Top 6 Best Piano Learning Apps For Android & iOS – 2023

Learning a new skill is never a hard job in the current world, which is growing rapidly with the help of the internet. It helps us use the vast amount of information at our fingertips and helps us acquire skills, that were once taught impossible. In the case of learning to play the piano, there are a lot of apps that offer the best first-hand information to learn piano lessons.

These best piano learning apps offer a lot of video lessons and song-reading sheaths to play the instrument and understand the piano music theory pretty well. These piano learning apps offer the most simplified learning versions and help you kick start the piano lessons, even with no prior music knowledge.

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Top Piano Learning Apps for iOS and Android

The following are some of the top best piano learning apps, that help interested people to become excellent piano players, by attending piano playing lessons, from the comfort of their homes.

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World of Notes App – One of the Best Piano Learning Apps

This is one of the best apps that help pianists kick-start their music education career. This app helps in accelerating the educational journey of people, helping them to note the theoretical concepts in an engaging and fun way. This is one of the best piano learning apps that helps in solving challenges and building one’s skills by identifying and positioning the keynotes.

With the help of this app, it is possible to learn the positioning intervals and chords and it also helps pianists to learn both their minor and major key signatures. This app is an excellent companion for one’s music education and this piano learning apps is developed by the Merriam School of music, which has over 30 years of experience in teaching music to thousands of music. This app could be an ideal companion for one’s music education and it is indeed a sight-reading training app for the students at the Merriam School of Music.

The latest APK version of this World of Notes app is compatible with Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, Nexus, LG, Huawei, and Kindle Fire Mobile phones. It is also compatible with android devices having system version 4.2 and higher. The world of music APK is the trademark of the Merriam Music Inc. developers and it provides only original and free apk package installation without any room for modifications. 


  • Exceptional app to learn note-reading and other theoretical concepts in an engaging and fun way.
  • Helps pianists to learn the major and minor key signatures in piano.
  • Best companion app for piano music education.


  • There is no room for modification in this application

Perfect Piano App – One of the Best Piano Learning Apps

The Perfect piano is an exceptional app that is capable of turning the android device into a mini piano and makes it exceptionally portable. The players will be able to take it anywhere they wish to play the piano. Perfect Piano is a perfect and intelligent piano simulator app that is designed for android phones and tablets. The app features an in-built genuine piano timbre and is a great app that teaches the pianist to play the instrument and amuse the player at the same time. 

The perfect piano app has a lot of features. It can render one or two rows of keys and one or the other row of keys will work perfectly, depending on the screen of the device. The piano also renders multi-touch compatibility and is an exceptional app that runs on devices running on OS versions 2.1 or later. This app renders the ability to record any song you play, directly on the memory of the device. 

The perfect piano app comes with more than 70 preloaded songs and the players can play all of these songs through the application. This is a very entertaining and gratifying app and is a great way to pass some time on the phone, playing music, when we are bored of playing mere video games. In this piano app, we get an intelligent keyboard feature, a feature to learn to play the instrument. There are also multiplayer connection features along with a support USB MIDI keyboard feature, support Timbre plug-ins, and a great piano widget.


  • This is a very entertaining app
  • With this app, we can record the songs we play directly on the memory of the device.
  • It comes with 70 preloaded songs


  • The app could be very difficult to use in the beginning.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes App – One of the Best Piano Learning Apps

This is an exceptional and efficient app that empowers millions of people around the world to achieve their musical dreams. This is a great app that helps users to learn to play piano on their own. This app helps beginners and professionals to play piano tunes as they are always required. Whether you want to learn the piano instrument on your own, or if you are starting from scratch, the Simply Piano app will guide you, to play the piano music that you love. 

The piano features the best and the latest cutting-edge technology to learn music. Its patented acoustic note recognition engine offers immediate feedback. It recognizes multiple notes, better than any other app, even without any background noise.

The app is compatible across all mobile platforms, to deliver the best learning experiences for millions of people all over the world. This app helps you to gather all the essential skills that you would require to make your musical dreams come true. 

Whether you want to learn piano on your own or, if you are starting from scratch, this Simple Piano app will help you guide you to play the songs that you love. The app offers everything that you require to learn piano. The app offers 25 different courses for different music levels and new courses get added all the time. The app renders a lot of personalized exercises, sheet music, etc. There are hundreds of fun songs in the app and it is being trusted by millions of pianists all over the world. 


  • Piano Maestro is a fun and engaging piano tool for both individuals and teachers.
  • This is a great app that is proven to increase both motivation and practice, between piano lessons.
  • It utilizes the latest UI/UX, audio processing, and other deep learning techniques across all mobile platforms. 


