Yamaha CLP-795GP Review: Flagship CLP Clavinova – 2023

We have been talking about digital pianos that have the features and specifications of a grand acoustic piano. Though these pianos mimic the functionalities of a grand piano, originally they are not and are just shadows. Now we would love to introduce a piano that not just feels and functions like an acoustic piano but also looks like one. The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP renders the luxury, quality, and state-of-the-art technology of a grand acoustic piano. It looks beautiful in its ambient white color, in traditional housing and three-pedal sustain system. 

The piano renders samples of the world-class Bosendorfer imperial piano and the CFX grand piano from Yamaha. In short, this piano renders an exceptional grand piano experience from a digital piano. And its new fortepiano voices help the viewers to hear the music of eminent composers to create high-quality music.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP Review 2023

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP Digital Grand Piano
Overall Editor Rating: 9.4/10
Performance and sounds9.7
Build Quality9.5
Value for money9.3

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Specifications of the CLP-795GP

  • Weight: Heavy piano that weighs around 277 lbs.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this piano are, 56 x 36x 48 mm
  • Keys: The keyboard features an 88-graded hammer action keyboard. The keys are touch-sensitive and are counterweighted 
  • Key cover: A sliding key cover protects the keys of this board
  • Music samples: Samples the sounds of the Bosendorfer Imperial and Yamaha CFX grand pianos
  • Pedals: There are three pedals in this piano with sostenuto, soft, and half-pedal function
  • Display: The piano features a full dots LCD that displays in Japanese and English language
  • Tone generation: Enabled with virtual resonance modeling and grand expression modeling. Binaural samples are also possible in this piano
  • Preset songs: The piano has 256 polyphonies with 53 voices and 14 drum beats
  • Sound effects: There are 6 reverbs, 3 chorus effects, and 12 master effects in this piano with intelligent acoustic control features.
  • Recording and playback: There are 25 demo songs and 303 lesson songs on the piano with the ability to record about 250 sounds
  • Storage: The storage capacity is 500 kb/song and playback is possible in SMF format.
  • Speakers: Features three built-in speakers of 50W amp capacity
  • Accessories: The piano comes with an owner’s manual, classical music masterpieces music book, warranty, online registration, music bench, power cord, and AC adaptor.

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Yamaha CLP-795GP Features

Side View of Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP
Polished White Finish

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP comes in attractive ebony polish and white polish colors. The price might sound costly but is worth it, as it is tough to find a grand digital piano that offers the true experience of playing an acoustic piano. This is by far the highest-ranking digital piano available in the market. And this small piano is good enough to fill an entire room with high-quality music with the help of its three-way 300 Watt sound. Let us discuss the other inherent features of this Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP digital piano here.

Grand Touch Wooden Keyboard

This grand piano from Yamaha features eighty-eight individually graded and weighted keys from the new Yamaha grand Touch-S digital piano. These keys give the piano a seamless playing experience and there are synthetic keytops on all of its keys to help with a tactile feel and foster the piano’s action. The keys have a solid wood key shank and reverberate similar to a real piano key. The artist will be able to feel the music that is been emulated through the expert keys of this piano. At the end of the keystroke, the pianist will feel an escapement of a let-off. This alone is enough to mimic the action of the acoustic piano. 

Also, this is the first digital piano to offer 88 individually weighted keys with a specific note assigned for the key. Also, counterweights are implanted into each of the individual notes to render precise control while playing quiet and soft passages of music, to balance the weight of the keys, and while playing faster.

Keys of Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP
Polished Ebony Finish

Back Key Support

The CLP-785 features the same back key support as that of the premium piano action of the Yamaha grand pianos, to reproduce the touch of a grand piano. Thus, the support length of the keys of this piano is about S3 x 6’1” and this additional back key length allows the players to render more control of the keys while playing deeper into the keys or while playing close to the piano’s fallboard. 

This additional fulcrum allows the musician to render great control and musical expression while playing the CLP 795GP. This is perhaps one of the greatest advancements of a digital piano action and is the largest key support length that can be found in any digital piano available in the market to date.

