Best Upright Pianos for Advanced Pianist (August 2022)

Most advanced piano players prefer to choose an upright piano as these grand pianos are capable of producing richer and deeper tones, similar to the acoustic piano. Everyone can’t afford an acoustic piano or accommodate them in their home space. The upright acoustic pianos come as an exceptional alternative to the grand pianos, without compromising on the features and the quality. We have picked up the top 5 best upright pianos for advanced pianists to help them in their music journey.

What Are the Best Upright Piano for Advanced Players?

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Top 5 Best Upright Pianos for Advanced Pianist

Shopping for a piano is not an easy task and you will never get satisfied until you end up with an instrument that satisfies your needs and meets your budget. As an advanced piano player, you would have known many things about digital pianos. Check our collection and our buying guide to get an idea of the best-performing upright digital piano for your next purchase.

#1. Yamaha YDP184 Digital Piano -Best Overall

Yamaha YDP-184 Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9.4/10

Performance and sounds9.6
Easy to Assemble9.4
Build Quality9.3
Value for money9.5

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This is an exceptional digital piano from the legendary Yamaha brand and recreates the tone and the power of Yamaha’s flagship concert grand piano. The piano has a graded hammer 3 action key bed with synthetic ivory keytops. Its weighted keys reproduce responsive and controlled key touch mimicking the Yamaha acoustic pianos.  These keys have a tactile surface to the white keys and help in absorbing the finger moisture to prevent finger slipping. 

The piano also features a virtual resonance modeling technology to instill vivid and varied expression in the music tunes. The piano also has a great full dot LCD to help with smooth navigation of the features and functions of the instrument. The piano also holds graceful curves and a stylish design to adapt to diverse home interiors. The piano works great with smart devices with the Smart Pianist app.

There are three basic pedals in this piano to help with unlimited piano expressions. There are two headphone inputs in this piano that offers a grand piano feel in a compact model. The piano has rich sounds, and weighted keys and is indeed a beautiful piece of furniture. The keyboard covers in this piano look great and protect the keys from dust as well. 


  • Its headphones sound better than its speakers.
  • The MIDI board of this piano responds instantly 


  • The piano doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature and Wi-Fi in this piano.
  • It cannot connect to iPhones and iPad through USB cables.

Note: This piano is also featured in our lists of best upright pianos for intermediates and pianos for composing.

#2. Yamaha YDPS54B Arius Series Digital Piano – Editor’s Pick

Yamaha YDPS54B Slim Digital Console Piano
Editor Rating: 9/10
Performance and sounds9.1
Build Quality8.9
Value for money9.2

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This is an exceptional digital piano from the Yamaha brand and it features a slim 88- keys bed with GHS weighted action. The GHS weighted keys with hammer action are heavier at the lower keys and lighter at the high keys, similar to the acoustic piano. The keys have special matte finishing at their tops and are designed to absorb moisture completely to remain tactile even after extended use. 

This is an exceptional piano that offers great finger practice. It looks pretty and its weighted keys feel great on the fingers. The weighted keys in this piano feel great and are great for practice to keep the fingers flexible. This piano offers everything that a piano requires. It has great sound quality, is low in maintenance, connects with headphones, and is also affordable.

The CFX stereo sampling technology of this piano reproduces the sound of Yamaha’s flagship full concert grand piano.  The instrument also has a half-damper pedal that controls the instrument music and it also helps in increasing the amount of sustain, as its pedals are depressed. The piano is also compatible with the smart pianist app. The app offers full control over the major functions of the piano. The app also helps in analyzing the favorite songs right out of the music library with the help of the chord tracker technology.  


  • The piano has a sleek design and intuitive features with advanced technology.
  • State of the art recording method helps in recreating the CFX sound piano from Yamaha.
  • Its virtual resonance modeling helps in recreating the resonance and natural feeling of an acoustic piano.
  • It is possible to practice duets with dual headphone jacks on the piano


  • The keys feel a little sticky and the keys don’t feel very responsive as a real piano.

Note: This piano is also featured in our lists of best digital pianos under $1500 and pianos under $3000.

#3. Korg LP380 Digital Piano – Stylish Design

Korg LP380 Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
Performance and sounds9.4
Build Quality8.9
Value for money9.4

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The Korg LP-380 digital piano offers exceptional piano action and brilliant sound and it is present in a slim and low-profile cabinet. The piano offers more than 30 expressive and high-quality sounds and these sounds include the sounds of strings, electric pianos, and Kronos-derived piano sounds. The instrument is available in a choice of five different color variations and its rich acoustic piano sounds are derived from the Kronos music workstation.

The layer mode in this piano allows two sounds to be played together and the partner mode in this piano divides the keyboard into two left and right regions so that the pianist can play the same range of octaves at the same time. The instrument is also perfect for teaching piano lessons and fun duets. Two headphone jacks in this piano make it convenient for two people to enjoy playing the LP-380 together. The flagship RH3 keyboard from Korg comes with three pedals and also features large-diameter speakers to enjoy an exceptional piano playing experience.

The LP-380 comes with a rosewood grain finish to offer a warm and traditional aesthetic and appeals to all home interiors. The LP-380 supports MIDI and helps in connecting devices to control the piano and to store music composed on the piano to be stored in the laptop, and computer. 


