Best Portable Keyboard – Nord Grand 88-Key Keyboard Review (2023)

The 88-note, premium weighted Kawai hammer-action keybed with Ivory Touch is a highlight of the Nord Grand. It includes three highly developed sensors that record the hammer motions with incredible precision, giving the instrument the fluid and organic sensation of playing the acoustic grand piano. 

The keybed has an ideal feel and authenticity thanks to the inclusion of an Ivory Touch surface. The lightweight Nord Grand keyboard, with its incredible capabilities and intuitive user interface, not only offers an exceptional playing experience but also a classy new take on the stage keyboard series.

General Overview

The Nord Grand Keyboard is equipped with specific knobs and buttons for all the crucial tasks needed during a live performance. There are a few manufacturers that are equivalent when it comes to piano, synth, and organ sounds, Nord is one among them from a recent Nord Grand review. 

The primary reason for this is that they also manufacture specialized synthesizers and organs. As a result, the Nord Grand Keyboard provides the best of all worlds. It is possible to instantly create Layers and Splits, apply effects, or change the instrument’s key. The majority of some artists’ initiatives benefit from it. What it does and how effectively it relates to their work needs are more important to them than how it appears. 

nord grand
Editor Rating: 9.5/10
Performance and sounds9.5
Build Quality9.5
Value for money9.4

The Nord Grand Keyboard controls on the front panel, which are significantly more than those on a digital intended for the living room but significantly fewer than those on a stage piano or keyboard, reflect this. 

Nord Grand Keyboards have plenty of patches, a few effects, lots of memory, no automated rhythms, and no stupid noises like spaceships, machine guns, barking dogs, etc. The casing is constructed of wood, and it is finished in what is called Swedish Red. It is suitable for use as a stage keyboard. As far as these things go, it’s also pricey. The keyboard itself, three pedals, a power cord, and a manual are included. 

The speakers created to complement the keyboard are additional, but so are a travel stand, a furniture stand, a music rack, a travel box, and other accessories. The Nord Grand’s merits, at least in my opinion, are its sound quality, the storage’s adaptability (more on this later), the layout’s logic and simplicity, the action, and the sense of quality one gets from both the instrument and the Nord Keyboards website.

The concessions Nord had to make in order to create this unique kind of instrument are what make the limitations appear to be problems at all. Being aware of the deficiencies in the Nord digital piano (thousands of sounds, dozens of effects, and the ability to create new sounds on the fly down to the smallest detail). Also conscious of the fact that utilizing a significant portion of its potential. 

As a result, it can be understood that the Nord Grand was designed just with quality lovers in mind. What was discovered is that the Nord Grand is so unlike its alleged rivals that it is likely in a category either by itself or with the Kawai MP11SE alone.

In the end, it came down to the Nord and the Kawai. The Nord Grand sounds better, plays well, has memory flexibility, is simpler to move, and is more expensive. These are the main aspects that we liked and disliked about it. The Nord plays and sounds better than the Kawai, but it is heavier and larger and wasn’t actually designed to be moved.

Following a Nord Grand review, a user assures that they have had the Nord Grand for seven months at this point, set up and other things were easy. It is consistent and robust, and surprises are avoided. The range of acoustic piano sounds is great. An impression of good overall quality is confirmed by the build quality of everything that came from Nord, not just the piano. 

Thus, the additional expenditure results in a higher value, which is ultimately what matters. The Nord Piano Monitors are functional and sound great, but it’s obvious that only the pianist should use them (i.e. not to be used for PA or larger rooms). You’ll need an extra amplifier for that, so a great combo to purchase is the QSC K12.2, which sounds perfect on the Nord Digital Piano.