The Damper Pedal System

The GP response damper and sustain pedal are neutral and the pedaling is a huge performance of this digital piano. It helps the musicians to make adjustments to the tunes and control nuances to achieve the depth and sound of the piano music. The pedal’s position and weight are set to mimic the damper pedal and system of the acoustic piano and are controlled by springs and levers. The pedal is lighter to the touch and gets heavy gradually as its digital dampers get risen.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP in Black Color
Polished Ebony Finish

Sound Customization

It is possible to customize the music and sound in the Yamaha Clavinova CLP 795 GP by customizing the sounds and settings of the piano, such as its brilliance, chorus, reverbs, onboard effects, and EQ. Transposing the piano to play in a different key or changing the tune of the piano is possible with the Clavinova CLP-795GP. There is an Aux Pedal Input, that allows the foot control of the piano to function as a volume pedal for the different organ and instrument sounds. The FC5 footswitch can be controlled through different functions and the pianist should use the AUX assigned in the menu display. 

Grand Acoustic Imaging and VRM

When this piano is played, the players get engulfed in the sound it produces, because the entire instrument reverberates. To produce this memorizing effect, the Yamaha CLP-795 features a three-way speaker system, that is arranged in such a way that the musician can experience the sound as if they are in front of a real acoustic instrument. The added transducer renders an echo and reverberation to the soundboard of the piano to give it the nuances of a real acoustic piano. 

This piano renders a sympathetic resonance as it breathes when any key is stroked. The players can feel the vibration as it moves across the entire body of the piano. The resonance is created along its strings and dampers and along with the cabinet and the body of the instruments. These features offer the piano its nuances and emotional depth. The arrangement of its speakers is the reason for this effect in this piano.

Sound System

The sound system of this digital piano is worth mentioning as it features six individual 50 Watt power amplifiers, that are engineered to push its three-way crossover speaker system with an additional transducer system. The speakers of this piano are manufactured from spruce sawdust and give an amazing sound that is far better than the traditional paper speaker cone. 

Connectivity Features

It is possible to connect the Clavinova to a diverse range of devices, instruments, and sound systems. There are two ¼” stereo input jacks to connect the Clavinova with the USB, MIDI Input and output, Aux pedal, Aux-in, and Stereo Aux-out features. 

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Pros & Cons of Clavinova CLP-795GP

What’s Best in Yamaha CLP-795GP?

  • The piano has weighted and graded keys with the Yamaha Grand Touch action.
  • Every key is individually weighted with synthetic keytops to give a tactile feel to the piano action.
  • Comprises a pressure-controlled touch panel user interface. 
  • The CLP 700 series features two binaural piano samples of the CFX concert grand and the Bosendorfer grand piano.
  • There are more than 53 different onboard instruments to choose from in this piano
  • There are also 40 MIDI voices and drum kits along with built-in rhythms and metronomes.
  • Connects with Bluetooth wirelessly with a USB audio recorder.

What’s Lacking in Yamaha CLP-795GP?

  • The bulky piano could occupy a lot of space at home.

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Yamaha P515
Credit: Yamaha

Alternatives of Yamaha CLP-795GP

The CLP-795GP is hard to replace as it is the flagship CLP Clavinova, so there are so big alternatives, although you can check out other Clavinova series models as well as other CLP models like Yamaha Clavinova CVP-809 and Yamaha CLP-765GP.

Final Verdict

Yamaha describes its CLP-795GP as an exquisite model of piano that renders natural playability for the pianist. This is indeed a modern grand piano that takes samples from the two grand acoustic pianos. Its keys render the same feel and playability of the grand piano and feature an improved Virtual resonance modeling technology to capture and emulate the complexity of a traditional grand piano.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a Clavinova Piano Needs Tuning?

Yamaha pianos have an amazing grand piano sound. Yet, every piano needs to be tuned. Normally a piano needs to be tuned around 2 times a year but if you overuse your piano or expose it to different temperatures frequently, then it will need to be tuned around 4-5 times a year.

Do Pianos Wear Out?

An average piano can last anywhere around 10-50 years but if the piano is very well maintained, then it can last for up to 100 years.

Is Roland Better Than Yamaha?

Yamaha and Roland, both are well-reputed brands and offer good-quality pianos in various models. Both brands have different models with different features and give different outputs. This is why it is hard to spot any difference between these brands. Yet, Yamaha being the biggest instrument producer, makes it a perfect choice for us to pick the pianos.

Which Brand Makes Clavinova Pianos?

Clavinova pianos are produced by Yamaha.

How Old is Yamaha Clavinova?

Yamaha Clavinova pianos debuted in the year 1983.

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