Yamaha P45 Review 2021: Find Unseen Qualities


The Yamaha P45 offers a complex and superior sonic performance with a sleek and simplistic design that will give you a world of great music right under your hands.

The P45 is a full-sized Digital Piano that comes endowed with advanced technology that gives it the complete feel of an Acoustic Piano.

It is a treat for the beginners and the pros alike to cash in on a wonderful musical experience as provided by the Yamaha P45.

This Digital Piano is perfect for Beginners as it showcases a complete package that gives you complete control over your learning experience. It will make you completely ready for the day when you sit on a real acoustic piano and your fingers will be flying across the keys with effortless ease.

Yamaha P45 Weighted Action Digital Piano

Yamaha P45 Piano Review 2021

Control Interface

  • The Yamaha P45 is a full-sized 88-note piano that comes with the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard which is what makes the Yamaha piano significantly advanced.
  • The Graded Hammer Standard essentially provides you with a complete acoustic feel to playing the P45 as it mimics the action of the actual hammers in an Acoustic Piano. This means that the higher notes have a softer touch and the notes in the lower end have a heavier touch, just like the acoustic hammers.
  • You can also select between four different sensitivity levels of the keyboard which range from Hard to Medium, Soft and Fixed.

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  • The tone generation of the P45 uses the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling technology that creates a vibrant and realistic tone that sounds just like that of the natural instrument. This technology picks up a pair of Land R waveforms with the help of two microphones to generate a deeper and more balanced tone which is exclusively Yamaha.
  • The Piano is also provided with a 64-note Polyphone which means that the piano can play the sound of 64 keys at one time. If you press another key after that, the note of the first key would be cut-off which is technically known as note-stealing. The 64-note Polyphone is wide enough to successfully play a duet in the dual-mode without losing the notes.
  • The P45 comes preloaded with 10 voices or sounds, each one being crisp, clear, and realistic as the other. These include the voices of two Acoustic Pianos, two Electric pianos, two Organ models, two Harpsichords, the tone of a string, and a classic Yamaha Vibraphone Tone.


  • The Yamaha P45 is offered with four Reverbs. Reverbs are used to set the reverberation or the resonance of the sound according to the place of performance. The for reverbs include the Concert Hall reverb for a Bold resonance across a large hall, the Recital hall Reverb for Clear resonance in a medium-sized hall, the Salon Reverb for a more relaxed resonance of a large room, and the Club Reverb for a crisp live-music resonance.
  • The Dual/Layer function provides for an extremely useful effect where you can play two sounds at once in the piano with the Lower half playing something like piano and the upper half playing strings resulting in a pretty dynamic duet. Such a function has the potential to encourage the piano players to experiment with different styles.
  • Also available is a Duo function that splits the single keyboard into two smaller identical ones so that two people can simultaneously play the instrument. This is a highly convenient setting at the learning stage with teachers teaching their students on the same keyboard.

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Functions and Connectivity

  • The Yamaha P45 has a Metronome on board that can help you time your play so as to ensure that you are not far ahead or legging behind the rhythm. You might face some difficulty in using this tool at the learning stage but it will become extremely helpful as you get a grip over the instrument and tread on over the seasoned waters.
  • It also has a Transpose and a tempo range of 32-280.
  • The Piano can be connected to a computer or a MIDI via a USB to HOST port so that you can save your music on different kinds of external devices including your computer.
  • The P45 is also provided with a sustain pedal to move the dampers away from the strings and letting them vibrate more freely.


  • A full-sized 88-note Digital Piano
  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard that perfectly imitates an Acoustic Piano
  • 64 note Polyphony for more pronounced Dual function
  • Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling technology to fish out some bright and balanced tones
  • Features Dual layer and Duo function effects
  • Lightweight and Portable


  • Onboard MIDI and LCD panel is absent
  • Track recording is not available
  • No AUX output to connect to amplifiers
  • Accompaniments are not available

If you seriously want to have a piano that can fulfill all your needs and expectations then the Yamaha P45 piano would be the right piano made only for you.

It depends on you that how dedicated you are to this piano. We had written an honest review of it and believe us, you will really enjoy it while playing it.

This was the same piano I recommended for my elder brother to purchase.

I hope you would take the right decision.



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