What Are the Foot Pedals On A Piano For (2023)?

Piano Pedals

The pedals in the piano are the improvised levers that are available at the base of the piano and are used to alter the sounds of the instrument in many different ways. Generally, the modern-day pianos have three pedals that are arranged from the left to the right, and these three pedals, from the order … Read more

How Much Does Piano Tuning Cost (2023)?

Piano Tuning

We all know that the piano requires frequent tuning to sound at its best. In the first year after purchasing a piano, it might be required to tune a piano at least four times a year. And from next year, we may have to tune the piano at least twice a year. This helps the … Read more

Nord Stage 3 Review: Piano for Stage Shows? -2023

Design of Nord Stage 3

Nord always builds instruments for professional musicians and the stage 3 digital piano has been in use for live performances and stage shows for ages. It is also one of the best pianos for music shows. This piano features a large internal memory and also encompasses diverse features, effects, and functions, and its weighted wooden … Read more

Roland RP102 Review: Worth the Money? -2023

Design of Roland RP102

Roland is a leading name in the market of digital pianos. Its instruments are known for their quality performance and exceptional features. The pianos from Roland are also affordable and are space-saving and thus ideal for home use and they also fit in seamlessly in the studios, practice rooms, and other educational settings. The Roland … Read more

Is Donner DEP-10 the Best Budget Option? -2023

Design of Donner DEP-10

This is an exceptional digital piano for beginners with 88-full size keys. This is a portable electric piano with a sustain pedal and appropriate power supply. Donner DEP-10 is a standard piano keyboard that resonates with the touch of the traditional acoustic piano. When you sit to play in this piano, it offers a feel … Read more

Alesis Recital Pro Review: Ideal for Starters?-2023

Design of Alesis Recital Pro

If you are looking for a digital piano that has been tailor-designed to your needs, then you should choose the Alesis Recital Pro digital piano. This is indeed a feature-packed electric keyboard with premium-sized weighted hammer action keys. It also features an adjusting touch response to suit our preferred playing style. Let us discuss the … Read more

Best Upright Pianos for Advanced Pianist (2023)

Best Upright Pianos for Advanced Pianist

Most advanced piano players prefer to choose an upright piano as these grand pianos are capable of producing richer and deeper tones, similar to the acoustic piano. Everyone can’t afford an acoustic piano or accommodate them in their home space. The upright acoustic pianos come as an exceptional alternative to the grand pianos, without compromising … Read more

Best Digital Pianos for Teachers (2023)

Best Digital Pianos for Teachers

The piano is the most revered musical instrument to learn the instrument, but it is not always accessible for practice. Music teachers should have access to pianos to teach music and piano lessons to their students. The type of musical instrument that the piano teacher chooses depends on their class strength and the type of … Read more

Different Types of Piano – 2023 Expert Guide

Different Types of Piano

The piano was invented in the year 1700 in Italy by Francesco Cristofori a harpsichord maker. Since this invention, the pianos have undergone tremendous changes and improvisations and there are more than tens of piano brands available in the market now. It is important to learn the different types of pianos available in the market … Read more