Kawai KDP70 Review: Piano for the Money? -2023

The Kawai KDP70 is an exceptional digital piano that comes with a stand, bench, and three years limited warranty. The piano features an authentic responsive hammer action keyboard with highly expressive EX concert grand piano sounds. The piano also renders 88- key piano sampling with its built-in Burgmuller and Czerny etudes. Yet another best feature of this piano is its realistic grand feel pedal system with half-pedal support.           

The Kawai pianos are recognized all over the world and are known for their stunning tone quality and performance. The piano offers a world-class piano playing experience and is capable of reproducing the natural motion and feel of the acoustic piano naturally. Let us discuss the features and specifications of this piano in detail here.

Kawai KDP70 Review 2023

Kawai KDP70 Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9/10
Performance and sounds9.2
Build Quality9
Value for money9.1

The Kawai brand has recently launched its KDP series of pianos and the KDP70 is a well-known digital piano that is popular all over the world. The piano features an elegant and beautiful satin black finish and comes with a sliding key cover, music desk, matching bench, and three pedals. This is an exceptional piano for someone who is starting their piano lessons and a hobbyist who wishes to have an 88-note piano with weighted keys and touch-sensitive action, available at an affordable price. 

1. Specifications of the keyboard

  • 88 weighted keys with a graded hammer action keyboard.
  • The diverse piano sounds of this piano include mellow grand, concert grand, modern piano, studio grand, etc.
  • The sounds are sourced through harmonic imaging along with 88-key piano sampling
  • The piano has a maximum of 192 notes.
  • There are dual-mode and four-hands modes in this piano with adjusting volume balance.
  • We can record a maximum of three songs, with a maximum of 15.00 notes.
  • The piano includes other diverse functions like damper resonance, transpose, reverb, touch, multi-timbre mode, etc.
  • There are a total of 15 demo songs on the piano
  • It features a three-pedal system, namely soft, sostenuto and sustain with half-pedal support.
  • The external finish of this piano is embossed black.
  • There is a sliding-type piano key lid.
  • There are two headphone jacks with MIDI in/out features.
  • There are two speakers in this piano with 12 x 8 cm dimensions.
  • The overall weight of the piano is 77.2 lbs., and requires assistance for lifting and assembling.
  • The power output of this piano is 8 watts.

2. External features

The piano looks sleek and contemporary and this satin black digital piano serves as an ideal instrument for amateur pianists. But its weighted 88-key full keyboard renders the ideal feel and sound of a grand piano. There are built-in sounds, a built-in metronome, a recording feature, and other features to help play at least 40 songs by hitting any key on the piano. There are also built-in lessons and serves as a teacher to teach the piano songs. The piano also comes with a matching bench and also features a sliding key cover to protect the keys from dust.

3. Key action and sound engine

The Kawai KDP70 encompasses a responsive hammer action keyboard, that authentically reproduces the natural feel of an acoustic piano. Its advanced harmonic imaging sound technology, 16W stereo amplifier, and speaker system render a cutting-edge playing experience for the players.

4. Connectivity

There are two headphone jacks in this piano that are ideal for teachers, students, and for those who wish to play the instrument without disturbing others. There are also MIDI in and out jacks to connect the piano with other MIDI devices and Bluetooth adapters to connect with the tablet or the smartphone wirelessly.

5. Other features

The accessories that come with this piano are the owner’s manual, matching bench, power supply cables, and an owner’s manual. The piano includes an authentic hammer keyboard action keyboard. There is no Bluetooth built into the piano, but we can buy the Bluetooth adapter separately and plug it into the 5-pin MIDI port. This helps in connecting the tablet and the smartphone wirelessly. 

The piano renders expressive concert grand piano sounds with 88-key sampling and it also features a realistic grand feel pedal system with half-pedal support. There is also a 16W stereo amplifier and a speaker system. It comes with a cabinet and a height-matching bench.

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Qualities that escalate the performance and value of the Kawai KDP70

If you are looking for a piano that adds performance and value to your piano playing experience, then the Kawai KDP70 is an ideal piano for you. It features an attractive finish and a trim footprint and is capable of gracing any room with its exceptional music and tonal quality. Its responsive hammer action keyboard and harmonic imaging technology offer the feel of a real acoustic piano. the 192-note polyphony of this piano offers an impeccable piano sound as well. The other unique features of this piano are as follows.

1. The piano offers the feel of the real acoustic piano

Kawai has included a responsive hammer compact action in its keys, to render the distinctive feel of an acoustic piano. This helps in rendering exceptional upward and downward motion and this action offers a natural and smooth experience while playing the piano.

The acoustic piano has heavy hammers at the bass and thus, it is lighter as we move up the treble end of the keyboard. Its responsive compact action makes use of different hammer weights and these weights are graded for every single playing range.

2. Exceptional piano sounds

The piano sounds are meticulously sampled from the Kawai EX concert grand piano. All the sounds of its 88-keys are recorded and faithfully reproduced with the help of harmonic imaging technology of Kawai. The sounds of the piano recreate the dynamic range of the grand piano offering exceptional expressiveness.

3. Features that enhance the piano playing experience

The Kawai KDP70 features several features that help the person to develop as a pianist. There is a recorder in this piano, that helps in recording performances and playing them in the background at the touch of a button. It is possible to practice the left and the right sides of the piano separately and can also adjust the tempo, to master the most difficult passages. 

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Pros & Cons of Kawai KDP70


  • The keys feature a responsive hammer compact action along its key bed
  • The piano features a harmonic imaging sound technology
  • The piano features a maximum polyphony of 192 notes.
  • There are dual and four-hand modes in this piano with a three-song recording feature.
  • Its pedal systems are great.
  • Its sliding key cover protects the piano from dust.
  • The flexible virtual technician function with the smart mode feature is very impressive.


  • Assembling this piano is a hurdle, especially its pedal cable.
  • The piano lid is very weak and is prone to breaking.

Bottom Line

Kawai is one of the largest piano producers in the world and it is being a household name for more than 100 years. The KDP 70 digital piano comes with a responsive hammer action keyboard, 16W stereo amplifier, and speaker system. The piano offers a grand pedal system with half-pedal support and the piano also features the best technology, available at an affordable cost.


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