Yamaha YDP145B: Arius Series Digital Console Piano – 2023

Yamaha YD145B is a digital console piano by Yamaha in the Arius series. It is black in color and comes with a bench as well. Yamaha Arius YDP145B is perfect for music lovers. Whoever aspires to learn or play piano whether a beginner or a professional; everyone will love it for its amazing features. 

Yamaha YP145B Review 2023

Overall Editor Rating: 9.5/10
Performance and sounds9.5
Build Quality9.3
Value for money9.5

Specifications of Yamaha Arius YDP145B

Let us look at some of the specifications of this piano.

  • This piano weighs 83.8 pounds which are approximately 38 kilograms.
  • The dimensions of this piano are 4.2 x 6.1 x 5.4 inches which are approximately 10 x 15 x 13.7 cm.
  • The ASIN code of the product is B09S3Y7DNF
  • The model number of this Yamaha piano is YDP145B.
  • It is available only in black color.
  • It has 88 keys in total.
  • It is an electric corded piano.
  • This piano comes with 353 built-in songs which are categorized into classical and comprehensive songs.
  • It also comes with the Stereophonic Optimizer effect.
  • It is also embedded with amazing Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite technology.
  • It has GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard action.
  • It has 3 piano-style pedals.
  • Its sound is sampled from the original and famous CFX concert grand piano.
  • Polyphony – 192 notes.
  • Specification of the amplifier is – 8 W x 2
  • It has 10 in-built instrument sounds.
  • It has black-colored matte keys and their touch responses range from hard, medium, and soft to fixed.

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Pros of Yamaha Arius YDP145B

Let us get some insight into the features that makes it different and better than other pianos available on the market.

  • It is just like an acoustic piano because it has GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard action. This makes the low keys heavy and the high keys light.
  • It has 3 piano-style pedals. It gives 3 types of performances namely – authentic sustain performance, soft pedal performance, and sostenuto performance.
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite technology usually called VRM Lite gives this piano realistic acoustic piano audio.
  • It has 353 songs inbuilt.
  • The piano voice used in Yamaha YDP145B is taken from Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand piano.
  • Its polyphony is 192 notes.
  • It gives off a rich and powerful sound that has a 3D audio effect just like an acoustic piano
  • It is really good for beginners who want to practice before moving to an actual acoustic piano
  • It has a very stylish build which enhances the loom of the entire room where it is kept.
  • It also comes with the Stereophonic Optimizer effect.
  • It is comparatively lighter but in terms of performance, it is better than any other piano available.
  • It has black-colored matte keys and their touch responses range from hard, medium, and soft to fixed.
  • It has 10 in-built instrument sounds.

The Yamaha YDP148B is extremely well made and is designed to withstand the demands of musicians with a luxurious tune while maintaining the basics of a piano. The stylish design matches your room interior, a rich variety of built-in songs, and smart pianist app intuitive operation.

Cons of Yamaha Arius YDP145B

  • It is only available in black color. So colorwise there is no other option to choose from. Those who are looking for a different aesthetic, might not find it suitable.
  • Since it is huge, it takes up a lot of space. It requires its own place in the house, it cannot be folded or stored in a closed space. 
  • In absence of electricity, the piano will not work, but it is electrically corded. This is a major disadvantage that it faces compared to an acoustic piano.
  • It does not offer any connectivity through Bluetooth or wifi.
  • Its amplifier is not very powerful compared to other models by the same company. These models include Yamaha YDP 184 and Yamaha YDP 165.
  • The recording capacity of this piano is limited.
Yamaha YDP145 Arius Series Digital Console Piano with Bench,...
  • The CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice recreates the power and tone of the flagship CFX concert grand piano from Yamaha.
  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, just like an acoustic piano.
  • 3 Piano Style Pedals offer authentic sustain, sostenuto, and soft pedal performance.

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Features of Yamaha YDP145B

1. Luxurious Feeling

The best thing about this Yamaha YDP145B is that it gives you a luxurious feeling when you play it.  You feel inner satisfaction when the music fills the room and you just want to keep playing it.

