Best New Synthesizer – Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer Review (2023)

The Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer is a modern and unique workstation produced by Korg to give consumers full satisfaction. Latterly having revolted the tablet business with the former flagship OASYS interpretation, in 2011 Korg released its first itineration in the Kronos series, the network of keyboard gamers was authentically shocked by a made of similar remarkable openings.

Of direction, notwithstanding its big charge, the authentic design was amiss deficient, still, Korg endured to invest in enhancing the Kronos till the release of the ultra-modern model 2012’s Kronos X. Introduced in November 2014, primarily proven in nippiness NAMM 2015, the new Kronos is now available encyclopedically in three one-of-a-kind variations.

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Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation
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Like the Kronos X model, Korg Kronos gives the sixty-one-key NH herbal contact Semi -Weighted stir edition, inclusively with the 73-key,88- key RH3 real Weighted Hammer action variations which can be applicable for pro piano players and stay musicians who want one of the stylish and flexible situations pianos with pc functionalities. 

General Overview Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation

When Korg says the Kronos 88LS is its “most important synthesizer” ever, you kind of need to sit up and take an observation. The association’s history of making synths stretches returned 45 times to its first donation, the Korg mini Korg- seven hundred. Also, it has released numerous corner gadgets and recreation-converting synth degrees. The KRONOS pc turned introduced in 2011 has been launched in colorful forms and constrained edition tinges.

korg kronos
Editor Rating: 9.5/10
Performance and sounds9.4
Build Quality9.4
Value for money9.5

The 88 LS is the most recent, a good deal, the zenith of range, designed to attract jobbing musicians and gamers, plus plant melodists and manufacturers likewise. It’s featherlight and more movable than the utmost 88- word keyboards, so gigging musicians will adore it, and it comes sharp of a lovely set of functions. Kronos has seven foremost modes that you’ll in all liability be acquainted with the need to you’ve got used a synth workstation like this earlier.

Operation Mode is for playing man or woman sounds; Combination Mode is for combining 16 sounds inclusively for keyboard splits and layers; Sequencer Mode is for the 16 tracks of MIDI and audio recording; Setlist Mode allows you to get admission to operations, fusions, indeed entire songs and further all from one region( great for gigging whilst you need to telephone up rudiments that make up a tune or whole set); Sampling Mode is for getting your audio recorded and organized; Disk Mode for significant saving and lading options; in the end Worldwide Mode for changing main keyboard functions. 

For case, whilst you punctuate a parameter to change – known as the Edit mobile – you could use a display screen with contact and drag up and down or left and proper. In case you detect this too fiddly also use the price regulators( switches and sliders) on the frontal panel, the top rotary, or the telephone within number on the keypad. Lots of options also.

The display works extremely nicely in confluence with the KRONOS manage bottom position to its left wing. Right then you or KRONOS decide what tackle controls are connected to commodity on screen so whether or not, for illustration, the faders manage extent for the primary or 2d 8 rudiments of anaotal. 

Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation
  • 88-note Keyboard Synthesizer Wkstation with Semi-weighted Action
  • Solid-state Internal Drive
  • 8" Col TouchView Display

So, computing device conception is straightforward P.C. As a whole lot as you can into an unattached keyboard for complete song-timber that’s a synth, results, sequencer, sample, and as numerous other bells hiss with a little cell suit in. KRONOS 88 LS takes ideas a many ways additions. Why have just one synth machine whilst you can have 9, masking a whole lot from top-rate Piano to multitudinous analog and digital synths?

Also, there are 16 contemporaneous goods; 21 GB of sound statistics plus 62 GB of slice memory; an 800 x six hundred pixels SVGA color TouchView display; a sixteen-song MIDI Sequencer and 16- tune Audio Archivist; up to two hundred voices of polyphony; 505 Multisamples and,388 Drum samples.

I could go on, as every one of the nine machines can also be broken down into subsets of further specs, still, I suppose you get the image that if you want to make some music, music can nearly surely be made with KRONOS 88 LS. With a recently- designed light contact keyboard for easy playability, KRONOS LS helps you to take a complete-sized keyboard- and power of KRONOS- far and wide. Full of nine flexible sound machines, as many as 16 contemporaneous consequences, sixteen-element duos and so much lesser, KRONOS is KORG’s maximum important synthesizer ever. 


In addition to releasing KRONOS’ capability, KORG introduces a new light- touch 88- a key model for a brand-new stage of playability- and portability. The first substantial trade in this new interpretation is refashioned look the Kronos now offers a long hauls lesser fashionable lattice with herbal wood aspect panels, a new silkscreened textbook, that’s less complicated to study, and a sophisticated vented again panel.

