Is Korg SV1 Worth The Hype? – Review, Comparison, and Final Verdict 2023

Korg SV1 Vintage Stage Piano is a modern and unique piano developed by Korg for its customers. The action of the Korg SV1 piano coupled with the sound is so nice and great. It is the best so far. Also, the electric features contained in this SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano are so numerous and of different functions. The tone wheel is so outstanding, the tube is grinding with great effect, and the transistor organs are also grinding. Also, the strings are of high quality and original.

Best Overall
Korg SV-1BK 73-Key Stage Vintage Piano - Black
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Korg SP280BK 88-Key Digital Piano with Speaker
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Stylish Design
Korg LP380-88 - Key Digital Piano, Black
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Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano
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Nord Electro 6HP Stage Piano, 73-Note Hammer Action Portable...
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There are tape strings which are astonishing and even string machines. The brass patches are two in number, and polysynthetic. All these great features are in the Korg SV1 piano. Then, coupled with the great Korg SV1 sound packs, a performer will never wish to stop playing, because of the amazing feeling associated with playing this piano.

General Overview

The Korg SV1 was first manufactured and released in 2009. Since its first launch, it has always captivated and held people spellbound. The Korg SV1 Vintage Stage Piano is available in both black and red colors. These two colors are designed with unique and amazing features that distinguish them from their competitors. The Korg St SV1 body is sleek and accompanied by a very nice shape. When appearing on stage, this piano always looks classy and fitting for a great occasion. The controls are retro style and the finish is a very smooth black for the black one, and smooth red for the red piano. Anyone with this keyboard will always desire it and always want to play it. 

The SV1 Korg also has a stand that is black and also collapsible. However, getting the stand is not a must. Then, a case that is soft and rolling is also available. Concerning the piano, the Korg SV1 possesses various piano sounds. There is the “Japanese Grand Piano”, and the “German Grand Piano”. Apart from them, there is the “authentic upright” and many others. The Vintage is available which has a great combination of various features. The keyboards are electromechanical, digital, and analog, at the same time. Also, they are driven by tape and make use of a transistor. 

korg SV1

The Korg SV1 dimensions were made with the use of “Korg’s RX (Real eXperience) Technology”. Each sound contained in it is unique and original. The sounds always capture the details and expression precisely and fully. Also, accessing the effect pedals and amplifiers is available in the instrument. Even the cabinets of the speaker and the techniques of the studio can be accessed. All these make the sounds real and outstanding. In addition, accessing the keyboard sounds that have been in existence for many years is provided by them. A player will feel great pleasure while playing the Korg SV1. It is a keyboard that is good to use while performing at different times. The piano is designed to always excite and motivate the user. 

The keybed associated with it is the “RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action”, which is a most perfect one by Korg. The feel is strong and usually responds very quickly, in such a way that makes someone feel confident. Even the whole of the front panel is live at all times. They always make use of knobs with clear and distinct labels. These are designed to make it easy for a player to dial the sound they want and get an accurate result. You can even save your favorite buttons, to easily remember them. It is not difficult at all, but so convenient. Instead of going to gather and keeping lots of vintage instruments, the Korg SV1 should be used, because it is the best alternative. 

Korg SV1

Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Performance and sounds9.3
Build Quality9.3
Value for money9.3

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This Korg tube keyboard helps you save money, and also lasts at the same time. It can be easily carried anywhere, and can also be easily maintained. The Korg SV1 73 craigslist and Korg SV1 eBay is a great deal. The way its cabinet is styled, along with its stand, which is not compulsory, is so unique. They show that this piano is produced with the main aim of playing it. The way the cabinet and the stand appear is a reflection of the real keyboards, and also depicts how unique this piano is. 

There is a great reaction concerning the body of the Korg SV1 73 black and Korg SV 1 black red in 2009 when they are put up for sale. Now, the Korg SV1 red is being produced and sold, because users love it and have requested it. This red Korg keyboard is greater in terms of features and even looks more astonishing. The body of the Korg keyboard red looks so beautiful and unique. It is also curvy, and a nice red color is used to cover the whole of it.

