How Learning the Piano Can Change Your Life (2022)

How Learning the Piano Can Change Your Life

It is an almost undeniable fact that learning an instrument is a great skill. We’ve been suggested by our parents, teachers, elders and other musicians to learn an instrument. There must be some reasons behind it. One good reason is that it is a good and recreational hobby. You don’t have to be passionate about mastering the piano but spending some time practicing the piano can be your “me” time. Besides developing a hobby there are a variety of different reasons why learning the piano can make a significant difference in your life and always for the better. There are even neurological and psychological reasons why learning a piano is beneficial for your mental health. Detailed information about these benefits will increase your motivation to start learning the piano and you will soon find yourself hooked to practicing the piano.

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Benefits of Learning Piano


You might have heard of the phrase “music is therapy”. Well, what makes people say that? Learning and practicing the piano will make you respond to different emotions. You’ll be more and more attentive to your feelings. Everyone who listens to music attaches their feelings to one or the other song and experiences a sudden surge of that particular feeling when listening to that piece of music. Learning and playing music on piano multiplies that beautiful experience. Music lets you experience a whole bunch of different feelings but the piano is best known for its soothing capacity. Guitar and drums are good at increasing energy level in the atmosphere but the piano is calm and composed. It makes you feel peaceful and refreshed. Sparing some time from your work and playing the piano would nullify your burnout state and would make you feel recreated. It will regulate your overall stress level.

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Neurological studies prove that while learning piano your brain forms new neural connections. So whenever you learn a new piece on the piano you improve your memory, attention, speech, language, and the ability to convey your emotions verbally at the same time. Since you use both of your hands playing the piano, you learn how to manage to pay attention to a different area at the same time, i.e. you learn to multitask. Many professionals say it improves hand-eye co-ordination but it is not just hands and eyes it also involves ears because you are continuously listening and correcting what you are playing. You only play what sounds good to your ears.


If you are someone constantly struggling through your 9-5 job or even somebody who barely do anything outside their professional work, the piano can change your life. Nobody likes 100% rigidity in their daily routine so to break out of that, learning piano will help you very profoundly. It will allow you to try and experiment with the things that you learn. The mind-blowing thing about the music and instruments is that the room for creativity in this domain is infinite. You can be creative as much as possible and it’s never enough. There are no limitations to the creative aspect of music. And being creative will help you touch different aspects of life; something which is never possible to attain with the basic 9-5. Being creative will make you feel worthy of yourself and you will find your self-esteem increased much more than before. You will find meaning in playing the piano because it won’t be something that you will have to do, instead, it would be something you choose to and want to do. 


There are different approaches to learn piano. One can learn through the most common method that is the western model. Although, there are plenty of options to learn from the beginning or one can also learn different forms of playing techniques after becoming an intermediate player. When you learn about a certain technique, it brings itself the history and the culture belonging to that particular genre. For example, you learn an old Indian classical musical piece; you would have an idea about a small part of the Indian culture. In this way, you can learn about different genres such as Korean pop, Japanese classical music, Spanish music, etc. Interest in the particular genre may further lead your interest in different cultures across the globe. You never know what your hidden likings are. Learning piano will make you explore the existing masterpieces of all time and will let you appreciate them for their greatness. 


Everyone talks about the emotional and habitual benefit of learning piano but there are also financial reasons how you can monetize your efforts into learning piano. Learning an instrument is a skill after all and a useful one. If you develop enough interest and mastery in learning piano, one considerable option for you to do is to sell the skill. There are plenty of people just like you who want to start learning the piano. You can teach them and earn a decent amount of cash. Sharing increases knowledge, so the more you share, the more you get to know about the discipline. You can set up an online lesson for teaching people piano in your free time. You will definitely enjoy meeting people with similar interests. You can start off by charging a lesser fee when you are intermediate and gradually increase it as you gather more experience. 

If not teaching, performing. You can hold live gigs and show off your skills in local restaurants. People will recognize your talent and you will form new connections with people.

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You’ll leave a special impression on every big and small gathering at your place. It indeed feels good to be appreciated by other people. The best part about this social appreciation is that you don’t often get appreciated for your playing but the efforts you are trying to make to perform and entertain each one in the crowd. This keeps you motivated to practice more. 

These are more than enough reasons for someone to start investing their time and effort in learning piano. If not immediate, there are concrete long-term benefits of learning piano that will change your life for good!


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