Donner DEP-20 Review: Best for Beginners? – 2023

Donner DEP-20 is a digital piano for beginners with an 88-key full-sized weighted keyboard and an adjustable touch response. It is one of the bestselling digital pianos that boasts a lot of features and is available at an affordable cost. The Donner DEP-20 piano comes with a furniture stand that is convenient for people to practice at home. The piano stand also features three pedals, including a sustain pedal, soft pedal, and ostinato pedal. 

The piano is very easy to install and you can play your favorite music with the help of headphones and amplifiers, to immerse in a world of music.  Its powerful speaker system envelops the audience with rich music and detailed sound. The high-quality sound from this piano and its exquisite workmanship helps the players to cultivate an interest in the piano. Let us discuss the best features of its piano in detail here.

Donner DEP-20 Review 2023

Donner DEP-20 Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9.2/10
Performance and sounds9.3
Build Quality8.6
For Beginners9.8
Value for money9.3

External Features of Donner DEP-20

At first look, the piano looks well built, professional and without any doubt has a space-saving design. Its 88-key weighted keyboard features a graded hammer action mechanism and ensures that the keys get lighter, as we move towards the piano keys on the right. The piano has an LCD screen that can display two lines, and is bright and practical, to get us to learn all essential information about the piano. 

Donner DEP-20 Design

There is a music rest and a solid zinc alloy sustain pedal with a polarity switch. You can also replace this pedal with a triple pedal to explore the damper, sostenuto, and other functions on this piano. The piano features a wooden furniture stand with three pedals. The furniture stand is capable of holding the 88-key digital piano. Its design is highly attractive and practical and helps in enhancing the home décor to great heights.

This is truly a beginner’s digital piano with very high music quality and longevity guaranteed. The piano runs on a 12 V/DC current and is provided by a 3A-type power supply adapter. The weight of this piano is just 33.6 pounds and it is portable. It delivers exceptional sound protection in the studio and is known for its exceptional aesthetic value. Its impressive dimensions make it extremely preferable for easy transportation and storage. 

Sounds and Polyphony

Though the Donner DEP-20 is a budget piano (one of the best budget digital pianos under $500), it features a classic sound engine with digital technology. Without any doubt, it resembles the classic acoustic piano and is capable of producing deeper and richer sounds. The piano is also suitable for professional music mixing and recording, as it has 238 built-in sounds that include organs, percussion, basses, and a host of other wind instruments. 

This piano is great for musicians playing in diverse genres and styles and the keyboard has 128 sounds and 200 internal rhythms that are essential for a range of musical accompaniments. Its rhythms include Latino, Jazz, pop, etc., and the piano also includes a range of other sounds such as guitar, organ, drums, etc., with ample room for exploration and research.

Donner DEP-20 does feature an impressive range of polyphony and uses stereo samples for key tones. Thus, you can be sure that you maintain the highest quality of sounds, even after playing a lot of notes at the same time on this digital piano. With this keyboard by your side, you can play, run and record all your stage performances, without reaching the polyphony limit. 

Music and Tone Quality

The piano features 128-note polyphony, and there is no chance of losing voice while using the piano. The piano also has 200 rhythms and 238 premium tones and its full weighted hammer keys offer a very sensitive response to the playing style. 

With the help of the hundredths of rhythms and chord accompaniments, we can play many music genres from pop to rock, jazz, EDM, Latin, and Ethnic music. The music styles in this piano make learning and practicing piano more fun and engaging. The piano has a built-in metronome for exceptional music playing experience.

Its advanced memory sampling technology offers it 238 tones, with a variety of piano sounds, electric pianos, guitars, saxophones, organs, and other ethnic instruments. 

Note: Donner DEP-20 is one of the best sounding digital pianos.


Its speakers are loud. There are a pair of 25W speakers in this piano, which is good enough to fill a small auditorium with music. The speakers stream music both upwards and downwards towards the floor and help in differentiating spatial sound separation. Its speakers are really impressive for their price range and are good to work with any type of power supply. The music output from this piano comes out without any cracking and distortion.

Donner DEP-20 Speaker

Connectivity Features

This is one of the best budget pianos that features ample connectivity features that helps you to connect all of your accessories instantly. There are two headphone jacks at the front of the digital piano, which is extremely convenient than the jacks present at the rear of the piano. There is a ¼” audio output that connects with an amplifier at the rear. There is also a ¼” audio output to connect with the external sound source. Other attachments on the rear of the piano include a USB MIDI port, a port to connect the triple pedal unit, etc. 

Playing Modes in the Piano

Donner DEP-20 comes with several performance-enhancing features that are generally found only in high-end pianos. This digital piano comes with an automatic chord setting that allows you to play a specific cord by playing a single note. The piano also features a dual-tone, that helps in combining two chosen sounds to create another unique sound. Players can explore endless combinations of music with the 238 tons of this keyboard. 

The piano also has a double tone-setting feature that divides the keyboard into two portions, which is great in playing duets and while learning piano lessons from the teacher. There is also a comprehensive chord function that helps you to identify single and multi-finger options to play corresponding chords. 

Pros & Cons of Donner DEP-20


  • Musicians and music creators benefit from its digital MIDI connectivity option that facilitates long-time music creation and recording.
  • This piano is a value for money and nothing comes close to its quality at this price point.
  • Its speakers are highly impressive and loud
  • There is a dual-tone mode to combine two voices and instruments.
  • There is a backlit LCD screen showing the chord names and notations.
  • Its streamlined 88-key piano is a great choice for rehearsing, learning, and creating great music.
  • Its 128-note polyphony ensures players distinguish the tone clarity clearly under different occasions.


  • The speakers of this piano lack clarity when it gets pushed too loud.
  • We cannot expect fancy binaural or super articulation sound samples from this piano.
  • Touch sensitivity in this piano is a little weird

Alternatives of Donner DEP-20

These are some of the best alternatives to Donner DEP-20.

Bottom Line

Donner is a great brand that has been making guitar accessories since 2012. It is a Chinese brand that ventured into manufacturing digital pianos. The Donner DEP-20 soon became a household brand for its exceptional keyboard range, which is available at an affordable cost. The piano includes almost everything that you will expect out of a digital piano, with no compromises made on quality. It has a massive feature set with 238 tones, metronome, recording functionality, and practically everything at this affordable price point.

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