Top 7 Best Piano Keyboard Stands – 2023

A great music performance not only will depend on the performer, but also on the instrument and the accessories that will be used for mediating the performance. The piano keyboard stands are one of the most forgotten accessories for a grand piano performance, which has the capacity to compromise the performance of the musician who is not attentive.

Portable pianos are the go-to instruments for musicians and thus, there is a great need for a keyboard stand to match the instrument and aid the pianist perfectly. Music creators also spend hours of their time, hovering over their keyboards to create music. Without the help of a keyboard stand, that helps them to sit and play the instrument they might develop body pain, backaches, and even carpel tunnel syndrome. Here is the top best keyboard stand for pianists from the leading brands.

The Top Piano Keyboard Stands to Sit and Play the Piano:

Adjusting the height of the piano with the help of a piano stand, and aiding the pianist to play the instrument is one of the first things, that one needs to develop before starting to play the piano. The ideal piano stand should be about 28.5 inches from the floor so that the adult player can sit comfortably and play the instrument. Here are some of top best piano keyboard stands, that help you solve this trouble:

1. Liquid Stands Piano Keyboard Stands:

This is an exceptional piano keyboard stands that are both adjustable and portable. This is also a heavy-duty music stand for both kids and adults. It fits both 54 and 88 keys electric pianos. This is an adjustable stand that fits most of the keyboards, and it is completely adjustable, allowing the users to properly align the pianos. Apart from being eminent keyboard stands, they can also be used as turntables, synths, DJ mixers, and midi keyboards. The liquid stands keyboard stands are compatible with all the major keyboard stands.

piano keyboard stands

This is an eminent stand that helps players to play both in seated and standing positions. What makes this Z-style electric piano so versatile is its ability to adjust both the width of the piano and the height of the musicians. With this stand at hand, the pianist will have the option to make music both while standing or sitting on a bench, seat, or stool. The weight limit of the piano stand is about 250 pounds, and it is thus capable of handling even the heaviest of keyboards. The heavy-duty construction of the piano stand is capable of handling heavy musical gear and instruments.

This is an eminent Z-style piano stand that renders more stability and is less likely to tip than most of the common X-style stands. This stand is great for use on stage, at home, and even in the studio. It also comes with four adjustable feet, anti-skid foam pads, and also comes with a headphone hook. It also includes two anchoring straps that attach the keyboard to the stand for additional protection and stability. The piano stand is great for musicians on the road and for pianists who are practicing and learning at home.


  • The stand also comes with a headphone hook and anchoring straps.
  • The piano stand is easy to set up and is also easy to transport.
  • Setting up and breaking down this piano takes only minutes. It can also be packed flat for transport to gigs.
  • Do not hit the knees when the pianist is seated at the keyboard.


  • It is appropriate to include additional adhesive Velcro so attach the base supports and the underside of the piano for additional security.

2. Liquid Stands Piano Keyboard stands with wheels:

This is an exceptional Z-style portable and adjustable heavy-duty digital piano stand that is capable of fitting keyboards of 55 keys to 88 keys. The piano stand has an exceptional height-to-width ratio to fit most of the keyboards. This universal keyboard stand is completely adjustable and allows for properly aligning the pianos, synths, DJ mixers, and MIDI keyboards. This Liquid Stands keyboard stand is compatible with all major keyboard brands. 

It is possible to play on this piano keyboard stands in both seated and standing positions. The feature that makes this Z-style piano stand extremely versatile is its ability to adjust to the height of the musician and the width of the piano. With this piano stand in place, users will have the option to make music while standing and while sitting on the seat, bench, and stool.

The weight limit of this piano stand is about 250 pounds and is capable of handling even the heaviest pianos. The heavy-duty construction of this piano renders great stability and is likely to tip more than most common X-style keyboard stands. It is great for use on stage, at home, and in the studio setup.

