The Best New Digital Piano Williams Legato III – Review (2023)

Williams Legato III is a big digital piano with 88 touch-sensitive keys, Bluetooth MIDI capabilities, an iOS app, and a built-in audio system. It is a modern and beautiful piano. More than simply a great-sounding instrument for playing, training, and performing, the Legato III consists of sounds from the great Williams Custom Sound Library featuring a series of amazing pianos and old keyboards. The Legato III includes 10 of the fine voices from this high-definition library that the dual-driver speakers deliver.

General Overview About Williams Legato III

Full-sized 88 Key Touch-Sensitive Piano Keyboard. 88-key touch-sensitive piano keyboard, 10 sounds, such as Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass from the Williams Custom Sound Library, and Bluetooth MIDI connectivity. The Williams Legato III is a large stage piano and controller with 88 touch-sensitive keys that respond to your enjoying dynamics. 

Editor Rating: 9.4/10
Performance and sounds9.4
Build Quality9.3
Value for money9.5

The velocity-sensitive response is additionally superb for special gamers to unleash their creativity and play with elements and expression. The Williams Legato III is a substantial digital piano with 88 touch-sensitive keys, Bluetooth MIDI capabilities, an iOS app, and built-in speakers. More than simply a great-sounding instrument for playing, practicing, and performing, the Legato III consists of sounds from the top-notch Williams Custom Sound Library offering a series of magnificent pianos and vintage keyboards.

Lush Tones with Clarity and Volume. The dual-driver audio system supplies all these lush tones with high-quality and room-filling readability and volume. And Bluetooth MIDI functionality connects wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad to run educational software for additional learning, such as the protected McCarthy Music Teaching app

Williams Legato III

Also, the Williams iOS app provides effortless get-right of entry to your William Legato III advanced menus as properly as self-teaching aids. The Legato III can run on batteries or with a covered AC strength supply. 88-key touch-sensitive piano keyboard, 10 Sounds such as Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass from  Williams Custom Sound Library, Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, Free Downloadable Williams iOS app, includes McCarthy Music piano software, and free life far-off lesson, convenient, built-in metronome.

Built-in full-frequency dual-driver speakers, solid music rest supports capsules like Apple’s iPad, battery or AC operation, consists of electricity supply and maintenance pedal, iOS app no longer presently compatible with iOS thirteen. Original Williams Legato made its debut in 2014. In 2014, that was a ridiculously true rate for facets provided by way of original.  

Was it a perfect keyboard? Certainly not. Still, it did provide some interesting possibilities in the keyboard world. First: keys are touch-sensitive, which capability you can manage a number of notes by playing with your fingers and no longer just with the extent knob. This moves the original Legato from the classification of a “toy keyboard” to that of a “serious musical instrument,” in my opinion.

Digital Piano

Touch-sensitive keys enable the musician to color the track with dynamic contrasts – a vital issue of getting to know, to play any musical instrument. Having an instrument with the extent that is regulated solely through a volume knob severely limits expression in music. You quit just playing the notes, and that is now not making enjoyable music. 

Second: full 88-key instrument approves splendid flexibility in enjoying the piano. Two From the perfect sounds to the lowest, a full 88 keys assist to prepare a budding musician for extra elaborate and interesting music. It additionally lets a hopeful composer explore the stages of the instrument besides restriction. 

Third: portability is a massive advantage with the unique Legato digital piano. At a weight of solely 19 pounds, an authentic Legato keyboard proves feasible to carry excellent sound on your shoulder! The Legato III is the most recent model of the Legato series of pianos. As does its predecessor, the Legato III offers 88 keys in this version, all of which is touch-sensitive to possibly an increased diploma than the original Legato. 

Touch-sensitive keys approve the musician greater dynamic range except being compelled to use a volume knob or slider. The amount of pressure with which they strike the keys determines the volume of notice that is played. These keys are now not weighted as in the Allegro III; I name them “spring-loaded” keys. However, they do respond to the quantity of weight dropped onto keys, thus the “touch-sensitive” label. 

The Legato III provides a dual-speaker sound machine that reproduces digitally recorded voices pretty well. The piano voice consequences on a 12-microphone recording set-up around a nine-foot Fazioli concert grand piano. Fazioli is an Italian piano producer who produces one of the most high-quality concert grand pianos in the world.

This beautiful instrument offers the piano voice that you hear in Legato III. Altogether this piano offers 10 instrument voices, which include those from vintage keyboard devices such as the tone-wheel organ, clarinet, and two sorts of digital pianos. With a contact button, you can get the right of entry to any of the voices for clean, clear music.

 The Legato III sounds remarkably true for a piano in this rate range. I’ve performed actually dozens of digital pianos over the past few months, and for a piano that retails for about $200, the Legato III impressed me with its best sound. Close your eyes and play one of the piano voices in this instrument and your ear will inform you that you are hearing a grand piano. 

