Nord Electro 6 Review: Built for Happening Musicians – 2023

Nord builds instruments for budding and happening musicians. Its instruments are robust, lightweight, portable, and of course practical and reliable. The Nord Electro 6 HP pianos are been used by musicians all over the world as they not just look beautiful but also sound great and are indeed professional tools. All of the Nord pianos are handmade in Sweden. The Nord 6 HP digital piano features a 73-key key bed, independent sound section, and unique piano features. Let us discuss the other features of the piano here.

Nord Electro 6 HP Review 2023

Nord Electro 6 HP Stage Piano
Editor Rating: 9.2/10
Performance and sounds9.3
Build Quality9.2
Value for money9.3

The Nord Electro 6 HP is the latest addition to the Electro range of pianos from the Nord brand. They are similar to the stage range of pianos that Nord manufacturers, and are a perfect choice for gigging musicians who are in search of some high-quality piano, and organs in one portable and compact unit.

The piano features a 73-note hammer-action Fatar keybed with hammer action and digital LED drawbars. We can also ask for a music stand from Nord so that it serves as a perfect fix for the keyboard. The piano section of the 6 HP is one of the most beloved sections of the piano by professional pianists as it makes use of advanced sampling techniques to capture the minute nuances of the acoustic piano. When this piano sounds paired up with its Fatar keybed and Triple pedal unit, it sounds as good as a grand acoustic piano.

The piano also supports a triple pedal assembly which supports half-pedaling while playing intricate tunes. Apart from its elegant piano samples, the piano section of the keyboard also includes samples of electric pianos, harpsichords, and digital pianos. These are some of the best in the market and the special focus is on the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer Electric piano sounds that sound great with vintage piano experience. The key features of the Nord Electro 6 HP piano are as follows,

  • Features a powerful 73-keys keybed with synth and piano tones and tonewheel organs.
  • Features an advanced sound engine – Nord piano engine, Nord C2D organ engine, Nord Sample synth engine.
  • There are three levels of touch sensitivity in its hammer action keybed.
  • There are digital drawbars for controlling music
  • The Piano is equipped with a 120 note polyphony and 34 notes synth
  • There are 800 preset programs with 8 sound banks on the piano.
  • OLED screen display 
  • Ample connectivity options for MIDI support, USB cables, and audio in/out
  • Compatible with Nord sound manager software and Nord sample editor. 

The external design and Keybed of the piano

At the very first look, the Nord digital piano looks elegant and gorgeous. It stands out from the rest of the instruments with its bright red color and sea of controls. Its build quality is exceptional and it is sturdy enough for constant touring and stage shows. The top half of the piano is modeled to facilitate live playing and it includes large buttons, knobs, and faders. Its OLED screen is very clear and displays the functions that are been used. The piano looks professional from every single angle and it is portable as well.

The Nord Electro 6 HP incorporates the goodness of the past five generations of the Electro series keyboards. The keybed is a delight for the fingers and it features 73 keys with exceptional hammer action and dynamic response curves. The keyboard also offers options for organs, Whirlys, Classic EPs, and other clavinets that we would always require. The keys of the piano feel great and there is some difference between how the black keys feel from how the white keys feel. The knobs, buttons, and sliders of the piano render the exceptional tactile response, and thus using them on a live stage show is easy and also hassle-free.

Sounds from the piano

There are three main audio sections that the Nord pianos are known for, namely the piano section, synth, and organ section. Its piano sounds are true to life and are an exceptional feature of this piano. The Synth and the organ sounds are equally good and help create great music from this piano.

Nord offers independent sound engines for these three sections and thus makes it possible for us to get a piano sound that is authentic. Its extended polyphony helps in acquiring realistic piano tunes and the piano offers over 400 presets, available across 8 sound banks to get almost any sound that we would require. There are ample possibilities to create one’s own sound and create great tunes and thus, it is definitely the piano for gigging musicians. 

Effects of Nord Electro 6HP

Connectivity features

All the connectivity options are available in this piano, which includes the ability to connect with four external keyboards. Each of the keyboards can be assigned to one of the sound engines. The interface of the keyboard is intuitive and offers the best controls. The 73 keys of this piano are also a space-consuming option, and it also makes this piano a portable one. 

  • There are two ¼” audio outputs with 35 mm jacks.
  • There is one ⅛” monitor input with a 5 mm stereo jack.
  • There is one ¼” headphone output
  • There is one control pedal unit and one sustain pedal unit
  • There is also a rotary speaker with a switch pedal unit
  • There is a MIDI in/out port with 5-pin DIN connectors
  • There is a type B USB connector for transferring sounds and a USB MIDI port.
Connectivity features of Nord Electro 6HP

Sound engines

The panel of the Nord Electro 6 HP piano comprises three independent sound sections, namely the organ, piano, and the sample synth sections, that can be used together as a layer or the split mode. The piano features six split points and there is also a new Split Point Crossfade functionality, that has been introduced with the Stage 3 piano to help with smooth transitions between the split zones. 

It also features a handy organize mode including the copy/paste and the move functionality for arranging the programs to the desired order. The Nord Electro also features Nord C2D organ simulations of B3 bass, B3 tonewheel, vintage transistor organs, and also two pipe organ models. There is also a dedicated dual organ mode that renders quick access to the manual setups and it also renders great control and overview. 

Pros & Cons of Nord Electro 6 HP


  • There is a large OLED screen to view the piano settings instantly.
  • Its detailed piano sections and sample synth offer instant access to the sounds.
  • The physical drawbars help in real-time sound manipulation
  • There are mounts for an optional half-moon switch for rotary speaker control.
  • Its piano section comes with 1 GB piano sample memory
  • There are possibilities to add and tweak a number of effects to create perfect piano sounds.


  • This is a high-order professional piano, except that it doesn’t come with a completely featured synthesizer section.
  • The piano is also not available as an 88-key model.

Alternatives of Nord Electro 6 HP

These are some of the best alternatives you can consider if you are not buying Nord Electro 6 HP in 2023.

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Bottom Line

The Nord Electro 6 HP digital piano is an exceptional value for money for budding pianists. It features the best selection of effects and strikes the right balance between playability and portability. It is indeed a full-fledged digital piano with authentic digital organs and synthesizers and complements the talents of the versatile pianist.


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