The Korg keyboards red are always shining and sparkling, because of their nice color. Even when someone looks at this piano from distinct angles, one can behold the shininess and brightness. Even on stage, the red color glows so brilliantly and makes the audience look with desire. 

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The panel that faces the player, which is the operating one, is black. This particular scheme is designed to be easily operated and read. So, the red and black colors are perfectly blended into the keyboard to give a nice and enticing. This Korg SV1 red shouldn’t be missed for any reason because it is the most recent design, and is also so beautiful. There is a Korg SV 1 limited edition of the Korg SV 1 73 and Korg SV 1 88. They are going to be put up for sale, including the Korg SV1 88. The Korg SV188bk possesses its keys, which are unique to it.

Korg SV1


  • 73 keys; Korg’s best RH3 Graded Hammer Action; outstanding piano sounds – a couple of grands and an upright!
  • 36 very popular vintage keyboard sounds which are in high demand, made just like the original.
  • Retro-inspired performance styling; single-function knobs and switches are easily operated quickly and with ease. 
  • 3-band EQ; 6 Pre-FX, 6 Amp Models, 6 Modulation FX, 6 Reverb/Delays; Real tube 12AX7 Valve Reactor
  • Stereo Outs (1/4-Inch & XLR), Ins (1/4-Inch), Headphone out; Damper Pedal included. Optional stand and bag

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  • The keyboard has 73 keys in the SV-1 73, which is very convenient for a player. Then, it has a Korg RH3 that is sensitive to velocity. 88 keys are also available in the SV-1 88, which also aids the player. Then, there is the Korg SV1 Reverse key (73key), which is important in any keyboard.
  • The 73 keys, which are E to E, have a Korg RH3 which is sensitive to velocity. This term means “Real Weighted Hammer Action 3”. Then, there is the Korg SV 1 Reverse of 88key, and 88 keys, which is from A to C. It also has a Korg RH3 meaning “Real Weighted Hammer Action 3”, which is sensitive to velocity. For the Touch selection, there are eight curves, and the two include, Transpose, Fine tuning, and Tuning curves.
  • Its sound generation is EDS which means “Enhanced Definition Synthesis”, while the polyphony is 80 notes, which is the max. It has 36 sounds, which consist of 6 banks × 6 variations. The Tine Piano 1 is for performing Rhodes over and over again. Tine, Tremolo, for carrying out a trembling effect, and Dyno EP, for emulating great sounds, together with VPM Piano and Tine.
  • In the second Bank, there is the E.Piano 2 Reed EP 1, Reed EP 2, Electric Grand, SG-1D Piano, 80’s Synth Piano, MIDI Grand, then in the third Bank, there is the Clav Clav AC, Clav BC, Clav BD, Clav AD, ElectroPno, and ElectraPno. In the fourth Bank, there is the Piano Grand Piano1, Grand Piano2, Mono Grand, Upright, Piano/Strings, and Piano/Pad. In the fifth Bank 5, there is the Organ Click Tonewheel, Jazz Tonewheel, Full Tonewheel, Console Organ, Italian Combo, and VoxCombo. Then, in the sixth Bank, there are the other Full Strings, Tape Strings, 70s Strings, Choir, Synth Brass, and Sharp Brass.