  • The piano is only 26 cm in-depth and it is slim enough to fit anywhere.
  • Its wooden key cover is flat and protects the keys while not playing it.
  • The instrument has three pedals and is perfect for an authentic piano playing experience.
  • The piano is compact and cost-effective and is the right choice for all piano needs.


  • The piano has an old model MIDI connection and requires a USB adapter to connect with the computer.

Note: This piano is also featured in our lists of best digital pianos under $1000 and best home digital pianos.

#4. Yamaha YDP164 – Great Piano For Professionals

Yamaha YDP-164 Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9.5/10
Performance and sounds9.6
Easy to Assemble9.7
Build Quality9.4
Value for money9.6

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The YDP 164 digital piano is an exceptional upright piano for advanced pianists and it comes in an exceptional cabinet, bench, owner’s manual, and a quick operations guide. The instrument comes with three pedals and has a maximum polyphony of 192. The piano has 10 voices and also comes with two standard stereo phone jacks. It also comes with playback and recording capabilities. Its GHS weighted action is heavier at the lower keys and is lighter at the higher keys, similar to an acoustic piano.

The piano comes with a half-damper pedal control for constantly increasing the amount of sustain as the pedal of the piano is depressed. The CFX premium grand piano also helps in recreating the power and tone of the flagship concert grand piano from Yamaha. The keys of the piano also have special matte black key tops and are designed to absorb moisture and remain tactile even after extended use, without getting slippery with sweat.

Its weighted keys help in reproducing the responsive and controlled touch of the grand acoustic pianos. The piano is compatible with all the smart devices and thus you can easily select the voices and choose the settings by simply connecting the piano with the Smart Pianist app. There are also two headphone jacks in this piano to help practice duets.


  • A phenomenal digital piano for the advanced pianist
  • Affordable piano with smart features and elegant design
  • Connect with both iOS devices to help pianists select voices, record performances, and configure settings.


  • The piano is a little hard to assemble and put together.

Note: This piano is also featured in our lists of best sounding digital pianos and top 15 digital pianos in the market.

#5. The ONE Smart Digital Piano – Best Quality

The ONE Smart Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Performance and sounds9.4
Build Quality9.3
Value for money9.4

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This is one of the world’s first MFi-certified smart upright pianos for intermediate and advanced piano players. It features a set of 88 LED lights over the 88 keys on its key bed. The lights will glow every time the keys are pressed and will remain lighted until another key in the piano is pressed.  This way, it helps beginners and intermediate pianists to learn the instrument and helps advanced pianists to enjoy playing the instrument. 

The piano has 128-note polyphony to help in creating exceptional piano tunes and is compatible with the ONE smart piano app as well. This helps in learning new piano lessons and pianists can also make use of the app to browse the new piano lessons. Through this mobile app setting, the pianist can access the 128 GM- programmed timbres and four drums set tune Its graded hammer action keys will help you to play soft and hard keynotes and will sound realistic, pretty close to the sounds of an acoustic piano.

The piano also supports several modes such as the dual-mode, split mode, visual sound setting feature, recording function, and other smart functions through its free apps. There are also more than 4000 sheet music, 100+ videos, and fun games available through its free apps. The app is supported on both Android and iOS phones and tablet computers.


  • The piano has graded hammer action keys.
  • It is compatible with powerful apps
  • It features the best surround sound, speakers
  • The piano supports MIDI and hundredths of timber sounds.


  • The graded hammer action in this piano is not great.
  • The smart features of the app could have been better.

Note: This piano is also featured in our lists of best upright pianos for intermediates and digital pianos for small spaces.

Things to consider before choosing to buy an advanced upright piano

As a general rule, look for the reviews of the brand and the model and choose a piano that fits your budget. The other features to look for in upright pianos for advanced pianists are as follows.

1. The sound of the piano

The digital piano plays its sounds through the pre-recorded sounds of the acoustic piano. the method that has been used to record these tunes will affect the quality of their sound. A good digital piano should emit warm sounds and sound less digital, to closely mimic an acoustic piano. Sound quality is a must-to-watch feature in a digital piano and ensures that it sounds sound nice to you. Apart from general sound quality, it is also important to look for music articulation and delay in the piano, so that it sounds as close to an acoustic piano. 

2. Keys and touch response

A full-sized piano always comes with 88 keys, though some digital pianos come with 61 keys too. Advanced piano players should always choose a full-size piano with graded hammer action keys. Also, make sure that the keys are responsive to touch and that the keys can sense the velocity with which the keys are pressed. 

3. Polyphony and other instrument sounds

Polyphony is always the number of sounds that the piano is capable of producing at any time. Choose pianos with about 128 polyphonies and higher so that your piano is capable of creating 128 different tones and adds a lot of life and value to the piano tunes. Also, choose a digital piano that can produce sounds of almost any instrument from choir and saxophone. 

4. Learning tools in the piano

Though you are an advanced pianist, it is still beneficial to choose a piano with a lot of learning tools. Pianos with the built-in metronome and dual-mode keyboard splits are great for pianists to play optimal tunes with a teacher or friend.

5. Brand

The brand of the piano that you choose should speak for itself and when we talk about upright pianos with advanced pianos. Choose your piano from legendary brands such as Yamaha, Korg, ONE smart piano, etc. 

Final Words

There is no one size fits all design when it comes to upright pianos for advanced pianists. Before choosing your model, weigh all its pros and cons to choose the piano that best suits your needs. 

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