There are four locking wheels and adjustable feet in this piano stand with anti-skid foams. There are also two anchoring straps available to attach to the keyboard for additional protection and stability. It is a great stand for musicians on stage shows and while practicing at home. The stand is extremely easy to set up and transport. It is also very easy to adjust its dimensions.

Liquid Stands Keyboard Stand w/ Wheels - Black Z Style...
  • Adjustable height and width to fit most keyboards: Our universal keyboard stand is fully adjustable, allowing you to properly align your piano, DJ mixers, turntables, synths, and midi keyboards. Liquid Stands' keyboard stand is compatible with all major keyboard brands.
  • Play while seated or standing: What makes the Z style electric piano stand so versatile is its ability to adjust to both the musician's height and the piano's width. With this stand, users will have the option to make music while standing or while sitting on a bench, seat or stool.
  • Weight limit of 250 pounds for the heaviest keyboards: This stand's heavy-duty construction supports the heaviest musical instruments and gear. A Z-style stand offers more stability and is less likely to tip than common X-style stands. Great for use on stage, at home or in the studio.


  • The stand includes a headphone hook and anchoring straps.
  • The adjustable width of the piano stand is capable of accommodating most sizes of keyboards.
  • Its incremental height options allow the pianist to play in both sitting and standing positions.


  • The very heavy stand occupies space in a small apartment.

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3. Knox Gear Heavy Duty Z-style Adjustable Piano keyboard stands:

This is one of the best piano stands that has reinforced Z-design works. It is compatible with all pianos, both large and small and it is compatible with pianos of all sizes and weights. The piano stand features an adjustable width and it features a sliding lock that allows the stand to get adjusted to any width between 24 and 41 inches. The stand has an adjustable height setting and is capable of adjusting the height setting from 23 inches to about 35 inches.

The handed of piano stand has foam padding both at the front and at the back to prevent slippage and avoid damage to the body of the instrument. The open design at the bottom of the piano stand offers ample room for effective piano pedals and effective cabling. The special reinforced Z design of the Knox Gear keyboard stand provides additional support to the stand to accommodate even the heaviest of instruments. 

The reinforced design of this piano stand offers this stand to render the ability to hold any piano or keyboard of any weight or size so that it can be used for a variety of keyboards. The sturdy design of the keyboard stand ensures that it can support almost any keyboard, starting from ultra-portable 41-key models to full-sized 88-key instruments.


  • The keyboard stand has an indefinitely adjustable width.
  • The stand features a special sliding lock that allows the stand to get adjusted to any height.
  • This makes the keyboard stand ideal for any size keyboard regardless of how long or short the piano is.


  • There are no overt cons to this piano stand.

4. On Stage KS7150 Table Top Piano Keyboard stands:

This is an excellent choice of piano keyboard stands that help accommodate large keyboards, DJ equipment, and mixers. The keyboard stand features a telescoping platform that adjusts from 29 inches to 43.5 inches in width. The height of this stand adjusts with easy line-up positions with friction-locking knobs. The support bards and hinge of this keyboard stand add additional support to allow its legs to fold under. 

The keyboard stand also folds flat for easy storage and transportation. The stand also has no-slip rubber end caps to protect the ground. The stand is also super strong and is completely adjustable. It features a welded and bolted construction and features a powder-coated finish. The maximum load capacity of this piano stand is also about 230 lbs. This is an extremely strong stand and is a great choice for musicians who need support for large keyboards and heavy vintage electric pianos.


  • The keyboard stand is designed to support large keyboards, DJ equipment, and heavy vintage electric pianos.
  • Exceptional model for large keyboards, and features a two-tier stand.
  • The piano stand has an exceptional black powder coat finish.
  • The welded and bolted construction of this piano is superior to most stand models.


  • This piano will not hold up to the rigors of frequent gigging.
  • There is no locking system on the legs of the piano that folds under.

