Alesis Recital Pro Review: Ideal for Starters?-2023

If you are looking for a digital piano that has been tailor-designed to your needs, then you should choose the Alesis Recital Pro digital piano. This is indeed a feature-packed electric keyboard with premium-sized weighted hammer action keys. It also features an adjusting touch response to suit our preferred playing style. Let us discuss the complete review of this piano here.

Alesis Recital Pro Review 2023

Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano
Editor Rating: 9.2/10
Performance and sounds9.3
For Beginners9.6
Build Quality8.9
Value for money9.4

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Key features of the Alesis Recital Pro

  • The piano features 88 full-size hammer action keys with a touch sensitivity feature
  • There are 12 present tones in this piano with 128-note polyphony
  • There is a layer, split, and lesson mode to help learn the piano lessons efficiently.
  • There is a 20W woofer and a 10W tweeters speaker system in the piano. 
  • The piano has a headphone output, sustain pedal unit, USB to host port, and a MIDI USB type B.
  • The weight of this piano is about 26 pounds.
  • There is a backlit LCD screen available on this piano
  • There is a headphone output and a sustain pedal input in this piano.
  • It draws power from a 12V DC power supply and can work with 6D cell batteries as well.

External Features of the Piano

The Alesis Recital Pro digital piano is much bulkier than its non-pro counterpart. It features fully weighted keys and features exceptional build quality. The piano is well-built and is much better than the original recital pro piano. The body of the piano seems to be made of some average quality plastic, but its keys are sturdy which is a positive review of this budget digital piano.

Design of Alesis Recital Pro

The visual aids of this piano are very basic as it features a very small LCD screen and thus navigation in this digital piano is a little basic. Though the display in this piano is that of the displays we find at the budget arranger keyboards and is quiet basis, it still works great enough. There is also a hose of new features under the hood of the new Alesis Recital Pro. The controls, knobs, and buttons are neatly arranged and are easy and efficient to use. But the control panel and the knobs on this keyboard are basic, but this simplicity is what makes this piano much preferred over its competitors. 

The keyboard

The Alesis Recital Pro digital piano features 88-fully weighted keys, which is an improvement over the original recital, which features semi-weighted keys. The keys feel very natural on this piano and its hammer action offers the feeling of playing a grand acoustic piano. in short, the keyboard and the keys of the piano are marked as extremely expressive and still affordable. 

Keys of Alesis Recital Pro

The keys of this piano come with an adjusting touch sensitivity which is exceptional for recalibrating the sound dynamics and the overall volume of the piano. The sensitivity level of this piano will depend on how hard or soft its keys are being pressed. The hammer action on the keys, the weighted keys, and the adjusting touch response helps in enhancing the piano playing experience to a great level and offers exceptional control over the keys.

The sound quality

The samples that are used in this digital piano are clean and are of exceptional quality as they are sampled from a good quality digital piano. This digital piano offers multiple sound options to choose from, and 12 sounds are emitted from this piano. There are diverse modes, which include the acoustic piano, electric piano, church organ, vibraphone, strings, harpsichord, etc., to name a few.

As there are a variety of sounds and modes available on this digital piano, we can play many different tones and tunes on it. By tuning in the acoustic piano option, it is possible to get the best audio configurations in this piano. The piano has very high-quality string tones as well, which sound at their best when they pair with an electric or acoustic piano.

Polyphony is the maximum number of notes that the keyboard can play at once and the higher the value of polyphony, the better will be the quality of music played on it. The Alesis Recital Pro digital piano comprises a 128-note polyphony, which is a normal quota for most digital pianos. Thus, it is possible to incorporate multiple tones and layers during the recording session for a complete and holistic music playing experience.

The speakers

The Alesis recital pro digital piano features the best speakers and sound system. It features two 10W woofers and dual 20W tweeters with great treble and bass sounds. Thus, the piano offers clean and consistent audio, when we play any of its keys. Even at maximum volume, the speakers emit high-quality sound, that is free from any type of distortions. Thus even in closed spaces or crowded venues, we can expect crisp and high-quality audio from this digital piano, throughout the playing time.

Connectivity features

There is a ¼” TRS headphone jack to connect with the headphones and listen to one’s music without disturbing others. There is also a sustain pedal jack, that can be of use if we wish to use the damper pedal while playing. There are jacks for stereo outputs, that connect this piano with the pocket speakers or amplifiers for subtle parties. There is also a USB MIDI output that allows us to connect the piano to the PC laptop or Mac book.

Connectivity features of Alesis Recital Pro

Pros & Cons of Alesis Recital Pro

The best features of the piano

  • The piano features a full-sized 88-key hammer action keyboard
  • It offers an improved sound selection for the budding pianist
  • It offers a great variety of sound effects.
  • Features 128 polyphony and a built-in MIDI recorder
  • It can function on batteries and is thus great for stage shows.


  • The Recital Pro digital piano suffered from creaking as its built is made of low-grade plastic.
  • The main piano sounds of this piano require improvement

Why is the Alesis Recital Pro the best digital piano for beginners?

There are several useful features in the Alesis Recital Pro digital piano that qualifies it to be the best digital piano for beginners.

  • The lesson mode in this piano, just like any other digital piano is a very impressive and useful feature for beginners. 
  • The dual-mode in this piano splits it into two halves that sound identical to each other. Thus the piano teacher and the student can play simultaneously and beginners can learn the piano lessons easily. This makes learning piano basics an interactive and fun-filled one.
  • There is a headphone jack at the back of this piano, that can plug into headphones, to listen to lessons and play music. This can also be used as a port to connect the sustain pedal, as an input for a power adapter, and also as a USB port.
  • Beginners can use the ¼” jack as a MIDI signal to connect with apps to access music tutorials and learn music.
  • There is a music rest to keep the music notes and book and start to play even new music easily.
  • The keys of this piano have undergone a major improvement that appeals to beginner pianists.
  • Apart from all these interesting features, there is a 3-month free subscription to the Skoove premium online piano lesson service that comes free with this digital piano.

Alternatives of Alesis Recital Pro

These are some alternatives you can consider.

Note: You can get more options in our lists of best digital pianos under $500 and digital pianos for beginners.

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