Its primary action is shockingly quick and light, and although you can “tune” the touch on the front panel, in reality, you’re modifying the velocity curve rather than doing so. In most cases, simply leave the sensitivity on the medium. When the heavier classical repertoire is played on the Nord Grand, it doesn’t complain when a big person leans and puts their all into it. It is like how sensitive it is when played quietly, though, and that brings one to the point of this review’s following section. 

nord grand review

In addition to providing musical accompaniment for vocalists, an accompanist is a specialized musician with a distinct ear for singing and a set of highly specialized talents. If, for instance, when trying to emulate or reflect the shadings of a Lieder singer performing a Schubert song cycle, the quality of the instrument becomes quite crucial need a piano that enables me to instantly and without effort interpret what is in the singer’s thoughts and heart as well as mine, in addition to having the necessary technique and imagination. Even some extremely fine pianos are not able to perform this. 

The Grand distinguishes itself apart from the rest of Nord’s lineup (the Nord Piano 4, by comparison, has 1Gb). There are 2GB of piano sounds and the remaining capacity is divided in half for synthesized sounds. I’m sorry to break the news to you, but you can’t just divide the RAM in half and put 2.5GB of piano and acoustic instrument sounds in there. It’s sad, but it’s not life-threatening. After listening to samples of some of Nord’s downloadable piano sounds, I’m excited to play Mozart on a fortepiano, play a variety of repertoire on various pianos, etc.

So, how is it to be the singer and be accompanied by the Nord Grand you may wonder, having experimented with three different ways to hear the sounds coming from the Nord Grand in order to find out the answer to that question: a sizable speaker (a QSC 12.2), Nord’s own matching speakers for the Grand on fixed brackets, and an excellent set of headphones (a nice pair of Sennheiser phones, nothing too crazy). 

The QSC speaker and phones are fascinating for both home and gigs, the Nord monitors provide the most satisfying experience. They mount on pre-installed brackets that are simple to affix using the hardware provided. They each have a separate power source; the left speaker requires a power outlet, and a wire connects the left speaker to the right monitor. 

If you choose, you may connect an RCA jack out to a subwoofer and an Aux In with a dedicated volume control on the rear of the left speaker. If you have a recording that you wish to play (or sing) along with, that would be fascinating. To connect the Nord Grand to the monitor, stereo cables are provided. Although specifically angled inward and up toward where a keyboard player’s head would be, the brackets that attach to the monitors can be swiveled to the left or right for fine adjustments. 

The Nord Grand’s unique ability to completely alter the samples it stores and use only the sounds was one of the things that lured me into purchasing it. The “White Grand” sample that the Nord Grand starts with sounds okay, but it’s not really my cup of tea, despite how well-sampled it is. 

With the Reverb on, set to Stage, and set to 2 on the dial, you can find yourself using the “Royal Grand 3D” sound constantly. With the angled controls so close to the keys, it’s pretty simple to alter a setting or find yourself playing Bach on the bassoon. Have the pedal noise on, soft release and string resonance both on, timbre set to mid, keyboard touch set to medium, and (of course) the panel locked.

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  • Kawai MP11SE also shares features with the Nord grand.
  • Roland RD-2000 is another beautiful substitute.


  • Nord Grand 88-Note Kawai Hammer Action Keyboard with Ivory Touch, Nord Piano Monitor V2 Active Stereo Speakers (Pair), Nord Keyboard Stand, Knox Gear Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Bench and 2 Focus Camera by Kirlin are all included in the package. TRS to TRS Cable, 1/4 Inch (6-Feet)
  • Performance: The Nord Grand Keyboard contains specific knobs and buttons for all the crucial tasks needed during a live performance. On the fly, adjustments may be made for Layers and Splits, effects, or instrument transposition.
  • The Nord Grand has a large variety of distinctive Grand, Upright, Electric, and Digital pianos from the prestigious Nord Piano Library. Keyboard Touch: Three dynamic curves, ranging from light to heavy, are available to match your playing style.
  • The included Nord Triple Pedal has a unique Dynamic Sustain Pedal in addition to Soft and Sostenuto Pedals.


The Grand stands out from the rest of Nord’s portfolio since it offers 2GB of storage for Nord Piano Library sounds (the Nord Piano 4, by comparison, has 1Gb). The memory is split in half, with 2GB for piano sounds and the rest for synth sounds (512Mb). Sorry to inform you, but you cannot just split the RAM and fill it with 2.5GB of piano and acoustic instrument sounds. That’s unfortunate, but it’s not fatal. 


