Roland GO:KEYS Review: 61-Key Music Creation Piano – 2023

Are you planning to buy Roland Go:Keys? Before buying any piano, one must know the base of the music. If you are learning the piano for the first time, you need to make sure to keep your mind open. Sometimes, the time may come when you feel like you don’t want to learn the piano. Sometimes the time will come when you don’t want to feel like playing it. 

It is always not easy. You need to continue. Pianos are never any disposable option. Buying a Roland piano will be a very good option. Just make sure, if you are planning to buy a piano, you can always consider an acoustic piano, which you must have seen in classic films and grand competitions. You can check out digital pianos as well. They are the most affordable as well as technologically friendly. It owes oscillators and other filters, which are not only amazing in sound but plays a great deal too. They are the most versatile of all zones. (Check out: Top 15 Best Digital Pianos).

If you are planning to buy a Roland GO:KEYS PIANO, have a look at the review and then decide if that is the right choice for you or not:

Roland GO:KEYS Piano Review 2023

Roland GO:KEYS Keyboard
Editor Rating: 9.3/10
Performance and sounds9.3
Build Quality9.1
For Beginners9.6
Value for money9.4

This is a fun and inspiring choice for beginner musicians. The keyboard is compact in design and convenient for use as a performing instrument at different gigs or live shows. It has a glossy sheen and red color which gives it a unique and fancy look. It has an enduring built and can take a few bumps here and there. 

The screen is lit with LCD red backlight. The buttons of this keyboard are a little tactile or membrane-style protrusions in other words. Once you start playing this piano, you’ll notice that it is quite intuitive and everything will start to make sense. The keys are unweighted but are velocity-sensitive, which means, certain sounds will react to your playing dynamics. All the keys are of the same shape and size, which serves as a good practice medium. The sounds of the keyboard are relatively good and are dominated by synthesizer sounds in the library. There are tons of impressive tones that you can find in the library. 

The total numbers of tones are 554. Besides being exceptionally good in synths, there other decent sounds of guitar, piano, brass, etc. It also includes a lot of drums and percussions as well.

Amazing Look of Roland GO KEYS

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Features of Roland GO:KEYS Piano

  • Loop mix mode is the most unique feature of go keys. This mode allows you to play multiple instruments simultaneously with a drum beat and it matches with the rhythm and chords as well. There are 6 parts in this loop mix mode; drums, bass, 3 style-specific parts, and your voice. When you select this mode, it splits the keyboard into 5 octaves with different tones. Playing this might sound a little confusing but once you practice enough, you’ll have room to explore your creativity with this interesting model.
  • There are over 500 pro-quality sounds including piano, synths, strings, brass, bass, and more.
  • There are no layers or splitting modes for maintaining simplicity but there are some forms of combo presets.
  • You can record and save songs in the internal memory of the keyboard. You can save up to 99 songs in storage. It is considerably more than major pianos.
  • Bluetooth can be used to connect the go keys with your device and use as playback audio or to record MIDI data. Bluetooth mode becomes very convenient if you use iOS software such as garage band.
  • There is a headphone jack for practicing without disturbing the people around you. This is the same key you need to use to connect the keyboard to speakers or amplifiers.
  • There is a separate sustain pedal jack that allows you to connect your sustain pedal to add damper functionality to sounds.
  • There is an AUX-IN stereo mini-jack that will let you connect to music players or smartphones to practice along.
  • Lastly, there is a USB to host port that uses USB micro-B. This will come in handy connecting the computers or other such devices. This is important to know I you are using a digital audio workstation (DAW).

Pros & Cons of Roland GO:KEYS Piano

What’s Best in Roland GO:KEYS?

  • For any piano, the most certain thing to check is the sound of it. The sound offered by this piano is the most accurate one. It can be as fantastic as one could not think of.
  • The piano is completely light weighted. It is having any kind of stereo speakers which are built inside the keyboard and doesn’t sound that bad.
  • It can run on batteries which is completely a very fine functionality for any kind of piano.
  • This is a very portable piano since it is very easy to carry due to its lightest nature on the market. It owes full-size keys, touches sensitive buttons, onboard speakers, and 500 quality sound as the fine-dine functionality.
  • The action of the keys is unique. They owe the rubbery feel which is completely unique. Though initially, it might have some awkward feel at the beginning, later on, it will feel nice.
  • The design of this Roland piano is very beautiful. It owes a nice design as well as color. It is designed in such a way that it will look beautiful everywhere, inside and out.
  • The sound patches for this piano are excellent and are better heard with an amp or headphones… The keys are superb and very light weighted.
  • There will be an unlimited amount of overdubbing for all the categories. This allows the record to complete beautifully. Sounds could be mixed professionally easily and they are complete magic together. This is one of the most amazing production ideas.
  • The keyboard owes various different sound options and the speakers are pretty good to produce different kinds of sound.
  • The sound produced by this piano is just professional and inspiring. It is one of the most amazing choices offered by Roland.

What’s Lacking in Roland GO:KEYS?

  • There might be a crack in the USB outside the keyboard while you are trying to unplug a cord since it is just the loose jack inside the keyboard which makes it malfunction.
  • The sounds are completely velocity-sensitive. There is no way the setting up the individual sounds. Turning it off or on at the global level is completely impossible.
  • The keyboard could be a little junky and stiffy in nature, leading to affecting the level of sensitivity of the volume by the piano.

Roland Go:Keys is an amazing piano. If you are planning to buy it, just go through the reviews first and all the pros and cons it could have, and then decide to buy. Before buying, just go through this complete unbiased review and make sure if it is fulfilling the conditions you are looking for or not:


The piano offers great functionalities. If you want to create big melodies or create small melodies, this piano is best for you. The sound is awesome and the functions are completely user-friendly. Even the synthesizer attached to the keyboard is completely amazing. The piano 5 segment pitch is not having any improvement though. Also, Bluetooth audio is an interesting feature to fool people that they are actually working on something. But overall the piano is a great option for beginners, who are looking for a beautiful piano with good functionalities and an affordable price.


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