All the I/O (enter an affair) jacks at the moment are gold-plated for advanced audio affable. Many adaptations also are to be had within the Kronos’ notorious TouchView shade display, which allows stoners to snappily edit parameters on-screen with new contrivance- expansive contact/ Drag mode, a remarkable factor for those guests looking to edit their sounds in real-time during gigs.

But arguably maximum excellent invention is the SGX- 2 piano machine, which includes the 9 GB Berlin D Grand Piano interpretation with married “una corda” samples and new Sympathetic String Resonance, which fits on each of the SGX- machine pianos.

korg kronos 88

This option provides a lot of literalism in Kronos ’ piano enjoyment, sounds more redundant and natural, and girding than ever while mixed with an atrocious RH3 weighted movement keyboard.

Each Kronos X and the new Kronos partake the famed structure wherein lie 9 distinctive machines, every devoted to a single conflation kind the SGX- 2 for Acoustic Pianos; the EP- 1 for electric powered Pianos; the HD- 1 for PCM sounds; the AL- 1 for the Analog Synthesizers; the CX- 3 for the Tonewheel Organs; the STR- 1 for Strings; the MOD- 7 for Waveshaping VPM synthesizers; the MS- 20EX for all the sounds deduced from the authentic Korg MS- 20 analog synths; eventually the PolysixEX for all the Polysix’s traditional sounds sunglasses. 

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Synthesizer Keyboards for Live Performance


  • PC with nine machines( piano, electric powered piano, organ, three x analog, and 2 x virtual synth, fleshly modeling
  • Keyboard 88- be apprehensive speed-touch semi-weighted
  • Polyphony as much as 2 hundred notes
  • Sequencer 16 song MIDI plus sixteen HDR
  • Presets 896 operations; 1792 combinations
  • Results sixteen contemporaneous from 197 types
  • Connections major plus 4 character outs, 2 audio in, three-pedal, 3 MIDI, USB
  • Weight (kg)17.8
  • Length (w x h x d mm), 426 x 364 x 134
  • New mild-touch keyboard for easy, nimble playing
  • Featherlight pc with complete Kronos strength
  • 88- observe Keyboard Synthesizer Workstation with a semi-weighted stir
  • Stable- country’s internal force
  • 8″ Col TouchView show
  • Ribbon Controller
  • 9 Sound Machines
  • Korg Kronos( 61- key, 73- key, or 88- key performances)
  • AC line
  • Quick launch primer
  • 3x accentuation DVDs
  • Voluntary XVP- 10 Expression Pedal, EXP- 2 Foot Controller, DS- 1H Mute Pedal
  • KORG’s all-new mild-contact keyboard makes it easy to play commodities from fast organ licks to synth terms to glissandi. The medium of the keyboard itself has been redesigned so the rate is less complicated to manipulate than on current mild-touch keyboards, indeed when laying complicated passions or delicate expressions. The box-shaped keys change their look with KORG’s top-class RH3 action while conducting a quicker playing experience of a synth keyboard. Because the keyboard is semi-weighted, it’s also ideal for playing piano and electric-powered piano in any style.

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KRONOS makes use of smooth Sound Transitions, so one of the first effects you’ll word while you step via the presets is they don’t suddenly reduce off while switching from one operation or total to the coming. Every operation can be characteristic of the KRONOS ’nine machines as its abecedarian substances, so it’s presumably first-class to observe each of that charge the kinds of sounds they produce. 

I’ll start with the SGX-touch machine. That’s grounded on samples from three pianos – Jap C, German D, and Berlin D –every notice recorded with as numerous as 12 pace layers. A veritably cool specific of KRONOS is you can modify some device features graphically on display with the piano, as an illustration, you may modify how the distance lid is opened or closed.

The preceding sounds are splendid throughout the board and blended with the mild experience of the 88LS keyboard deliver enough stunning goods. Further, the EP- 1 machine offers first-rate electric pianos. You get the separate operation over the piano tone and mechanical noise performing in a sound that feels like it’s from a real tool. 

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With the CX- three organ machine, the KRONOS control bottom mechanically turns into a drawbar phase to regulate the tones which can also be acclimated using on-screen drawbars). You may introduce a super Leslie that is impacted by fluttering the joystick ahead. The goods are fantastic, with an excellent volume of gobbets and dust.

Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation
  • 88-note Keyboard Synthesizer Wkstation with Semi-weighted Action
  • Solid-state Internal Drive
  • 8" Col TouchView Display


  • Kg/14 lbs. Lighter than KRONOS2- 88 for elevated portability
  • The new keyboard makes the instrument markedly lighter than KRONOS2- 88 with KORG’s RH3 movement, making transport and setup a whole lot less complicated. At under 19 kg/ forty lbs., bringing a full 88- word KRONOS to a show simply came lesser handy.
  • New zilches v3.1 includes new brief Subcaste/break-up functions.
  • At the side of its dynamic new keyboard, the trendy KRONOS product produces layers conforming to piano and strings or splits along with electric-powered piano and bass. Multitudinous fresh zilches advances have also been made to in addition makes certain balance and strain-free performance surroundings.
  • A brand-new look to supplement its new sense
  • With its high-priced dark umber aluminum frame and beautifully drafted sunburst timber aspect panels, KRONOS LS is designed to give as fantastically as it performs. KRONOS LS offers a swish print that’s been for domestic, stage, and plant.
  • keyboard( haste-sensitiveSemi-Weighted Keyboard) confines
  • ( W x D x H),426 mm x 364 mm x 134 mm/ fifty- six. 14 ” x14.33 ” x5.28 ” Weight17. Eight kg/39.24 lbs.


  • 88- word Keyboard Synthesizer Workstation with semi-weighted action
  • Strong-state internal drive
  • 8″ gap Touch View display
  • Ribbon Controller
  • 9 Sound Machines


  • It’s ever costly
  • It’s by some means delicate to use.


This piano has its competition, although it’s such a superb piano. Unique manufacturers are looking to skip the others to remain at the commanding edge of request. Many pianos contend for correspondence of; 

Korg B2 Digital Piano vs Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer

The B2 is a new period of digital piano from Korg centered on availability and simplicity of use. Stylish as the first piano for a brand-new party, we have got paid unique interest to carouse in of playing a factual piano. B2 is full of cautiously decided-on sounds, beginning with fabulous grand pianos from around the world.

Software programs and a variety of connectors come preferred for a surely current piano enjoy. B2 is in keyboard format and can be deposited on a stage, the B2SP has a difficulty-assembled stage and a 3- pedal unit, and the B2N functions as a light- contact 88- word keyboard. This three-model lineup offers druggies the eventuality to pick out the ideal piano for their requirements. B2 is a piano for anybody from beginners to pro players seeking out commodities comfortable to exercise on.

A keyboard that reproduces the touch of an aural piano, prepared with flexible i/ o for a variety of connectivity, covered track rest for distance tune and mobile contraptions, beneficent pack of software programs for innovative work, comfort, and capability with the simplicity of a factual piano, equal disposition, Sound generation Stereo PCM, utmost Polyphony 120 voices( outside), Sounds 12, consequences Reverb, chorus, rally Songs 12.

Korg B2 Digital Piano - Black Bundle with Adjustable Stand,...
  • Keyboard that reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano
  • Equipped with versatile i/o for a range of connectivity
  • Included music rest for sheet music and mobile devices.

Korg B1 Digital Piano 88-Key vs Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer

B1 88- Key Digital Piano with lower Speaker device Black. Compact and value-effect, the KORG B1 Digital Piano’s streamlined design can give the important functions most vital to any pianist authentic keyboard contact, superior sound, and ease of use. To reap the deep, fat tones of an audial piano within its compact frame, the B1 Digital Piano relies on KORGservo-supported MFB technology, a brace of the full-range servo-supported unresistant radiator.

The colorful range of these factors reproduces the rich resonating tones that radiate from the large body of an audial piano, with particular interest paid to the low-frequency range. Further to shooting the large tone frequency grand piano, the rigorously- tried sounds created for the B1 virtual Piano also reproduce the sympathetic string climate and mute resonances that give the piano its actuality.

The B1 virtual Piano is prepared with KORG’s NH( herbal Weighted Hammer) keyboard action. This natural Weighting affords a heavier touch in the lower registers, transitioning to a lighter contact within the advanced areas — simply as on a traditional piano. 

Korg B1 88 Key Digital Piano with Enhanced Speaker System...
  • 88 Natural Weighted Hammer keys
  • Built-in stereo sound system with MFB Servo technology
  • Eight accurate digitally-sampled sounds

Korg LP380 Digital Piano Black vs Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer

LP- 380 life Digital Piano Black. The LP- 380 presents an extremely good piano sound in a low-profile, slender design. The flat-meridian press seems elegant indeed if the important thing cover is closed. The devilish affair amplifier and the audio system should reproduce a practical piano sound, at the same time as Korg’s flagship RH3 crucial bed enabling suggestive performances.