This piano also provides Bluetooth connectivity and several iOS-driven apps that will help you access all of the advanced menus of the Legato III. This piano additionally consists of self-teaching aids and, with the free app included, you can access McCarthy Music Teaching materials and lessons. 

The left facet manipulate area features the electricity button, extent adjustments, demo buttons, and other functions. The right-side controls section consists of buttons for voice decisions and to break up the keyboard into two components that are pitched the same. I have two concerns about the Legato III. First,  keys are non-weighted. I experience very strongly that keys need to be weighted for an actual playing journey and to acclimate students to the generic feel of an acoustic piano.

 The “spring-loaded” keys of the Legato III remind me of the toy keyboards I used to play around with as a child. two These keyboards were fun, but the first time I compared the contact of a toy keyboard to an acoustic upright piano, I was once sincerely stunned at the difference in the experience of the keys. The toy keyboard right now lost its appeal to me.

As a long-time piano teacher, I can say that each time I have college students ask me what sort of keyboard or piano they will need to analyze to play, I usually inform them to get a piano or keyboard with weighted keys. It avoids any confusion or frustration when shifting to an acoustic instrument and is a greater genuine feel. My second situation with the Wilfong-lasting concerns its durability. This piano is designed as a transportable piano with battery capability or AC capability. 

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Generally, Williams keyboards are now not as long-lasting as some of the different digital pianos on the market, even those in the same regular charge range as Williams instruments. It seems to me that an instrument designed for portability ought to be more durable, now not less. The Williams Piano app for iOS units provides control and play-along elements to the Williams Legato III. Apply Bluetooth® Wireless MIDI to your iPhone or iPad to choose, layer, and amend sounds on the piano. 

A collection of inside outcomes can be brought to the built-in sounds of the Allegro III, like Tremolo, Flanges, Delay, Reverb, and Chorus. The Legato III’s Bluetooth MIDI feature connects wirelessly to smart, computers. Control iPad apps like Garage Band or interact with academic software. A USB port is additionally provided for direct connection to a computer. 

Practice with a metronome, drum device, or a variety of Jam Session Music, and the Play along feature forms songs from your iTunes library at a slower velocity except by changing the pitch, to assist you in an exam to mining new music. Available from the iOS for App Store, the Williams aesthetical app is Panola’s partner for our Legato III Digital Piano.  

Features of Williams Legato III

  • 88-key touch-sensitive piano keyboard.
  • 10 Sounds consisting of Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass from the Williams Custom Sound library.
  • Bluetooth MIDI connectivity is unrestricted.
  • Downloadable Williams iOS app.
  • Useful, built-in metronome.
  • Built-in full-frequency dual-driver speaker.
  • Solid tune rest aids capsules like Apple’s iPad.
  • Battery and AC system comprises energy supply and maintains pedal.

Sound of Williams Legato III

The Williams Digital Pianos took a big soar ahead with the improvement of their custom sound collection – The Williams Custom Sound Library. Their sound graph team looked far and wide for world-class keyboards, which would exceed electricized gate III and come with 10 sounds such as piano, electric powered piano organ, synth, and bass. The exceptional sounds have a warm tone and sound terrific via the built-in speakers. The sounds have a clear resonant tone and are practically sufficient to fulfill the most discerning players.

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Specifications of Williams Legato III

  • 88-key touch-sensitive piano keyboard.
  • 10 Sounds including Piano, Electric P, piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass from the Williams Custom Sound Library.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is free.
  • Available Downloadable William iOS app
  • convenient, metronome built-in
  • Built-in full-frequency, dual-driver speakers.
  • Solid song rest helps pills like Apple’s iPhone.
  • The battery system includes energy provided and preserves pedals.
  • Keyboard: 88-key touch-sensitive piano keyboard
  • voices: 10
  • Polyphony: 64
  • Voice Control: Layer, Touch, Split, Metronome
  • Demo Songs: 10
  • MIDI Broadcast Settings control
  • Connectors: USB, Sustain Pedal, ¼” Line Out (L/R), Phones Speakers: 2x10W @ 8ohm, low freq driver; 2x10driverm, high freq driver.
  • Dimensions (without track relaxation or stand): 127cm x 27.6cm x 90mm (50” x 10.9” x 3.54”). Include Music Rest.
williams legatoo iii

Pros of Williams Legato III

  • FREE Downloadable Williams iOS app.
  • Convenient, built-in metronome.
  • Built-in full-frequency, dual-driver speakers.
  • Solid track relaxation supports pills like Apple’s iPad.

Cons of Williams Legato III

  • The keys are now not weighed.
  • Properly source is managed with the aid of separate software that simply feels problematic
  • Metronome extent control doesn’t work.
  • Some of the keys experience sticky to touch while playing.