5. K & M Table sand Piano keyboard stands

The K &M omega table-style Piano keyboard stands are the choice of professionals and feature a compact steel tubing construction. It also features large round floor protectors to make this keyboard stand attractive and significantly more stable. The keyboard stand features a two-sided spring-loaded locking screw to help with precision height adjustment easy. Its support arms can adjust to suit the size of the keyboard and are capable of adapting to the rigorous treatment from the professional pianist. 

The Piano keyboard stands from Konig and Meyer and is known for its individualized adjustability, reliability, and compactness for optimal transportability, gig after gig. The two-sided spring-loaded locking screws of this piano stand help make precision height adjustments and its locks release with a spring instead of having to remove the locking screws.

The piano stand features an engraved height scale and includes four Velcro tapes to guide the table. Its support arms should adjust to suit the size of the keyboard. The keyboard stands fold impressively flat and can be disassembled to save space for travel if required. There is an optional additional attachment in the stand to attach a second laptop or keyboard. This keyboard stand is available in three different colors, namely black, ruby red, and pure white. 


  • When folded, the table is impressively flat as well.
  • Its compact steel tubing and large round floor protectors make the keyboard stand significantly stable.
  • Its two-sided spring-loaded locking screws make precision height adjustments easy.


  • Very heavy keyboard stand, which is tough to handle alone.

6. Rockjam Xfinity heavy-duty Double-X pre-assembled piano Keyboard stands:

This is a pre-assembled adjustable piano keyboard stands that come with locking straps. It features heavy-duty double X-metal construction that ensures additional stability for heavy and light digital electronic keyboards. The quick-release mechanism of this piano stand allows the user to adjust the height from 4 inches to 38 inches. Compared with most keyboard stands; it permits only five-set positions. 

The piano keyboard stands don’t require much assembly and their metal parts are welded with each other. There are no screws to tighten and loosen as required. Its high-strength support straps attach to the keyboard stand and secure the keyboard from excessive movement during performance. Its non-slip rubber end caps add additional stability to the keyboard stand. The keyboard stand has a depth of about 35.5 cm and a depth of 46 cm. The width of this keyboard stand is adjustable from 17 cm to 98 cm. 

RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled,...
  • Heavy duty double-x metal construction ensures extra stability for heavy and light digital electronic keyboards
  • Quick-release mechanism allows the user to adjust the height, from 4 - 38 in; compared to most other stands which only permit five set positions
  • No assembly needed; metal parts are welded together, and no screws to lose


  • This is a sturdy double X keyboard stand that supports digital keyboards safely.
  • Its infinitely adjustable stands allow the users to adjust the height from 4 to 38 inches.
  • Its flexibility enables both adults and children to find the ideal keyboard height, whether they are playing in a sitting or standing position.


  • The locks of this keyboard stand are very weak and are easily collapsible.
  • The locking straps of this keyboard stand are dry-rotted.

7. Neewer X-style heavy-duty folding Piano keyboard stands with height control lock:

This is one of the exceptional piano keyboard stands with non-slip rubber caps and a height control lock. The heavy-duty folding design of this keyboard stand endures the instrument safely and securely. The height control lock of this piano remembers the height you have set, saving you from spending precious time on stand readjustments. The stand is designed to hold almost any keyboard, up to a maximum of about 88 keys or 100 pounds’ weight.

The heavy-duty construction of this piano folds flat to make both storage and transportation easy and simple. This steel keyboard stand is strong enough and stands up to touring. It is flexible and user-friendly and it is good enough to travel from gig to gig without pulling or making constant and annoying height adjustments.

The height control mechanism of this keyboard will remember the height that we want to set every time, you set the keyboard up. The users can determine the height at the most comfortable position and the legs of the keyboard will not collapse. The lowest height of this keyboard stand is about 24 inches.


  • The keyboard stand is exceptionally sturdy and highly functional.
  • It is not flimsy and is not cheaply made.
  • It is a perfect stand for holding the lightweight keyboard controlled on the computer desk.
  • The keyboard stand features a stable structure that wouldn’t tip over.


