Yamaha P255 Review (2023): Why It is Worth Buying?

Yamaha P255 Review (2023): Why It is Worth Buying?

Since Yamaha P255 is not available in the market, you can check out a good alternative from the same brand: Yamaha P515 Digital Piano.

Yamaha P515 Weighted Action Digital Piano

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If you’re looking looking for a Digital Piano that can provide you with a flood of new and innovative features that can make playing an unforgettable experience.

The Yamaha P255 is taking Digital Piano to a grand scale with an advanced and compact model and hundreds of customizations that gives you absolute control over your music.

It was never easier to create, save and store your ideas with such ease and comfort.

This Yamaha P255 Digital Piano sounds like a real acoustic piano whether you play it on a stage or at your home and the highly portable design is great for all the musicians on the go.

Yamaha P255 Piano Review 2023

Control Interface

  • The P255 is a full-size Digital Piano that holds 88-keys coated with Synthetic Ivory Keytops that have a special moisture-retention capability so that you can play for extended periods of time without the keys slipping off your fingers.
  • To make the experience even more familiar, it is also provided with a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard that imitates the weighted Hammer action of a real Acoustic Piano. Yamaha has been intensively developing this technology so that the keys on the higher end have a lighter touch and a heavier touch at the lower end.
  • A 7-segment LED Display can monitor and adjust the controls and the touch sensitivity of the keys can be set as Hard, Medium, Soft or Fixed.

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Voices and Tones

  • The P255 makes use of the Pure CF Sound Engine to produce those powerful piano sounds along with some exclusive functions that are found only in the P255.
    This includes the Key-off Sampling that produces the slight change in the sound when you remove your finger from the key, the Sustain Sampling that samples the resonance of the strings when the pedal is pressed, and the String Resonance which duplicates the effect of the resonance when a Hammer strikes a particular string.
  • This Piano can produce an unsurpassed polyphony of 256 notes that enables an exceptionally detailed sound with every note, layer, and sustain in place and distinguishable.
  • The instrument comes with 24 present voices which include 8 voices for the Grand Piano, 4 for Electric, and 4 for the Organ.


  • Four types of Reverbs are featured in this piano, which are the Room, Hall1, Hall2, and Stage settings. Along with the Reverb Effect, we have the effects of Chorus, Phaser, Rotary Speaker, and Tremolo.
  • The P255 has been provided with 3 sliders for providing the EQ effect in the low, medium, and high-frequency ranges. This enables you to enhance the sound in accordance with the setting you are playing in.
  • To liven up those performances, Yamaha has also featured 3 types of Sound Boost Features that boost the sound, in turn, making it brighter, sharper, and more clearly audible, especially when playing live.
  • The Piano includes the standard Dual Layer Function and the Split Key function.

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Songs and Rhythm

  • The Yamaha P255 comes with 10 preset rhythms, 24 preset voice demo songs, and 50 piano preset songs.
  • In addition, a two-track Recording option is provided within a Data capacity of 1.5 MB that can hold nearly 10 songs. The Songs are stored in the SMF format.

Functions and storage

  • The piano features controls for Metronome and a Transpose to build on a concert-ready performance. The tempo range is set from 5-500.
  • It has an internal memory of approximately 1 MB that can be extended by using a USB Flash drive. You can save your music directly into the Flash Drive in a .wav format and then transfer it from your piano to other devices.
  • The P255 boasts of more advanced connectivity with a MIDI port, AUX-In, and AUX Out, USB to HOST, and a USB to DEVICE port.

Additional Features

There are many other interesting options provided in the P255 that makes playing even more convenient.

  • The Speaker Cut-off feature can easily mute the built-in speakers when connected to an external amplifier.
  • The Panel Lock Button can temporarily lock the settings so that it is protected from unwanted changes by accidentally pressing a button during your live performances.
  • The P255 Controller App for iOS can be used to manage your songs, enrich them with effects or manage the file transfers from the Piano to other external devices. It can also save your settings so that you can use them again with just one touch of your finger.


  • 88-key Graded Hammers Standard Keyboard
  • Ivory Keytops with moisture retention properties
  • 3 EQ sliders for advances acoustic settings
  • A mighty 256 note polyphone
  • Weight: 38.1 pounds
  • Pre CF sampling along with new Key-off, Sustain and String Resonance
  • Effective Sound Boost Feature
  • P255 Controller App for iOS
  • Connectivity: 2 Aux jacks, 2 headphones jacks, MIDI I/O


  • Duo mode absent
  • Less variety of reverbs

As per your need, We have written an honest review of the piano Yamaha P255 which you may want to purchase. But It seems that you are still in dilemma, whether to purchase it or not. Right?

Well according to my view, this is the most lovable and most selling piano and It will worth your money.

I hope you will take the right decision with the right choice.


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