  • Nord Grand 88-Note Kawai Hammer Action with Ivory Touch.
  • Nord Piano Monitor V2 Active Stereo Speakers (Pair).
  • Nord Keyboard Stand.
  • Knox Gear Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Bench.
  • 2 x Focus Camera by Kirlin 1/4 TRS to 1/4 Inch TRS Cable (6-Feet).
nord grand 88


  • The Nord Piano has the highest quality and number of sounds ever heard.
  • The capability of adding or removing sounds using a computer is available.
  • The piano Nord has decent construction quality (but be careful, the case is wood).
  • Despite not being their greatest, Kawai’s action is extremely responsive and of high quality.
  • There is an excellent ability to customize touch and sound.
  • Great pedals are included (with half-pedal support) in the grand keyboard.
  • Very nice monitors with mounting brackets are required with the grand piano unless you already possess something better (costs an additional €600).


  • Although nice, the action feel isn’t the best, therefore your results may differ.
  • The Position of the power switch and headphone jack is annoying (back panel).
  • When playing gentle repeated notes, the escapement seems quite feeble.
  • Accessories, while generally good, are very expensive. 
  • Optional music stand positions are too far from the player, by at least 10 cm.

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The Nord Grand Keyboard despite being a terrific and exceptional instrument, this piano has rivals. To maintain their dominant position in the market, several companies are competing with one another to outperform them. Among the keyboards in the competition are;

Kawai MP11SE Keys Stage Piano vs Nord Grand 88-key Keyboard

The most accurate keyboard, the most accurate sound, and the deftest control. Even while others can assert that they are “the finest,” only one can be said to be sincere. Grand Feel wooden-key keyboard motion that leads the industry’s wonderful SK-EX, SK-5, and EX acoustic grand piano sounds Realistic electronic pianos and other sounds are abundantly available. 

A range of sound editing options for Virtual Technician logical panel with separate sound effects and portions. A strong collection of realistic electric pianos and other sounds, class-leading Grand Feel wooden-key keyboard action, magnificent SK-EX, SK-5, and EX acoustic grand piano sounds, a number of Virtual Technician sound editing options, and an intuitive interface with separate sound sections and effects.

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Nord Piano 5 88-key Digital Keyboard vs Nord Grand 88-key Keyboard

The most realistic piano experience is provided by the fifth generation of our award-winning Piano series, which also has a superior Triple Sensor keybed and our renowned Virtual Hammer Action Technology. A live-focused keyboard with an excellent piano feel is provided by the Nord Piano 5’s brilliant new performance capabilities, which also include Seamless Transitions, specific Piano Filters, and Split Point Crossfades. 

Amazingly, the Nord Piano 5 comes with nine grand pianos, nine upright pianos, ten electric pianos, a clavinet, digital pianos, a marimba, and a vibraphone. The Nord Piano 5 has two separate Layers in each of its Piano and Sample Synth parts. Multiple split or Layer combinations can be utilized concurrently with the two Pianos and two Sample Synths. A wide variety of combinations, from traditional ensemble settings to rich soundscapes, can be produced when flexible effects routing is used. 

Nord Piano 2 HP 73-Note Hammer-Action Keybed vs Nord Grand 88-Key Keyboard

The Nord Piano 2 HP is a portable instrument with a premium 73-note Hammer Action keybed that enables you to play, divide, and layer more than 1000 sounds from the Nord Piano Library and the Nord Sample Library. It also has a flexible effect section. The Nord Piano 2 HP sets the standard for pianos that are designed for performance. It provides you with buttons, knobs, and Nord’s Triple Pedal with dynamic sustain for every function. 

With distinct knobs and buttons for each function, the Nord Piano 2 HP is expressive and easy to operate even on a stage that is dark. The Nord Piano 2 HP includes Nord’s Triple Pedal, which has a unique Dynamic Sustain Pedal in addition to Soft and Sostenuto Pedals enabling the use of half-pedaling and release-and-catch techniques. Since 1983, Nord has earned a reputation for manufacturing the best electronic pianos, organs, and synthesizers available.

