How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano Online (2022)?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano Online

Thanks to this digital world, now you can learn the piano online for free. Not just piano but every other skill that you want to learn. To learn the piano online you just need two things, first a piano of course, and second, enough dedication. The time duration in which you can learn piano depends upon your level of dedication and the level of priority on which you place learning the piano. You don’t need to practice day and night if you want to learn piano just for the sake of a new hobby but it’s a completely different story if you see planning the piano as a profession.


Learning piano can be frustrating as you will not have a teacher live in front of you, someone who will guide you through the learning process, tell you about your mistakes, and also appreciate your hard work. You can ask your family members about your performance but that’s not enough you won’t get any professional personal attention. This is more of an independent form of learning. In other words, self-learning where you have to try and correct things on your own. This might get lengthy if you don’t know what aspects of learning to care about and whatnot. You can get overwhelmed by a bunch of different things that you need to manage at the same time and that can lead to burn-out. Considering all of these things learning online seems next to impossible. But it is certainly not the case.


There are plenty of online platforms like YouTube which provide step by step videos on how to learn the piano. They make videos in an incremental order just like a course by which you can learn according to your own pace. Besides YouTube, you can also buy paid courses on Udemy or SkillShare. On these websites, professional musicians make more organized courses to help you learn the piano easily. They use a more structured and constructive approach to teach the piano so that you will know exactly the steps you need to follow next. These professionals also give some assignments or practice routines which you can follow after watching their courses.

Now let us discuss the actual time that you are going to take to learn the piano. Now when you learn the piano, it never means you keep on practicing, and one day all of a sudden you know how to play it. There are particular milestones that you need to crack and make progress through them. As long as you keep practicing, the level of your piano playing increases incrementally. There are different aspects and pieces that you learn along the way. Then as you practice more, you know how to make new combinations of them and how to connect those pieces.

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Following Are the Different Aspects of Learning the Piano

1. MELODY – You learn to play the basic melody of the song somewhere between 3-4 weeks if you practice regularly. When you play the melody in this stage, you can slowly make the transitions of the keys in a melodious pattern which makes up the melody of the song. This melody part sounds dry but soothing to the ears, there are no complications involved in this phase. But this is the most fundamental part of learning the instrument. For a better understanding, we can compare this stage of learning to the stage of a child when he/she learns individual alphabets and know the basic words and phrases. You might have noticed that the first words kids learn to speak are very small in letter count such as in, at, on, etc. This is the scenario with this initial stage of learning the piano. You learn individual notes i.e. keys and then connect them in a pattern that sounds good to the ears. At this stage, you can perform in front of your colleges, family, and friends. You would be very prone to make mistakes yet this is the most exciting stage as you learn at least something that you can perform.

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2. CHORDS – Chords are just multiple keys played together, usually 3 but it varies as you learn new stuff. Chords sound more wholesome and are a prerequisite for singing. Chords form the base of any song and are difficult to recognize if you are not a musician. In a nutshell, chords do all the backstage work. Roughly, you would be able to play chords and their transitions of multiple chords smoothly in about 3-4 months. You can learn faster or can take more time depending upon your sincerity and the amount of time you spend practicing. Being able to play chords pushes you out of the “beginner” tag but you are still far-far away from becoming a pro. If you are a vocalist, this is the most exciting stage for you, as it gives you the ability to sing while playing the piano.

3. PLAYING THE MELODY AND CHORDS TOGETHER – But how? Don’t forget that pianists use both of their hands while playing the piano. This is the stage where your performance will sound brilliant and you would be able to call yourself a regular pianist. Reaching this stage requires almost a year-long practice. Being able to touch this milestone can be frustrating and boring as you don’t see any real progress for a long period. But the time you master doing this, you experience a real sense of satisfaction, and playing the piano becomes a priority, more than ever.

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Honestly, this was just up to the intermediate level. The rest of the part includes practicing new variations and patterns and combinations of the above three things. These are the pillars of learning piano; the rest depends upon your preference of learning, ex – genre. Nobody can master the piano as the music has an infinite level of creativity and there is always something new you can do with the instrument.


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