Best Beginner Digital Pianos & Keyboards (August 2022)

Best Beginner Digital Pianos

There are plenty of options available these days when it comes to beginner digital pianos and keyboards. You just need to identify the features that you would find desirable in a digital piano such as the number of keys, pedals, smartphone connectivity, and others. We have reviewed the top 12 best beginner digital pianos available … Read more

Best 76 Key Weighted Digital Pianos (August 2022)

Best 76 Key Weighted Digital Pianos

There are many different types and varieties of pianos available and some of the major picks are acoustic pianos, digital pianos, and keyboards. Though they differ in many ways, one of the important differences that we could find in these pianos is the number of keys they possess. Generally, the acoustic pianos have a complete … Read more

Best Digital Pianos Under $2000 (August 2022)

Best Digital Pianos Under $2000

Thinking of purchasing a piano under $2000? There is a myriad of options available in the market. And If you are serious about your music then investing 2000 Dollars in a brand new Digital Piano will be the best decision of your life. But you should know that not every 2000 Dollar Digital Piano is … Read more

Best Digital Pianos Under $1000 (August 2022)

Digital Pianos Under $1000

With a multitude of right digital pianos on the market, finding an instrument that caters to your kind of musical orchestration could become a challenging task. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate user, or a professional pianist, this review can come in handy to find a top-rated digital piano to suit your style of … Read more

Alesis Recital Pro Review: Ideal for Starters? – August 2022

Design of Alesis Recital Pro

If you are looking for a digital piano that has been tailor-designed to your needs, then you should choose the Alesis Recital Pro digital piano. This is indeed a feature-packed electric keyboard with premium-sized weighted hammer action keys. It also features an adjusting touch response to suit our preferred playing style. Let us discuss the … Read more

Alesis Virtue Review: Best Cost-Effective Piano? – August 2022

Keys of Alesis Virtue

The Alesis Virtue is a brand new entry-level digital piano that appeals to beginner pianists. The piano is also cost-effective and is equipped with learning software. The piano features velocity-sensitive keys that help players to work on the key dynamics. Its keys are not weighted and come with an attractive speaker quality and three months … Read more

Best Upright Pianos for Intermediate Players (August 2022)

Upright Pianos for Intermediate Players

Intermediate piano players would have ascertained their skill set, performance needs, and budget for their instrument. Intermediate piano players would have attained enough knowledge of piano music and will be looking for an instrument that offers them more features and functionality than a beginner’s instrument. The majority of the upright pianos for intermediate pianists have … Read more

Best Upright Pianos for Advanced Pianist (August 2022)

Best Upright Pianos for Advanced Pianist

Most advanced piano players prefer to choose an upright piano as these grand pianos are capable of producing richer and deeper tones, similar to the acoustic piano. Everyone can’t afford an acoustic piano or accommodate them in their home space. The upright acoustic pianos come as an exceptional alternative to the grand pianos, without compromising … Read more

Best Digital Pianos for Teachers (August 2022)

Best Digital Pianos for Teachers

The piano is the most revered musical instrument to learn the instrument, but it is not always accessible for practice. Music teachers should have access to pianos to teach music and piano lessons to their students. The type of musical instrument that the piano teacher chooses depends on their class strength and the type of … Read more

Do I Need Weighted Keys? – August 2022

weighted keys in the piano

Let’s answer the question, Do I need weighted keys? It is mandatory to have weighted keys to qualifying the instrument like a piano as it will be referred to as a mere electronic keyboard if it doesn’t have weighted keys. It is better to have a digital piano with weighted keys rather than to play … Read more

How Many Octaves in a Piano? (August 2022)

Octaves in a Piano

If you are taking up piano lessons, or are a proficient pianist, you would have come across the term octave during the music lessons, or while playing for a choir. The term Octave is derived from the Latin Word Octo which means eight. Wonder how many octaves are in a piano? An octave is a … Read more

Top 19 Greatest Pianists Of All Time (August 2022)

Greatest Pianists of all time

The list of legendary pianists of all times is very long as the instrument has been embraced by pioneers across ages. The list of the greatest pianist is long and starts with legendary pianists like Sergei Rachmaninov, and Arthur Rubenstein and also includes young stars like Yuja Wang, Lang Lang, Benjamin Grosvenor, etc. The greatest … Read more

Different Types of Piano – August 2022

Different Types of Piano

The piano was invented in the year 1700 in Italy by Francesco Cristofori a harpsichord maker. Since this invention, the pianos have undergone tremendous changes and improvisations and there are more than tens of piano brands available in the market now. It is important to learn the different types of pianos available in the market … Read more

Best Digital Pianos for Students (August 2022)

Best Digital Pianos for Students

For students to learn piano lessons, it is mandatory to own a piano to practice the lessons taught in the music school. Buying a grand acoustic piano or an upright console piano could be an expensive endeavor for budding pianists. The best alternative is for them to go with digital pianos. Digital pianos have made … Read more

Best Stage Pianos (July 2022)

Best Stage Pianos

The world of stage pianos could be extremely confusing and overwhelming even for the seasoned pianist. When it comes to digital pianos, the two major aspects that we should check are the sound and the feel of the digital piano. Both these tasks are quite difficult as they get too much into this musical instrument. … Read more