  • After downloading the app, you will get only one free course. The others are available for purchase through the app.

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Yousician App – One of the Best Piano Learning Apps

There are many best ways to start learning piano music, and one best way of all is through the Yousician app. This is one of the best applications, available on both Android and iOS devices, that offers lessons on piano, bass, guitar, etc. With the help of this app, it is possible to start learning at any skill level. The app offers the feel of playing on a real instrument for pianists and it works great for PC and Mac computers as well. 

With the help of this app, pianist can follow their learning path and learn piano music with famous artists in the spotlight courses. We can choose our lessons to learn the specific piano music. The app is easy to play and it is extremely interactive. It also renders real-time feedback to help you learn piano lessons effectively. It also has a vast music library that helps us to find the song that we love to play. The app is also updated weekly and also sends personal recommendations for the pianist.

Yousician is a music-playing app that helps in unleashing the inner musician within oneself. It is a great app that helps the pianist to explore a lot of music, no matter if one is a complete beginner or a seasoned professional in playing the piano. It makes piano playing fun and easy for everyone, irrespective of their skill level. Its interactive tutorials are motivated by goals and progress tracking to make piano learning fun and entertaining. With this app installed on your phone, you will always know that you are hitting the right notes.


  • The app doesn’t require any additional accessories.
  • It is possible to explore 10,000 + songs and lessons through this app.
  • It has lesson plans created by real music teachers. 
  • Contains many video tutorials and offers interesting advice for professional pianists.


  • This is not a free app.

Real Piano Teacher App – One of the Best Piano Learning Apps

Apart from being an exceptional music-playing app, it also renders great gamification options for pianists. Apart from teaching us to play the piano, this app helps us to play a host of other instruments as well, such as the Organ, Flute, Recorder, Piano, etc., without great practice. The Real Piano Teacher 2 app comprises several music games, magic tiles, magic keys, and about hundredths of lessons. You will be able to play any music like a pro, with this app, without much practice. 

This is an exceptional gaming, multi-touch learning, and freestyle music game for android devices. The Real Piano Teacher app is completely packed with eight Full octave recording capabilities and also features numerous beats and music playback features, lightning animations, and a lot more. The app has many different modes,

  • Learning mode: The Pianist can learn how to play using a piano keyboard or an organ keyboard for free. They can learn finger positioning and the location of every note, easily on the keyboard. They also get to read piano sheet music like a professional pianist.
  • Game mode: Helps in competing with family and friends, makes and breaks records on the leaderboard, and helps accomplish achievements.
  • Magic key mode: In this mode, you can press any key to make music. A simple tap on any key helps in playing sweet music and melodies.
  • Freestyle: This mode helps in creating freestyle music with the help of the piano tiles feature.


  • This is a great app that teaches how to play the keyboard piano, guitar, organs, and other instruments easily.
  • It is possible to play any music, chords, and melodies in this interactive app.
  • This is a teaching piano app that has been designed in the form of a game. 
  • It is possible to play and record music and also read sheet music at the same time in this app. 


  • There are advertisements even with the paid version of the app.

Vivace: Learn to Read Music – One of the Best Piano Learning Apps

Vivace is a great music app and an efficient practice tool that help in enhancing the music-reading skills of the pianist. The best feature of this piano app is that it renders beautifully illustrated tutorials, to teach the basics of music. The app also renders practically everything to help you read the music notes. It offers over hundredths of lessons and also carries a lot of options for customization. It is indeed an exceptional tool for both beginner pianists and advanced musicians. The best features of this piano learning app are summarized as follows,

  • The app offers the best and the most appropriate treble, bass, Tenor clefs, etc., for learning to play the piano.
  • The users are free to choose between the Italian and the English note names.
  • It renders a whole lot of well-illustrated step-by-step tutorials.
  • It renders more than a hundred trainer lessons that are categorized by Clef.
  • It delivers the most optimal piano sounds, for playing the correct notes
  • The app offers a lot of customization options for pianists.
  • The practice mode helps in combining many clefs and key signatures.


  • Vivace is an efficient practice tool for enhancing the music-reading skills of the pianist. 
  • Its illustrated tutorials, teach the basics of music theory
  • Has a beautifully crafted practice note.


  • Beginners may find it hard to navigate across the app.

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Bottom Line:

Modern Piano learning apps are highly effective and are extremely useful in helping the pianist achieve great results over a short period. These apps allow the students to learn the songs they like and grow their piano learning skills at their own pace.

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