2. CFX Concert Grand Piano

Yamaha YDP145B renders the sound of the very famous piano – CFX concert grand piano. Its audio or voice is sampled from it. That is why it has the capability to deliver amazing high notes and powerful bass. It presents sparkling audio to the listeners. The audience will feel immersed in the music.

3. Similar to Acoustic Pianos

This piano has 88 keys and GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard action. This renders a very real acoustic touch to the piano. The lower keys seem heavier whereas the higher keys feel lighter. Because of this, the sound of the piano is very rich in variation, colorful, and clear.

4. Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (Vrm Lite)

Yamaha YDP145B creates a rich sympathetic resonance using the Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite technology (Vrm Lite) that is felt by the vibration or tremble of the whole instrument. When all these vibrations from the strings come together, they create a perfect mix of notes and tones. These vibrations are created by the mutual harmony between the power and time of keys and pedals.

5. Powerful Sound Quality

The Yamaha YDP145B piano is manufactured in such a way that it incorporates sound cabinets inside the piano. This gives a 3-dimensional echo and resonance similar to an acoustic piano. This is why the audience, listener, and player can enjoy and take in the natural sound of a piano.

6. Variety of Built-in songs

The great thing is, that this piano has 353 in-built songs. 50 of them are popular classical tunes and songs whereas 303 are comprehensive tunes. It also has a wide range of built-in instrument sounds as well – such as electric piano, strings, drums, organ, bass, vibraphone, etc. 

7. Compatibility

This piano is compatible with an app called Yamaha’s free smart pianist app. It can be downloaded from any app store and be connected to the instrument.

8. Stereophonic Optimizer effect

The stereophonic Optimizer effect allows the user to listen to the best spacious, real, and natural sound even through earphones or headphones too. The new technology that is embedded into those devices corrects the volume and sound and creates a balance that renders gentle sound which is loved by users, listeners, and audience.

9. Aesthetically Pleasing

The design and build of the piano are very pleasant to the eyes. Since it is black in color, it is easy to match the device to any kind of aesthetic. The matte finish of the piano gives it a very royal look. 

Alternatives to be Considered

In case you want to check out other alternatives to Yamaha YDP145B here are some of the recommended options within the same price range:

Final Review of Yamaha YDP145B

According to me, Yamaha YDP145B is an excellent product for starters and also for practitioners. It is very similar to an acoustic piano and therefore it has a luxurious and rich sound quality that is preferred by many users nowadays. It deserves more praise due to the excellent technology employed in its manufacturing. The VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling) Lite technology and the GHS weighted action (Graded Hammer Standard) technology contribute to the realness and clarity of sound that this piano offers.

There is no doubt that because of these two commendable features, its status is almost equal to that of an acoustic piano. Though it cannot be used on stages due to technical (electronic) restrictions, it is a very good replacement for big pianos in practice rooms and music studios. Those who are reading this article obviously love and respect music and must be aware of the CFX concert grand piano. The sound of this piano is sampled from there which adds to its advantages. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does This Actually Feel Like an Acoustic Piano or is It Overhyped?

It is definitely not overhyped. It actually feels like an acoustic piano. If you are looking for a piano to practice acoustic, then this is the best choice.

2. Can I Record or Playback Using Yamaha YDP145B?

Yes, definitely. There are options to record and playback.

3. Can I Use Headphones With This Piano?

Yes, you can use headphones or any earphones with this. It has a headphone jack located under the keyboard. You can plug into it. It has a Stereophonic Optimizer technology effect which allows it to play the same quality of sound even with headphones on.

4. What and All Sounds Are Included in This Piano?

This piano has 353 in-built songs. 50 of them are popular classical tunes and songs whereas 303 are comprehensive tunes. It also has a wide range of built-in instrument sounds as well – such as electric piano, strings, drums, organ, bass, vibraphone, etc. (read the full article for better insight)

5. What is the Warranty Period for This Yamaha YDP145B Arius Piano?

It usually has 3 year warranty period. You can check that out on the official site and confirm it once again

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