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Competition of Williams Legato III

Several corporations are vying with one another to surpass one some other to hold their dominant function in the market. The keyboards in the contest are; 

Alesis Recital Pro 88-Key vs Williams Legato III

With a perfect feel, and to top-round the Alesis Recital PRO is a full-featured digital piano with 88 adjustable-action keys with adjustable contact response. Start taking part in professional keys these days – the remaining novices ‘all piano is loaded with 12 expertly crafted voices and powerful educational features. Universal responsive sense – 88 top-rate full-sized hammer action keys with adjustable contact response to go well with your favored enjoying style.

Connectivity protected – built-in 20W speakers, ¼” Sustain pedal inputted (pedal no longer included), ¼” stereo headphone output for private practice, protected strength adapter, and ¼” stereo outputs. Powerful instructional features – standard, split, layer, report, and Lesson modes with 128-note max polyphony and constructed in FX: chorus, reverb, modulation, research piano these days – Includes solve 3 monthly top rate subscription for expert interactive online piano lessons. 

Alesis Recital Pro - 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard with...
  • A Digital Piano That’s Tailored to You - Feature-packed Electric keyboard with 88 premium full-sized weighted hammer action keys with adjustable touch response to suit your preferred playing style
  • Premium Sounds - 12 voices (Incl. Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass), built-in FX: Chorus, Modulation, Reverb, and two built in 20W speakers for clear, room-filling sound
  • All The Right Connections - ¼” sustain pedal input (pedal not included), ¼” stereo headphone output for private practice and stereo outputs for connection to speakers / amplifiers

Alesis Recital Grand Multi-Sampled Polyphony vs Williams Legato III

The Recital Grand is Electronic Keyboard Piano with a Difference! Bring domestic a real piano playing trip with  Alesis Recital Grand, a full-featured 88-key electric keyboard piano with graded hammer action weighted keys and 16 extraordinarily realistic built-in sounds.

This is the ideal substitute to owning a big acoustic piano except compromising on genuine piano weighted key specification; with a top rate multi-sampled voice, 128 max polyphonies, and custom-voiced 50W micro-array / constructed an in-speaker system that sounds full regardless of room position and floor placement, Recital Grand is best for beginners, intermediate players and specialists alike.

Whether it’s a Piano Keyboard for Adults or  Digital Electric Piano for Kids, Recital Grand’s Education Package Won’t Disappoint. Over 60 Free Interactive Lessons from Melodies. Melodic is the best way to build your full-measurement keyboard piano abilities and self-assurance with your Recital Grand digital piano. Download Melodic to your desktop or tablet for practice that’s fun, relevant & effective, with big lesson variety and a mastering structure that puts you in charge of your 88-key keyboard piano learning. 

Alesis Recital Grand - Digital Piano 88 Weighted Keys with...
  • It’s Time to Upgrade your Electric Piano - 88 key piano keyboard with graded hammer action and adjustable touch response for a natural piano feel - for beginner, intermediate and advanced players
  • Packed with Premium Sounds - 16 multi-sampled voices including Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizers & more; simultaneous Split & Layer modes; 5 adjustable Reverb FX
  • Authentic Playing Experience - 128 max polyphony provides a superb 88 key piano playing experience; micro-array speaker system sounds loud, clear and realistic in any setting

Korg B2 Digital Piano vs Williams Legato III

The B2 is a new era of digital piano from Korg centered on accessibility and ease of use. Perfect as the first piano for a new player, we’ve paid one-of-a-kind interest to the trip of taking part in a real piano. B2 is packed with carefully selected sounds, starting with legendary grand pianos from around the world. Software and a variety of connectors come preferred for a sincerely present-day piano experience. B2 is in keyboard structure and can be positioned on a stand, the B2SP has a difficulty-assembled stand and a three-pedal unit, and the B2N aspects a light-touch 88-note keyboard.

This real-model lineup gives customers the capability to select the ideal piano for their needs. B2 is a piano for each person from beginners to seasoned gamers searching for something at ease to exercise on. A keyboard that reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano, geared up with versatile i/o for a range of connectivity. Included tune relaxation for sheet song and cellular devices, a generous bundle of software programs for practicing or creative work, and comfort and performance with the simplicity of real piano. 

Korg B2 Digital Piano - Black Bundle with Adjustable Stand,...
  • Keyboard that reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano
  • Equipped with versatile i/o for a range of connectivity
  • Included music rest for sheet music and mobile devices.

Donner DEP-20 Digital Piano vs Williams Legato

With its standard styling, the DEP20 gives a timeless seem that will mix in with any décor. The slim cabinet takes up tons less area than an acoustic upright piano, allowing two people to move instruments from room to room when needed. The built-in brackets grant a convenient home for sheet song and cell equipment. To learn piano properly, college students want a strong foundation to enhance acceptable methods and avoid building terrible habits that are difficult to get rid of. Backed by many years of improvement with aid of Donner, the DEP20 has a sound and expression you might not find on different pianos.

