10 Tips for Choosing Music to Play on Piano (August 2022)

Choosing Music to Play on Piano

Music is a very powerful way to connect with your audience emotionally and to make sure, you are creating a long term audience by personally touching their hearts. Playing an instrument such as a piano can create an amazing feeling and can create an amazing moment, as well. It can make any moment special. It is very important to choose the right music for all the playlists available in your piano section. There are ways through which you can easily make your piano music outstanding and can stand out from the crowd. 

Tips for Choosing Music to Play on Piano

1. Create your music

Creating your music is one of the best ways to enjoy playing piano, as this way you will not only have your music but also be able to match it with your practice. Start making the music into pieces of small compositions and then get them with your hands over the piano. With time, you will improvise slowly and gradually on the spot playing and then, will start enjoying by yourself. 

2. Search & Research about the libraries of music

Music is also having its libraries, developed and designed by people who love music and worship music. These libraries are mostly available online, either paid or unpaid. There is enormous stunning music written by various writers and added to the libraries, open to all. You can easily visit these libraries and search for your relatable music which might intrigue your taste and the level of a piano player, you are.

You can also check out the music based on your category requirements such as classifications, thickness, temperament, scores, and so on. 

3. Choose with the keyboard actions

Considering the keyboard tune activity and the contact reaction for the relevant tune should be significant components to be taken care of while playing the piano. So, one can choose that one can impersonate the vibe of any of the acoustic instruments, which could make up with the expected music under the required circumstances.

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4. Relate to the music artistically

Make sure while choosing music for the piano practice, you should choose a song to which you can relate artistically. If you have a thought, that this music could not be for you, then it must also not be for your audience. Always make sure you are not sounding impersonal or forced, while making your music or while choosing your music for the audience. 

5. Always be creative

Don’t give up the fact that creativity means longevity. If you are creative and there is a sense of uniqueness in your music then people will listen to it again and again and enjoy it. So, make sure if someone has written the music creatively or even if you had designed the music creatively, then you just play it exactly as written. Allowing some flexibility, and making a performance out of it, won’t be a big deal if you want to stand out from the rest.

You can add your creativity by making some new music from the old music or any contrasting music that could be played in a tempo style or any subtle style. One can always approach things dynamically. 

6. Check the quality of sound

Always make sure to check the quality of sound which will be produced by your music. Digital pianos are very similar to the chronicles and thus, could be very helpful in producing music related to the music. Always focus on the components while choosing any kind of piano music as an amateur.  Make sure the number of speakers and the digital memories is as same as required.  

7. Check out the segmented market 

Always choose the music which will speak the language, easily understood by your audience. Try to touch their heart with your music. If you are playing the music for a particular audience then understand their culture, demographics and then finalize something, which might prove beautiful for them with a sense of personal touch. Play something which will heat directly to their heart. 

8. Take help from any skilled teacher

If you are finding it hard to choose any arrangement of melodies for your piano sessions, then you can also take the help of a professional teacher. A professional singer could be an extraordinary help for your music. The tutors are very professionals and experience play a major role in making something outstanding. Once your teacher understands how you play a particular composition, then he/she might easily help you in finding the right music for your piano. 

9. Check the Polyphony

Polyphony mainly suggests the number of notes which a piano can play on an immediate basis. As soon as you arrive in the polyphony cap, for playing it, it will drop the previous notes so make the place for the fresher notes to be played. It, thus, delivers a sound that isn’t that close as it should be. So make sure to always work on the polyphony part of your music and make it worth listening to.

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10. Challenge yourself

As much as you challenge yourself, as more you will be able to make the best out of anything. Challenge yourself as a pianist and don’t try to play safe. Make sure to play the features which you like to work on, or which you think might needs to be grown further. Always practice as much as you can and make it a perfect one.  

Thus, these are the few tips that you can follow to make your piano music, more outstanding and more amazing. Make sure you are well disciplined while doing so, since this way you can easily get connected to your audience and enjoy yourself with them. There are various ways explained above and one can choose any of them, as per their relevance. Just always make sure, the music must be as simple and as elegant so that it can touch the hearts of the audience and they would love to hear you again and again.


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