Elegant layout The LP- 380 is a virtual piano it’s designed with a style to fit your inner decor. simply 26 cm in depth, it’s slender sufficient to match far and wide. The wood pivotal cover is flat on top, allowing the device to combine elegantly into your room when you aren’t playing it. Retaining protection in studies, the duvet uses a smooth-leaved medium to make certain that it closes easily. The slim and voguish chassis tasks an experience of stability.

The RH3 keyboard, three pedals, and large-fringe audio system ensure an amazing piano-gambling experience and a fat piano sound. Choose from colors to shape the atmosphere of your room black or white. fat piano sounds that you may witness playing for you to reproduce the gambling sense of an audial piano as hard as possible, the sound switches among 4 piano samples according to your gambling dynamics. 

Korg LP380-88 - Key Digital Piano, Black
  • 73-key Slim and stylish design Rich, dynamic acoustic piano sounds that are enjoyable to play High-output amp section produces plenty of volume RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) keyboard Reduced chassis, package size, and weight Three-pedal design with half-damper support Sustain pedal sold separately
  • The LP-380 provides brilliant piano sound in a low-profile, slim design
  • The flat-top cabinet looks stylish even when the key cover is closed

Korg Nautilus 88-key Synthesizer Workstation vs Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Synthesizer

This is Korg’s posterior-generation performance Synth workstation, 88- key Synthesizer Workstation with RH- three crucial bed, Dynamic Polyphony Allocation, Covered software program pack, Smooth Sound Transition, and Sixteen-track MIDI Sequencer. However, the Korg Kronos is better than it in terms of durability.

Korg Workstation Keyboard (NAUTILUS88) Black
  • Performance Power - Nine powerful sound engines and class-leading effects provide everything you need to perform a wide range of sounds on NAUTILUS.
  • Modern User Interface - The streamlined user interface of NAUTILUS gives you fast access to thousands of fantastic sounds.
  • Korg’s Best Keyboard Actions - NAUTILUS 61 and 73-key models come with a semi-weighted synth action, and the 88-key version offers a premium four-stage weighted hammer action for an ultra-realistic piano playing experience.


The new Korg Kronos no longer give any particular invention which could justify the improvement from the aged fashions, in particular, whilst you may get all of the new functions with loose to filch relief and choose not to the brand-new Berlin D piano sound. The price hole between the stretch Kronos X and the more modern model suggests that you may be advanced off hunting for a miraculous give and shopping for the antique Kronos X alternatively for an affordable price. Korg has constructed a useful, adaptable controller with the Korg Kronos.

And ordinary, we ’big suckers of Korg’s design philosophy. The Korg Kronos is an exquisite keyboard that appeals to a confined target request. Nonetheless, this keyboard has little or no opposition beforehand it, If the style is your element. The wood end, substance construction, and illuminated buttons all come together to produce a fascinating pack for synth players. That being stated, if you do discover a variety of values having lots of antique sounds on your magazine, you gained descry as an awful lot price also as you’ll someplace else. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Korg Kronos LS?

The Korg Kronos LS is a ready Kronos synthesizer calculating device. It’s packed complete of 9 specific sound machines, a sequence of 16 consequences, amalgamation patches with as important as 16 sounds, sixteen-tune sequencers, and sixteen-warbles hard scrap journalists. It’s the ultimate computing device with a keyboard.

2. How Many Sounds Can You Layer on Korg Kronos?

32 unique sounds. Every program at the Korg Kronos has two machines and with 16 places in the system, you may subcaste up to 32 one-of-a-kind sounds which means that you may make a full huge sound indeed.

3. Is Korg Kronos the Best?

Through time humans have held several ‘devilish-check’ workstation synths and they can say that the Kronos is the most swish-sounding and maximum extensible instrument they’ve ever had the delight of.

4. How Do I Connect My Korg Kronos to My Computer?

Connect your Kronos via USB to your pc. Make sure to apply the” square” USB jack on the Kronos aspect( kind B connector). Open the Korg driving force Setup operation. Click on the launch button if wanted. Also, with the use of the Korg Kronos sample is called an” Open Sampling device”, KRONOS can gormandize the pattern of an outside audio force, anyhow whether KRONOS is inside the software, total, or Sequencer modes. The Open Sampling Mode can indeed the test performance of the KRONOS itself.

5. Does Korg Kronos 88 Have Aftertouch?

The review interpretation’s 88- word RH- 3 graded weighted keybed (with pace and aftertouch) feels nicely balanced and offers a genuine piano playing enjoyment when paired with the EP- 1 or SGX- 2 machines, and the keybed feels bettered during the former RH3 model we examined.

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