Yamaha MX61 Review 2023: Ideal Music Production Synthesizer?

A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals through diverse methods such as frequency modulation synthesis and additive synthesis. These sounds are also modulated with the help of diverse components such as envelopes, filters, and oscillators.

Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer Review 2023

Yamaha MX61 Music Production Synthesizer
Keys3 Models (49-key, 61-key & 88-key)
Editor Score9.6/10

The Yamaha MX61 is an excellent synthesizer and is one of the best workstations that render tremendous performance for the pianist. Though this is not a very high-end synthesizer, it is one of the best options in the market for amateur pianists. The Yamaha music synthesizer features more than 1000 voices from the legendary Motif series and this piano also features an exceptional deep computer and iOS integration within its lightweight and compact frame. And this synthesizer comes in exceptional blue color that adds to the ambience of the living room.

The synthesizer features a powerful sonic palette that is packed in its sleek packages and it is available in both 49 and 61 note versions, that adapt to the fast life-style of people in modern times.  The synthesizer is designed with extensive audio, MIDI, and USB connectivity and also features advanced VST and DAW controller features, along with a suite of powerful music production software. The system also integrates with the MX, BU software to render tremendous flexibility to give its users the best of groundbreaking music technology, at an affordable cost.

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External Features and Styles of the Yamaha MX61

This is an excellent synthesizer that looks very much exciting, giving the users complete control over the sounds and the functions of the board. The synthesizer is very much easy and efficient to play and players of all skill levels get on board quite easily on this synthesizer. This keyboard is also quite lightweight and its 88-keybed makes it a highly efficient instrument onboard. The board is very intricate in its design and comes in three different color variations, namely black, blue and white.

Best Features of the Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer

The Yamaha MX61 is a class-compliant synthesizer with USB audio and MIDI features for tremendous plug-and-play connectivity, without requiring any installation drivers. Its Motif sound engine helps to layer, switch, cycle, randomize and control up to eight elements, well within a single voice. Its virtual circuit modeling features help to recreate sounds and the behavior of vintage effects and signal processors. The following are some of the unique features of the Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer.

  1. Features more than 1000 Motif Voices:

The Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer features over 1000 Motif voices, which includes realistic acoustic sounds like the electric piano, piano, drums, strings, to eight-element complete synth sounds. Its user interface renders the player’s favorite Motif XS voices at their fingertips. Players can also edit and store their sounds onboard within few minutes.

  1. Plug and Play Features:

The MX series features an excellent and class-compliant plug-and-play feature that is compliant with USB audio features, MIDI connectivity, and compatibility with the iOs and Mac operating systems. Users should only have to plug in the synthesizer and get benefitted from its audio and MIDI interface for the rest of the music studio. 

  1. Split and layer performance functionality:

With the split and layer functionality of the Yamaha MX 61 synthesizer, it is possible to combine two voices to play on the keyboard. By making use of the dedicated split and layer buttons it is possible to aggregate the intelligent arpeggiator and a drum track to create an intelligent and evocative performance, that feels like an entire band is playing on stage.

  1. FM Essential Synth App:

The FM essential synth app is great for iPad and iPhone with real-time editing and synth performance. Users can connect their iOS device to the Yamaha MX, with which it will be possible to access more than 271 quality voices also feature present sounds from the diverse systems for high-quality piano performance.

  1. There are tremendous controls for VSTs and DAWs:

The Yamaha MX61 features solid knobs and durable buttons for controlling its internal sounds, other VST instruments, and DAW parameters. The synthesizer features a simple interface that is combined with a remote template editor on a computer. Players can thus pair any new or old VSTs (virtual studio technology) and set up the same to be controlled by the MX. The unit also features advanced integration templates to be used with a variety of DAWs (digital audio workstations). 

  1. Cubase AI software tools:

This synthesizer from Yamaha comes with a complete suite of software tools for eminent music production. The Steinberg Cubase artificial intelligence in this synthesizer features around 48 audio tracks and 64 MIDI tracks along with accompanying notations, built-in VST effects, etc. The synthesizer is compatible with the DAW app for iOS, Cubasis LE, and the Cubase AI features. 

  1. VCM effects:

The Yamaha MX61 synthesizer comes completely equipped with a range of virtual circuitry modeling effects that help to simulate vintage effectors, right at the circuit level. The sounds of this synthesizer simulate vintage sounds and other astound music of the past era, making this piano one of the best instruments to bring back music from the past era.

The Yamaha MX 61 is compact and a lightweight synthesizer that features more than 1000 voices from the legendary MOTIF series, and it also features deep computer and iOS integration. This synthesizer also features a class-compliant USB audio and MIDI interface, for plug-and-play operation on iOS, MAC, and PC devices. 

  1. Available sound effects in this piano:

The sound quality in this piano is pretty fair and includes sounds of the piano, organ, Rhodes, and other realistic sounds. The quality is highly efficient and will not shatter the entire room. Its sound quality is very excellent. This keyboard has a 128-note polyphonic sound engine and is based on the Motif XS preset library. The overall sound quality of this synthesizer is good. All of its sounds will fit nicely into a mix of any style of music right from classical to electronic sounds. It is possible to playback WAV files from this synthesizer or with the help of a USB stick. It is also possible to route music from an iPod or from other audio devices with the help of an auxiliary input without jamming. 

  1. Real-time controls:

The top panel of the Yamaha MX61 is equipped with sleek, solid, and great feel knobs and buttons that facilitate better sound management and greater controls on its internal sounds and DAW parameters. The simple and streamlined interface of this synthesizer helps the players to find, edit and store their sounds efficiently on the synthesizer. The Yamaha MX61 has a template editor software that allows the pianist to alter the interface to suit their preferences. Its advanced integration templates help players to have complete control over any parameter by surfing over the large rotary endocrine of the Mx-61. 


  • This is an excellent and lightweight piano that comes with an attractive price tag.
  • Its rich and lush sounds are pleasing for the ears and features the rich Motif XS sounds.
  • Equipped with an excellent synthesizer, and is well laid with powerful performance controls right at the fingertips of players.
  • The piano features the latest sound innovation technology and features that exceed the expectations of the pianist.
  • The synthesizer is very easy to use and has the capability to record internal sounds straight to the computer, helping users to enjoy high-quality music.
  • There are many knobs on the MX 61 that allow the pianist to control its DAW parameters, VST instruments, and internal sounds.
  • Its synthesizer renders access to rich sounds that integrate the PC with USB and MIDI interface.
  • The keys of the piano are full size and are sensitive to velocity, making it worth for its instrument.


  • The synthesizer renders sound distortions and stepping while using the filter at high resonance levels.
  • There is no DAW synth editor and it is not possible to change the filter type of edit the voices at the element level.
  • It is not possible to record music on this synthesizer.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha MX-61 synthesizer is a powerful and remarkable piano with ambient integration capabilities. The MX-61 features a powerful 61-key music key controller and synthesizer that features more than 1000 motif sounds and this piano also renders a deep controller integration with different laptops and PCs. In short, the Yamaha MX-61 is an affordable, compact, and lightweight piano with high-quality sounds. This is an excellent synthesizer for a pianist who wishes to play hundreds and thousands of sounds with a high-performance synth engine.


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