Korg SV1

  • First, there are 8 favorite switches, which are made available for the control panel’s fast registration. Then concerning the end, there are 4 insert effects in addition to 2 master effects. The Equalizer is Bass, Mid, and Treble. For the Pre FX, there is the Compressor, Boost, U-Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, and VoxWah. In the Amp Models, there are the Amp1/2/3/4/5/Organ Amp in addition to the Cabinet Models, Valve Reactor Technology – 12AX7 (ECC83) valve. 
  • There is the Modulation FX for Chorus1, Chorus2, Phaser1, Phaser2, Flanger, and Rotary. Then, the verb/Delay: Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo, and Stereo Delay. The Total FX contains the Stereo Mastering Limiter and the Stereo Limiter. Then the Effect Controllers have the Equalizer On/Off – 3 encoders: Bass, Mid, and Treble. For the Pre FX 2 switches, there are the On/Off, and the Auto/Pedal switch for Wah. The 3 encoders are Type select, Speed, and Intensity. The Amp Models On/Off – 2 encoders are the Type select and Drive. 
  • Also, there are the Modulation FX 2 switches, for the On/Off, and Rotary Slow/Fast. The 3 encoders are Type select, Speed, and Intensity, then the Reverb/Delay 2 switches are On/Off, and Tap Tempo. The 2 encoders are Type select, and Depth and there are other controls like the Panel Switches: Transpose, Local Off, Touch, Function, Demo; Transpose, in addition to the Local Off. The Volume has the Master Volume Knob, while the Connections have, Audio output, Audio input, Headphones, MIDI, Computer, and Damper.

Korg SV1


The Korg SV1 has 36 sounds in it which range from different sources. They range from pianos that are electric, the acoustic pianos, strings, organs, and others. The instrument has different categories, and each of them begins with the important classics. Then, they go further, providing more things than other products. They move into some of the distinct instruments of their era.

These instruments were among the soundtracks of the period. The electric pianos usually begin with a seven-way velocity “switched tine version”. Then, it moves on to the “reed-based model” that is classic, and subsequently, into an “Electra instrument” that is vintage analog. All these are produced in America. There are also a couple of distinct digital classics from the Japanese mid-80s. There is the three-way stereo version of the German grand piano giants contained in the acoustic pianos.

This version of the Japanese grand piano giants is also available in acoustic pianos. Then, an upright piano and mono are important to carry out small gigs are included. The clavs are made up of four variations of the tonal settings in addition to the related keyboard. This was also produced by the manufacturer that made use of a “plucked-reed mechanism” to produce an intimate and distinct sound. Also included are original and tape-based sounds. Then, analog strings, choir, and two analog synth sounds, also make up the sounds. All these make up the sounds, and there are multiple sounds for the performer to make use of.

Korg SV1

The main instruments have been sampled precisely, one by one. This also includes the time, key off, damper, and hammer noises at velocities that are distinct. The pianos are even made to be very accurate by sampling piano cabinet resonances. Performing on the Korg SV1 gives so much happiness, also because of the “RX Experience”, which is giving great attention to details. As this piano is being played, it usually evokes a nice feeling and pleasure because of the combination of various sounds contained in it.


This piano has its competitors, even though it is such an outstanding and great piano. Different brands are trying to pass the others to remain at the forefront of the market. Some pianos that are competitors include;

Korg EK-50 vs Korg SV1

The Korg EK-50 is a full-size arranger, which is also the first to be very affordable. It contains a keyboard 61-key arranger, together with the 64-voice maximum polyphony. It also has an onboard speaker system and can carry out real-time recording. The effects of this piano are 34 in number. It is the latest Korg product, which was produced to contain many things. Though the Korg SV1 contains more features.

Korg, 61-Key Keyboards & Pianos (EK50)
  • [Wide Variety of Sounds & Styles] - The EK-50 Arranger Keyboard contains 702 realistic sounds and 280 Styles including pianos, guitars, brass, sax, drums, and more. You can also use the Split function to divide the keyboard and play different sounds simultaneously.
  • [Simple-to-Use Controls] - The middle of the operating panel has a bright, clear display that shows the currently selected sound and Style names in large characters for great visibility. The buttons on EK-50 are illuminated by their own LEDs which helps you visualize the setting of each function.
  • [Built-in Speakers] - Powerful 2 x 10W stereo speakers are built into the instrument. They can reproduce not only the sound of the instrument itself, but also sound from an external device that you connect to the input jack.