Packed with features from our top-rated home pianos, this first-rate instrument brings you uncompromising overall performance that will propel you thru years of musical growth. Advanced technological know-how is no longer limited to the keyboard. Donner’s responsive damper mechanism on the DEP20 accurately reproduces the specified damper pedal response of a grand piano. This enables you to organize the resonance of the piano lines for a surprising and bright sound. Lighter at first, the pedal’s resistance will increase as you pedal, then turns lighter once more on release.

In addition to its compact and transportable design, DEP20 offers more blessings than an acoustic piano. The dual keyboard mode approves them to play with family, with pals, or with teachers. And, with no tuning or everyday maintenance required, the DEP20 delivers the best sound each day.  

Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano 88 Key Full Size...
  • 🎹 【Full-Weighted 88 key keyboard】The digital electric piano is constructed by 88 full-sized hammer action keys with adjustable touch response. This 88-key weighted keyboard allows to adjust your desired playing style.
  • 🎹 【238 Tones & 128 Polyphony】 The 88-key weighted keyboard loaded with 238 types of tone like Ukulele, drum, bass, etc. vividly presenting voices of different instruments, arousing your keen to learn music. The digital electric piano with 128-note max polyphony, players could distinguish tone clearly in Chorus & Reverb under various occasions.
  • 🎹【Double Keyboard & Control Panel】This 88 key weighted keyboard provides dual-tone mode for combining two voices together, like piano and drum, inspiring to make a new creation. Panel includes sustain pedal, triangle pedal and audio inputs & outputs, perfectly used for music arrangement and an ensemble.Eludes sustain pedal, triangle pedal and audio inputs & outputs, perfectly used for music arrangement and an ensemble.

Final Words About Williams Legato III

The Williams Legato III has the side in that regard. We have spent time enjoying Williams Legato III. While I don’t care for “spring-loaded” or “semi-weighted” keys on a digital keyboard, I can recognize touch sensitivity on the Williams legato. We would be concerned as a client that the Alesis Recital Pro no Len compasses the sustained pedal mechanism in its primary package.  

A damper/sustain pedal is a very vital section of piano education and I am frankly astonished that this full-size, 88-key digital piano doesn’t encompass the maintain pedal as a section of its simple package. As an expert pianist and piano teacher, we would never advise that a pupil purchase a keyboard barring one, although the maintenance pedal can be purchased separately. 

I don’t believe two additional voices justify the price difference, now not to point out (again) the lack of a preserve pedal mechanism. The Alesis internet website is fantastically uninformative concerning the true specifications of the Recital Pro. 

As a consumer, this lack of small print frustrates me. Between the Williams Legato III and the Alesis Recital Pro, my recommendation would be to pick out the Williams. I sense like an ant’s an increased price for cash and would first-rate rate “starter piano” for young people or adults who wish to analyze to play the piano. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The Williams Legato III Have Weighted Keys? 

First, the keys are non-weighted. I feel very strongly that keys should be weighted for an authentic taking path in experience and to acclimate students to the common experience of an acoustic piano. The “spring-loaded” keys of the Legato III remind me of the toy Williams I used to play around with as a child. 

How Do You Transpose Williams Legato III?

To transpose the keyboard: Press the Chorus and Reverb Buttons collectively to enter  Function mode. three Play a key on the keyboard to set the transpose in relation to center C (C3.) 

Are Williams Legato III’s Keyboards Any Good?

All novice gamers need first-rate pianos to examine rapidly and play perfectly. While there are different manufacturers of digital pianos in the musical instrument market, Williams continues its integrity as one of the satisfactory and most dependable producers of digital pianos in the market. Connection is tremendously simple: Plug the rectangular quit of the USB cable into your piano’s USB-B socket. This square-shaped socket is commonly labeled something like ‘USB to Host’. Plug the other, rectangular (USB-A) cease of cable into an accessible USB port on your computer. 

Does Williams Legato Iii Digital Piano Black 88-key Have Weighted Keys?

Piano Style Semi-Weighted 88 Keys – The Williams Legato aspects a full range of 88-keys, that are “semi-weighted” to reproduce the contact and experience of enjoying a real, acoustic piano. 

How Do I Connect My Williams Piano to Bluetooth?

For Bluetooth MIDI Connection: Launch the Williams App, on iPad, and press Settings in the left column. In the listing of settings you have to see “Setup Bluetooth MIDI,” press that, and press the Bluetooth button on your Legato III or Allegro III, you see the Legato III or Allegro III listed on the Bluetooth MIDI page instantly.

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