, so the difference probably can be measured in terms of its quality of sound. The piano base of the upgraded model may not have the same wooden base as the older one but has improved on the overall design and features.

Casio PX-860 Piano Review 2023

Casio PX-860 Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.2/10
Performance and sounds9.3
Easy to assemble9.5
Build Quality8.8
Value for money9.5

Quick Opinion by Larry

Casio has maintained this piano over the years, that’s why it still has one of the best performance ratings. So, Casio PX-860 is still a great choice for beginners, although PX-870 is a better choice. If you are a beginner, you can buy this piano without any hesitation.

Important Details about PX-860

Some of the key features of Casio PX-860 include:

  • Keyboard enabled with tri-sensor and scaled hammer action features
  • Key-off keyboard simulator
  • Multi-dimensional morphing air sound features
  • Touch response features with three sensitivity levels
Piano ModelCasio PX860 BK Privia
Dimensions58 x 15 x 16 inches
Polyphony256 Note
Weight78.26 pounds
Recorder2 Track / 1 Song
Speakers4 Speaker / 2 x 20 W Amplifier

Here’s a brief that you can glance through for an enhanced understanding of Casio PX-860’s features:


Casio PX-860 is equipped with a stand just like any professional pianist unit. The stand is made of premium quality wood giving the classic instrument an elegant look. This certainly is an upgrade in comparison to its lower-grade models like the Casio PX 150. The hood and the piano’s body are heavyweight and if you are getting it transported it’s advisable that you seek a helping hand for moving or carrying the instrument. Even though some parts are heavier, the piano is relatively lightweight and can comfortably fit into smaller apartments or homes as well. Moreover, the wood has been treated with pest-resistant chemicals. With reference to the built quality, you may want to know that the baseboard of the piano is wavy. While some users have mentioned their concern about this, most pianists have praised the fine make of the piano and that the baseboard does not make much of a difference. The model is available in three different colors black, brown, and white.

Design of Casio PX-860

The setup of the Casio PX-860 is simple and divided into three parts. These are labeled as A, B, and C. If you are assembling the unit yourself, you can keep the bolts on Part C towards the wall for the simplicity of the procedure will enable you to assemble the unit without having to spend much time and effort.

Keys of Casio PX-860

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Acoustic and Sound Features

The PX series boasts of its improved sound engine in the PX-860 model with its perfect sound quality. It has “air sound technology”. The product is equipped with digital recordings of all the major instruments made by Casio, allowing users to enjoy the feel of playing a grand piano or an orchestra playback. The additional hood gracing the piano accords an enhanced sound quality that can fill a small room impressively enough to equal that of the grand piano. Fine tunes can be obtained without any additional headphones as the speakers produce good quality sound. Contrary to its lower-end models, Casio PX-860 allows the scope for modulating the speaker sound is suited to your preference. Along with the piano “voices” like e-piano, string, organ, and more, PX-860 hosts sounds of several orchestras, harpsichord, and many other instruments.


The controls of the piano have been kept to a minimum so that they can be modified by the player easily while performing on stage. The control on PX-860 is to a great extent simpler than that of the previous version. This has been well-thought-out from a performer’s perspective and comprises a single dial and few digital buttons, allowing the pianist to access a range of voices, control the speaker volume and adjust the playback properties accordingly.

Not to forget, the product is enabled with connectivity features such as USB and headphone jack, enabling composition and computer uploads. The USB port supports products like smartphone apps and other value-added musical instruments that can be accompanied by the piano.


This piano model of Casio offers the best warranty in the industry as they vouch to replace a defective item coupled with three-year complete warranty coverage.

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Pros and Cons of Casio PX-860

Before you make up your mind to purchase Casio PX-860, it will be a good idea to run through the pros and cons of the product prior to finalizing it.

What’s Best in Casio PX-860?

  • Casio PX-860 is compact and is built of the durable quality wood
  • Embellished with hammer weighted mechanism, the keys lend a superior feel to the piano
  • The hood enhances the overall music quality
  • Advanced sound engine recreates music like that of the grand piano
  • The model is enabled with simple controls like USB and headphone options
  • The dynamism of the sound assures its uniqueness for it is much smoother and more precise as compared to Casio Privia PX-850
  • PX-860 is an upgraded version available at the same price as Casio PX- 850
  • The Ivory and Ebony keys work as effective sweat-absorbent even when played for a longer duration
  • The three sensors allow its players to feel the minor strength changes in responsiveness too
  • 10 classic songs programmed on the model allow for “concert play” and “orchestra lesson function”

What’s Lacking in Casio PX-860?

  • While the product has been averred by most pianists, the baseboard has been criticized by some users, calling it shaky and wiggly.
  • Casio PX-860 is relatively heavier and may require two people to move or assemble it.
  • The music stand for holding the music sheet cannot be adjusted, though it’s quite closely placed.

Alternatives of Casio PX-860

Here are some top alternatives of Casio PX-860 available around $700 to $1500 budget mark.

  1. Casio PX-870
  2. Yamaha YDP-144
  3. Yamaha YDP-184
  4. Kawai ES110

Final Verdict

Bearing a nearly flawless physical construction, Casio PX-860 produces excellent quality sound and is a premium product in the range of digital pianos. Of course, the pedal can be changed, if desired, with another model of Casio. For a reasonable price, PX-860 certainly seeks to deliver an enthralling musical experience for pianists.

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