Yamaha MX49 Review 2023: The New MX Series Synthesizer

The MX49 is an excellent and class-compliant piano synthesizer that connects diligently with USB audio and MIDI files for a true plug-and-play experience. Its virtual circuit re-modeling functionality is capable of recreating the sound and behavior of all piano vintage effects and signal processors. The synthesizer comprises 128 notes of polyphony and helps with a drop-out free performance for playing live or in its 16-track sequences. These are the basic features of the Yamaha MX49 synthesizer, that forces music enthusiasts to buy it. Its record playback stereo audio along with 16 channels of MIDI makes it the most preferred synthesizer over other brands. Let us discuss the unique specifications and features of this Synthesizer in detail here. 

Yamaha MX49

Yamaha MX49 Synthesizer Review 2023

Editor Score9.6/10

About the Yamaha MX49 Synthesizer

The MX49 and the MX61 belong to the low-cost synthesizers from the Yamaha brand and comes packed with its Steinberg AI6 sequencer and a prologue soft synth. This synthesizer features the AWM2 sound engine of Yamaha and it comprises a wide range of voices that belongs to the diverse categories of pianos, organs, strings, brass, and so on. The synthesizer also has around 128 user memories for general voices and an additional eight for drum kits. But there is no voice mode in this unit, and the user can access and play the voices by inserting them uniquely into performances. These performances are also referred to as parts

All of these parts are capable of editing and overwriting by the user. These parts are also accessible through the MIDI format. Thus, we can say that the Yamaha MX49 is great for any stage, studio, and in virtually any place that requires credible performance. Its music synthesizer comprises over 1000 voices from the Motif series and it also integrates with iOS and the computer to be a lightweight keyboard cum synthesizer, in its bright and beautiful blue housing. 

This synthesizer, we can say is a bundle of features as it features extensive MIDI and USB connectivity, advanced VST and DAW controller features, and a bunch of credible and powerful music creation software. In short, we can say that the Yamaha MX49 offers its music enthusiast, the best of both worlds at an astonishingly affordable cost. 

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Unique Features of the Yamaha MX49

As we have mentioned above, the MX49 combines the best Motif XS sounds, advanced DAW, VST features, and advanced USB/MIDI connectivity features. The other groundbreaking features of the MX49 are as follows:

  • The MX 49 synthesizer is great for studio use and live performances.
  • It is equipped with VCM effects and over 1000 sounds from the Motif series.
  • This synthesizer features 128-note polyphony and is equipped with advanced VCM effects.
  • It renders tremendous hands-on control for virtual studio technology (VST) and DCM.
  • Its bi-directional USB audio and MIDI interfacing renders hands-on training in the extensive music library.
  • The synthesizer comes with a complete suite of music production software
  • Its lightweight design and fine print make it an extremely portable device.
  • The synthesizer renders complete analog and digital connectivity.

Specifications of the Yamaha MX49

The Yamaha MX49 Music production synthesizer renders professional sounds, effects, and performance features, that we would require in a lightweight keyboard. It weighs under 9 pounds and is easy to transport from studio to stage. 

VCM Effects:

The Yamaha MX49 synthesizer contains more than 1000 voices from the world’s leading MOTIF XS series. The MX synthesizer comes equipped with tremendous VCM effects that stimulate tremendous effects at the circuit level. With the help of this synthesizer, it is possible to bring back the music of the past era, and bring back the tremendous sounds of the phaser, equalizer, flanger, etc.

Split/Layer Mode:

With this synthesizer from Yamaha, it is possible to combine two voices instantly to play on the keyboard with the help of dedicated split and layer buttons. It is possible to invite an entire band into play through the unit and its performances are completed programmable and editable with the help of club friendly grooves. 

Each of the performances in this synthesizer comprises of settings for a complete 16-part play and the play can switch between any of these 16 parts without cutting off the sound. As we have mentioned already, this synthesizer from Yamaha has 128 notes of polyphony and ample notes to play, thus making this one of the best tone generators for live performances and live playback unit of the DAW tracks.

USB connectivity and MIDI interfacing:

Apart from controlling softwares such as the VST and the DAW,  it also connects with the USB cable to the monitor and the computer and helps to access all sounds from the computer with the help of a headphone output. Players can also listen to their own DAW tracks by connecting the MX to the external studio monitor. There are tremendous audio converters on the MX that are crafted for professional music applications so that everything on the computer sounds great when this synthesizer is used as an output device. Also, the interface of the Mx 49 is bi-directions, so that the players are able to record the internal sounds directly on the computer, without having to visit the analog domain, to achieve the highest level of quality. 

Renders tremendous hands on control:

This synthesizer from Yamaha features solid knobs and buttons for controlling its internal sounds, VST instruments, and its other DAW parameters. Its simple interface combines with the computer’s template editor so that the VST that the pianist users are able to get controlled through the MX. There are also a number of advanced integration templates which are good to be controlled with the help of a rotary encoder, by screening over it passively. Thus with the MX49 synthesizer, it is possible to take complete control of the Cubase software. 

Compatible with all music production software:

This is the only synthesizer that comes with a complete suite of music at this price range. The advanced production software tools are as follows:

  • Over 48 audio tracks
  • More than 64bMIDI tracks
  • Built in VST effects 
  • Steinberg Prologue
  • Yamaha YC-3B organ emulator
  • Remote template editors

The synthesizer is also packed with a complete set of cross platform editors and it comes packed with a USB to device port, to connect external memory devices to store the MX data. If pianist wish to add a table or an MP3 player to the system, they just have to connect the AUX input with the help of a mini stereo cable.

Lightweight design and portability:

The Yamaha MX49 is perhaps the only synthesizer that is available with the best keyboard features and controllers and accommodates all them in its lightweight body. The maximum weight of this synthesizer is between 3.8  to 4.8 kg and thus this synthesizer can be carried easily with a single hand. The MX49 synthesizers feature a compact design and comes with a dedicated carry handle for easy transportability. The synthesizer also fits easily into a majority of music production studios as well.

Pros & Cons of Yamaha MX49


  • The Yamaha MX49 has many sounds that are derived from the Motif, serving to be the perfect solution for music studios.
  • Its virtual circuit modeling effects add more excitement and hands-on control for the pianist.
  • It is extremely lightweight and is easily portable.
  • The MX49 synthesizer releases about 1000 different instrument noises.
  • The sounds from this synthesizer are realistic and are identical to the real acoustic pianos.
  • The synthesizer has a simple and user-friendly interface and is also very easy to navigate.
  • There is access to thousands of instrument noises and editing software at a touch of a button.


  • There are no internal speakers in this synthesizer.
  • The keys on this keyboard are not weighted
  • The layer and the split functions on this synthesizer cannot be used at the same time.

Bottom Line

The MX49 synthesizer from Yamaha is an excellent tool for those dedicated pianists and music composers, who are looking for advanced editing technology in their synthesizer instruments. There are hundreds of sounds available in this instrument and are capable of creating a variety of musical sounds and styles that fit into the diverse tastes of pianists. The MX49 is also moderately priced for the diverse features it offers. It also offers a lot of control and its onboard interface is pretty easy to use. With all the features that players get with this synthesizer, it is possible to create one’s own music and build one’s audience base on stage.


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