Roland FP-30 Review: Piano for Learning, Creativity, and Enjoyment -2023

For all those who have dreamt of a digital piano for home, to recreate the nuances of a digital piano, but have been resistant to buy one, owing to space and budget restrictions, you are at the right place. The Roland FP-30 is an expert digital piano that renders the acclaimed sound and feel of the grand acoustic piano.

The piano brags the best features in its 88-note instrument and fits any space at ease. The piano is light and portable and is a great fit for players and music classrooms as well. This piano also has numerous sounds which are well beyond the piano for numerous built-in practice and recording functions. Let us discuss the unique features of the Roland FP-30 piano here along with its built-in specifications.

Roland FP-30 Digital Keyboard Review 2023

Roland FP-30 Digital Keyboard
Overall Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Performance and sounds9.5
Light weight9.1
Build Quality9.3
Value for money9.5

Quick Opinion by Larry

FP-30 is a gem of a piano at such a great price as the speakers this piano produces a nice full sound, the ivory feel is nice and key action is also great. Overall, it’s a great semi-portable keyboard that actually sounds great and feels great.

Diverse Features of the Roland FP-30 Piano

  • Sounds of an acoustic piano: The Roland FP-30 piano features a rich and responsive tone from the renowned supernatural piano sound engine Roland.
  • Easy to carry: Its compact and lightweight body helps in easy mobility, in and out of the home. The piano is great to transport for music classes as well.
  • Standard keys: The piano features an 88-note standard keyboard that renders authentic piano sounds for maximum music expressions.
  • Speakers: The piano features powerful stereo speakers and amplifiers to deliver impressive sound.
  • Headphones connectivity: Its quiet keyboard action and headphones output allow piano players to enjoy playing the piano at any time, without causing any disturbance to others.
  • Stand and pedal: The piano also comes with an optional matching stand and three-pedal units to render a classic piano look and enhanced functionality features.
  • Apps connectivity: There is also a hands-free page-turning feature in this piano with some excellent music apps.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: The piano features built-in Bluetooth connectivity for using it with popular apps on the smartphone and tablet.
  • Instrument sounds: Features dual/split mode with a wide selection of other instrument sounds like the strings, organ, drums, voices, etc.
  • Teacher mode: The twin piano mode is great for piano lessons, and allows the teacher and the student to play the instrument side by side.
  • USB connectivity: Connects with a USB memory to save the captured songs with an onboard SMF recorder.

What Makes Roland FP-30 The Best?

The Roland FP-30 is one of the best digital pianos that helps pianists broaden and expand their music experience beyond horizons. The best feature of this piano is that, apart from rendering unique piano sounds, it also delivers sounds of other instruments such as organs, voices, strings, drums, and a lot more. With the help of its powerful USB memory, it is possible to save the songs that one has captured on the onboard SMF recorder to play along the favorite SMF and WAV songs. The other unique features of this piano are as follows.

1. Superior Sound Quality

The superior sounds and the touch of this piano satisfy professionals and the most experienced pianist. Its exceptional performance outshines the other instruments of its class and its unrivaled feel and sound render an authentic piano experience for authentic expression.

Though this piano is meant for professionals, it never fails to form a solid foundation for amateurs for learning the piano techniques properly. The fact that it features detailed articulation and response that amateurs and professional players demand, is an additional advantage. 

The piano features an advanced supernatural piano engine and a powerful onboard sound system with its newly developed keyboard. This piano inherits the touch, the ivory feels, and the escapement of the high-end piano in its keys.

By using the headphones appropriately, it is possible to get lost in the musical journeys, all day and night without disturbing the people at home and neighborhood. 

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2. Light and Compact Design

The Roland FP-30 is for a pianist whose life is on the move, and this is substantiated by its extremely light and portable design. The piano is available in both white and black color and it renders a sleek and elegant design, which can be a great addition to any room. The light and compact design of this piano are capable of living in tight living spaces, and it is also easy to move when it is required. This piano is also great beyond home and thus offers piano performers and music educators an excellent instrument that is beyond a traditional setup.