Korg SP-280 vs Korg SV1

When you are performing on the SP-280, it will be just as if you are performing on a concert grand piano. The feeling while playing it is so overwhelming like an acoustic piano. The sounds in this piano are 30, and they are original and full of feelings. It includes a grand piano, electric piano, organs, clavs, and strings, among many others. Also, it has a damper pedal, together with soft pedals, which makes playing it so much more exciting.

Korg SP280BK 88-Key Digital Piano with Speaker
  • Rich, dynamic acoustic piano sounds that are enjoyable to play
  • Authentic vintage electric piano sounds, perfect for live performance.Power Consumption : 15W
  • Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard faithfully reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano

Korg LP-380 vs Korg SV1

The LP-380 is a piano whose sound is so brilliant, and this is coupled with amazing piano action. It has a slim cabinet and contains 30 sounds that are of high quality. Included in it are the Kronos-derived piano, electric pianos, strings, and some others. But still, the Korg SV1 is better than it in terms of sounds and beauty.

Korg LP380-88 - Key Digital Piano, Black
  • 73-key Slim and stylish design Rich, dynamic acoustic piano sounds that are enjoyable to play High-output amp section produces plenty of volume RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) keyboard Reduced chassis, package size, and weight Three-pedal design with half-damper support Sustain pedal sold separately
  • The LP-380 provides brilliant piano sound in a low-profile, slim design
  • The flat-top cabinet looks stylish even when the key cover is closed

Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano vs Korg SV1

This stage piano is designed by Korg to contain 73-key, 7 Sound Engines, RH3 Weighted Hammer Action, and an onboard FX. The Korg SV1 guitar center is a great place.

Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano
  • 73-key Stage Piano with 7 Sound Engines
  • RH3 Weighted Hammer Action
  • Onboard FX

Korg SV1 vs Nord Electro

This keyboard is preferred by some because of its multiple sounds, and also because it can be easily customized and edited. Though, the SV1 is better because of its Fender sounds and acoustic piano.

Nord Electro 6HP Stage Piano, 73-Note Hammer Action Portable...
  • 73-key (6 octaves, E-E) Velocity sensitive Fatar Hammer Action Portable keyboard; perfect for electric and acoustic piano sounds, but also works great for organ playing
  • Three independent sound sections Organ, Piano and Sample Synth that can be used simultaneously as a layer or a split; 6 Keyboard Split points (C3-F5) with Split Point Crossfade functionality
  • Organize/Page mode: Group sets of up to four Programs into Pages, and arrange these using the Organize mode

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Korg SV1 vs SV2

The Korg SV 2 review is amazing because of its nice features which include an 88-key Stage Vintage Piano with RH3 Hammer Action, 64 Instant-access Presets, Stereo Speakers that are built in together with the 73 Instrument Sounds, and Valve React Circuit. This makes the Korg SV-2 review to be nice, but the review of the SV1 is also good.

Korg SV2-SP 88-key Stage Vintage Piano
  • 88-key Stage Vintage Piano with RH3 Hammer Action
  • 64 Instant-access Presets
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers


In conclusion, we can see that the Korg SV1 Vintage Stage Piano is an outstanding one. The Korg SV 1 review by customers is an attestation to the fact that this piano is one in a million. The Korg SV 1 reviews are so amazing and are given by people who have used this keyboard and experienced its great features. Though it has other competitors which seem greater, the Korg SV1 still stands strong. The piano was constructed with great efforts to fully satisfy and meet the demands of people. The Korg SV1 review is so amazing because of the product’s unique sounds and the great efforts put into its production by Korg.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the Korg SV1 Vintage Stage Piano Have Built-in Speakers?

No, it doesn’t. You would need to connect it to an external powered speaker.

2. Is a Red One Available?

Yes, a red one is available.

3. Does the Korg SV-1 Come With a Music Stand Attached to It?

Yes, the Korg SV-1 comes with a music stand that you can attach to it.

4. Is There a Korg SV 1 Case?

Yes, a case is available, though optional.

5. What is the Korg SV1 used for?

The Korg SV1 is an outstanding piano used for performing various sounds.

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