Nord Stage 3 88-Key Digital Piano vs Nord Grand 88-Key Keyboard

The Nord Stage 3 continues our concept of the ideal instrument for the performing artist as the fifth iteration of our popular Stage series. The Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine with sample playback, the renowned Nord C2D organ, a much improved Piano Section, and a wealth of hands-on Effects are just a few of the cutting-edge innovations that make up our excellent new flagship instrument. It is an exceptional performing keyboard. 

The Nord Stage 3 is more user-friendly and adaptable than ever before for live performers thanks to its two ultra-clear OLED displays for on-stage clarity, Seamless Transitions when switching programs or sounds, extended Split functionality with optional crossfade, and the addition of the new Song List Mode. The significantly improved Piano section has memory for the unique Nord Piano Library quadrupled to 2 GB, 120 voice polyphony, and creative new Piano Filters. 


This is a singular, well-balanced, well-thought-out, well-designed solution for the appropriate person, in the proper scenario, and with the requisite credit line or bank account. It’s a tool, but as I indicated at the outset of this review, it’s truly unique. There isn’t a keyboard on the market right now that is what the Nord Grand is or can do what it can, as far as is known. 

This doesn’t strike as an expensive, upscale, or even premium purchase. There is nothing special or dazzling about the Grand aside from the Swedish red color of all or most of Nord’s keyboards. Only those who are aware of it will see it. Even if those things may be wonderful, it’s not like driving a Ferrari or strolling around Beverly Hills with a gold Rolex on your wrist.

Once more, this is a particular tool for a particular user. If you’re a serious amateur or professional pianist, even if you’re not quite in the Nord Grand keyboard buying sweet spot, you owe it to yourself to at least be familiar with this instrument. What, how, and why something is. How pleasant it feels and sounds. What it is capable of doing that sets it apart from anything else. 

To locate one on a sales floor somewhere; won’t be simple because there aren’t many of them. After you give it a try, the pricing will start to make sense. If this tool is the appropriate one for you, you’ll find a way to pay for it, so perhaps at that point, the cost will start to become irrelevant. It is a modern and great keyboard.

nord grand 88key

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When Was Nord Grand Released?

The Nord Grand will be available for purchase in the spring of 2019 at an undetermined price. Clavia DMIAB produces Nord Grand entirely by hand in Sweden. When it comes to piano, synth, and organ sounds, a few manufacturers are comparable. One of them is Nord. It is mostly due to the fact that they also produce specialty synthesizers and organs. Consequently, the Nord Piano offers the best of all possible worlds.

2. Does the Nord Grand Have Wooden Keys?

It features a hardwood seesaw key actuation mechanism that closely mimics an acoustic piano, in contrast to the majority of portable digital pianos. On the other hand, the key action employed in the Nord Grand (possibly RHIII) has a more conventional plastic folded key action. 
The Nord Grand is the first stage piano with triple sensors that follow the motions of the hammers rather than the keys, giving it an acoustic grand’s smooth, dynamic touch.

3. Does the Nord Grand Have Organ Sounds?

Nord keyboards offer the best of both worlds: great-sounding pianos, electric pianos, strings, organs, and synths, as well as the genuine character of some particular original instruments. This is a singular, well-balanced, well-designed solution for the appropriate person.

4. How Long Do Nord Pianos Last?

Age will ultimately set in, but when cared for properly, 10-15 years is not an unrealistic expectation.

5. Where is Nord Grand Made?

Clavia created the digital piano known as the Nord Piano in Sweden. The Nord Pianos are sample players that can play any sound from the Nord Sample Library, but their main purpose is to serve as an alternative to the electronic or acoustic piano. Instruments for digital music by Clavia. A digital stage piano called the Nord Stage is made by Clavia Digital Music Instruments in Stockholm, Sweden.

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