  • Assembling this keyboard stand is tough, as it offers vague instructions

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Things to consider before buying a piano keyboard stand for sitting:

There are different types of piano stands that are available in the market today. But while buying a stand for your instrument, it is important to consider the following important points:

1. Size of the piano keyboard stands:

It is important not to consider the size of the keyboard stand but choose the ones that fit the size of the keyboard. The height adjustment should be apt so that it renders optimal sitting and standing performance. We have to make sure that the width of the stand should be adjusted depending on the personal performance of the individual.

2. Parts of the piano keyboard stands:

Some keyboard stands should have parts that bang on the knees of the player and some piano stands do not have sufficient legroom. These features can affect the performance of the player on payday. Thus, it is important to keep things in mind, while shopping for a keyboard stand.

3. Weight of the piano keyboard stands:

The keyboard stand that you choose should be lightweight as a heavy keyboard can be very difficult both to carry and to assemble. Also, carrying the piano stand along with the piano can be a hectic task. Thus it is extremely beneficial to choose a stand that is easy and hassle-free to carry.

4. Choose modular piano keyboard stands:

It is advisable to choose modular keyboard stands that offer enough room for expansion. Some of the models of the piano stands offer ample extension to accommodate more keyboards for hassle-free performance. These modular stands will also get their height and width adjusted to accommodate longer and wider pianos.

5. Stability of the piano stand:

Irrespective of the style and model of the piano, make sure that the piano keyboard stands that you opt to buy, are capable of withstanding the desired weight. The heavier the instrument is, the stronger should be the stand. Make sure the stand is stable enough, not to fail you when you are busy with your performance.

6. Load capacity of the piano stand:

If you do not want to see your favorite instrument drop on the floor, then you should choose a stand with a decent weight-bearing capacity. If your instrument weighs more than 100 pounds, then you should choose a stand with the maximum weight-bearing capacity. Make sure that the stand is capable of holding up to the combined weight of the instrument and the pianist playing on it. 

7. Budget:

Never think that the price of the keyboard stand will equal its quality. The goal is to get good value for the money spent. Try as many keyboard stands as possible within your price bracket, before fixing the final product. 

Different types of piano keyboard Stands:

Many different types of Piano keyboard stands are available in the market, namely X-style tables, Z-style tables, and column-style tables. The choice of the stand depends on your budget and need. The X-style tables are generally cheaper and are also less stable. These stands are perfect for those who own a lightweight keyboard and don’t wish to spend a lot of time on the piano stand. The Z-style stands are sturdier than the X-style stands and can be raised or lowered for playing the piano in both sitting and standing positions. 

There are also single, double, and triple-tier keyboard stands. A single-tier stand can hold one keyboard, whereas the double model can hold up to two keyboards. The triple-tier keyboard stand is capable of holding up to three keyboards. Three-tier keyboard stands can hold a lot of poundage but are costly. Beyond the regular model piano stands, several models are available as branded furniture-style keyboard stands. 

piano keyboard stands

There are also a lot of columns styled with very expensive piano stands. But they render a lot of legroom along with other standard features. These stands also carry the best-looking design from the rest of the piano stands available on the market. For a pianist who wishes to sit and play the instrument, the best option is to choose the best combo of stand and bench to save a great deal of money. 

There are also A-frame keyboard stands that offer the best versatility. It is possible to finely adjust the angle and the height of the keyboard until they are perfect for playing. These stands are also capable of accommodating both the sitting and the standing players comfortably. The keyboard bench and stand is the best-conceived idea that grins with widespread popularity. It is also an ideal solution for support and comfort and helps the players to render the best shot while they are practicing at home or the musical venue. 

Bottom Line:

The Piano keyboard stands are very important as it is carrying and holding your most prized possession. It has an immense responsibility and thus it is mandatory to choose the keyboard stand appropriately. We hope our buying guide and our product recommendation will help you in picking up the best piano stand for your instrument.

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