Design of Roland FP-30

The piano comes with an optional KSC-70 stand and a KPD-70 three-pedal unit to render an integrated look and a classic pedal configuration while maintaining a small footprint than a typical upright piano. Yet another excellent benefit of the Roland FP-30 piano is its foot pedals, which can be used for hands-free turning for onscreen music pages with the help of mobile apps such as sheet music direct, PiaScore, etc.

Keys of Roland FP-30

3. Excellent Digital Piano for Learning, Creativity, and Enjoyment

The FP-30 is far beyond any acoustic piano, and its modern digital piano accomplishes its goal to be a powerful music tool. It is possible to emulate several non-piano sounds such as organs, voices, strings, and all types of music styles in this piano. It is also possible to derive a variety of drum patterns in these small musical instruments. It is possible to layer two different sounds on this instrument with each hand separately. 

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4. Different Music Modes

The wireless Bluetooth connectivity of this piano makes it compatible with MIDI music apps on mobile apps and its USB support devices enable it to play with one’s favorite tunes. It is possible to save SMF songs that are captured with the help of the recorder at the Roland FP-30 music instrument. The twin piano mode in this piano is great for private lessons, thus allowing students and teachers to play side by side at the same octave ranges.

5. Free Piano Lessons

The Piano is sold with free online piano lessons for about three months. This can be accomplished by registering the Roland piano at the Roland website and acquaint with unlimited access to hundredths of songs and interactive courses to get them available anytime on the tablet, computer, and smartphone device. 

6. Effects of the Piano

The piano features the best effects, that are not available with the pianos in this price range. It features five types of touch sensitivity with fixed touch features and features a powerful sound generator for delivering supernatural piano sounds. The maximum polyphony of this piano is 128 voices and its MIDI format conforms to GM2 and the GS sound grading system. 

There are about 35 sounds in this piano, of which 6 tones pertain to the piano, 7 tones pertain to the E-Piano, and 22 sounds pertain to other musical sounds. The stretched tuning system for the piano sounds is always on and the master tuning is possible to adjust the piano in increments of 0.1 Hz. The string resonance in this piano, damper resonance, and the key-off resonances are always on. There are also several controls in this piano that includes song select features, play and stop feature, tempo, mix balance, count-in feature, all song play feature, etc.

The piano has 8 rhythm types with pertinent controls for rhythm selection, start, stop, and tempo features. The songs can be saved in the standard MIDI files and the external storage is capable with the help of a USB flash memory. The volume level in this piano is 102 dB and the piano has two 12 cm speakers to render powerful audio output.

Connectivity Features of Roland FP-30

Pros & Cons of Roland FP-30

What’s Best in Roland FP-30?

  • The Roland FP-30 piano features a rich and responsive tone from Roland’s supernatural digital piano.
  • Twin piano mode helps to practice lessons with the teacher easily.
  • Features an 88-note PHA-4 keyboard
  • Its powerful speakers leave the audience with impressive sounds
  • Compact and lightweight piano.
  • Delivers a premium music experience that is far better than pianos of its range.

What’s Lacking in Roland FP-30?

  • The weighting of this piano is heavy and thus more force is required to produce quick notes.

Alternatives of Roland FP-30

Here are the top alternatives for Roland FP-30 available in the market at a similar price tag and with similar or better features.

  1. Roland FP-90
  2. Kawai ES110
  3. Yamaha P125
  4. Casio PX-S3000
  5. Casio PX-S1000

If you want to spend less than $700 then you must check this list of best digital pianos under 700 bucks.

Final Verdict

This high-end and portable digital piano is a high-end digital piano for tight spaces and features the acclaimed sound, feel, and design of a high-end acoustic piano. This is an excellent piano for professional piano players and piano teachers and beautified music rooms from all over the world. People love this piano for its built-in features for practice and recording and it also renders tremendous Bluetooth support to work with popular music apps. This piano is worth the investment for piano enthusiasts of all learning levels.

Being in love with music, Larry started this website to help piano lovers get the most detailed and accurate information with his 5 Years of experience of working in a music store.

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