The Best Synths Under $1000 Guide- 2023

Best Synths Under $1000

The Synth is an excellent instrument to create one’s unique sound and can be of much help in crafting music for a brand. With the rise of plugin software synths, the analog synthesizer has become a luxury item for music producers. Though software synths are capable of creating rich experiences with sounds, analog synths are … Read more

Best Synthesizer Keyboards for Live Performance- 2023

Synthesizer Keyboards for Live Performance

When it comes to listening to high-quality music, the synths from the perfect tunes and mesmerizing music can combine the tunes from different musical instruments and offer them as one great piece of music. Though there are a good number and categories of software synths available, there is nothing great like getting them done on … Read more

Best Synths for Ambient Music – 2023 Review

Synths for Ambient Music

For all the music producers and music enthusiasts, who are looking forward to producing ambient music, it is important to look for a synthesizer with great sound effects and decent sound sources, and a lot of reverbs. Finding the right synth for ambient soundscapes is not an easy task and you may have to evaluate … Read more

What to Consider While Buying a Keyboard Synthesizer? 2023

Keyboard Synthesizer

Many people get confused between a keyboard and a synthesizer as they almost serve the same purposes of accompanying solo entertainers, singer-songwriters, and music composers, as well as doing wonders in concerts. But they are completely two different types of electronic devices with distinctly different components.  Almost all musicians who are experts in using keyboards … Read more