Top 10 Best Piano Keyboard Stands for Standing (With In-Depth Buying Guide) – 2023

Finding the best piano keyboard stands is optimal for those who own keyboards and play them at home comfortably. These keyboard stands come in a variety of sizes, prices, and capabilities. There is a vast selection of keyboard stands available and it is thus optimal to find the best keyboard stands for a perfect keyboard-playing experience. We have listed the top best keyboard stands for mounting musical instruments here along with a detailed buying guide to safeguarding your purchase.

Top best keyboard stands for standing and playing pianos

Playing the piano frequently and regularly can cause muscle spasms and finger stress. To avoid this, it is important to find a keyboard stand that gives the right angle and height to play the instrument, without causing stress and damage to the fingers. 

#1 K and M Table Style Keyboard Stand

piano keyboard stands k&m

This is an exceptional keyboard stand that has a broad base dimension and an adjustable height from 23.6 inches to 40.15 inches. This keyboard stand has a spring-loaded clamping knob for exceptional height adjustment. The height features an engraved height scale and includes four Velcro tapes to guide the cable. The stand has exceptional steel construction and is made in Germany. The stand also comes with five years warranty.

The K&M Omega table-style keyboard is the choice for professionals and is known for its compact steel tubing construction. It also features a large round floor protector to make this an attractive keyboard stand, to make it significantly stable. The stand also features two-sided spring-loaded locking screws to help with precise height adjustments. Its support arms can be adjusted to match the size of the keyboard.

Special consideration has been paid to the construction of the keyboard stand, and it is thus able to withstand the enormous weight of the instrument. The stand is also ergonomically comfortable and features several features such as compactness, individualized adjustability, reliability, and optimal transportability.


  • The piano stand features a spring-loaded clamping knob for precise height adjustments.
  • Its Engraved height scale includes four Velcro tapes to guide its cable.
  • Its support arms can be adjusted to suit the size of the keyboard.
  • The stand folds flat for transportation and storage.


  • The feet of the keyboard stand should be protected to avoid scratches on the floor.
  • Set up of the stand takes a lot of time.

#2 Ultimate Electronic Keyboard Stand (AX48 PRO)

Ultimate Support Ultimate Electronic Keyboard Stand...
  • Simple Setup and Tear Down
  • Accessory Slot for Optional Add-ons
  • Sleek, New Design

This is an excellent stand for mounting electronic keyboards and it features a simple setup and a tear-down design. The keyboard stand also features an accessory slot for optional add-ons. The stand features a sleek and new design and features a lot of quality features.

Its professional tri-bar arms are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the electronic keyboard. They have been developed with over two decades of research and development and is been used by gigging keyboard players and touring musicians all over the world.

The APEX series is one of the best and the finest-looking keyboard stands available in the market, and it helps in securely supporting the prized keyboard instruments. The stand features a simple setup and also comes with a teardown accessory slot to keep the accessories safe and near. It is also capable of breaking down into a single and slender unit that is easy to transport. It also takes up very little room and its hollow column serves as its carrying case. The legs of the stand remain connected and slide into and out of the base of the column. The arms that support the keyboards are stored in compartments at the top of the column. 


  • You can easily pop off the accessory cap and install the optional microphone stand.
  • The stand is of the highest quality and features long arms for keyboard support.
  • We can add a third tier to this stand with the help of new arms and brackets.


  • We cannot tilt the V bars down and once they click into position; they cannot be moved.

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#3 Stellar Labs Heavy-duty keyboard stand

This is heavy-duty equipment and keyboard stand that features a state-of-the-art design to support most of the 88-key digital pianos and keyboards. It features a separate height and weight adjustment and is compatible with DJ mixer systems as well. The exceptional design of this keyboard stand offers ample floor space for pedals. It also features an eminent steel square tube construction and its foam cushioning strips offer eminent top support to the arms and the base sections. 

This keyboard stand offers a sprung push-button height adjuster with 14 height settings and securing screws. The stand features an adjustable height from 58.5 cm to 89.5 cm. The width of this stand is adjustable from 62.2 cm to 101.6 cm. The stand is capable of holding a load weight of about 80 kg. The total weight of this keyboard stand is about 8.5 kg. The keyboard stand comes with a complete package that includes an adjustable Z side section, adjustable crossbar, crossbar clamping plates, and bolts.

Stellar Labs Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand (555-13830)
  • A heavy-duty keyboard/equipment stand designed to support most 88-key keyboards, flightcased CDJ/turntable/DJ mixer systems, and features separate height and width adjustment.
  • Design provides ample floor space for pedals, Steel square tube construction, Foam cushioning strips to top support arms and base sections, Sprung push button height adjuster with 14 height settings and securing screw
  • Adjustable height: 585mm to 895mm, Adjustable width: 622mm to 1016mm, Maximum load weight: 80kg


  • It is one of the sturdiest stands for keyboards, and it doesn’t wobble.
  • The stand is 20” deep and fits in almost all keyboards.
  • This is a heavy-duty stand for additional support for each bar inside.


  • May not be appropriate for small apartments.
  • Not a portable stand.

#4 KS 7903 On-stage piano keyboard stands

On-Stage Keyboard Stand (KS7903)
  • Terrific value on a 3-tier a-frame stand
  • Includes 3 pairs of support bars and an adjustment wrench
  • Adjustable the height and playing angle of both keyboards

This is an excellent keyboard with a three-tier frame stand. It includes three pairs of support bards and an adjustable wrench. Both the height and the playing angle of these keyboards can be adjusted seamlessly. Its hinged legs allow the stand to fold for easy assembly and travel.

Its double lock feature helps in rendering additional support. This is a versatile A-frame keyboard stand that allows the users to adjust the height and the angle of the keyboards until they are just right for playing in both standing and sitting mode. 

This keyboard stand is easy to carry, lightweight and it is 48-inches wide. It offers outstanding value for anyone who has a multi-keyboard setup. The support bars of this stand slide from side to side at the pole to fit in electronic keyboards of both 76 and 88 keys. There are two fixed positions for each of the support bars, thus allowing two sliding front and rear positions, along with angle adjustments.


  • This is an exceptional three-tier A-frame stand for keyboards.
  • It includes three pairs of support bars and an adjustment wrench.
  • The double-lock feature of this keyboard stand renders exceptional support.
  • It’s adjustable for maximum base support and minimal floor space.


  • Lengthy assembling process. we might require a measuring tape to make the assembling process easier.

#5 On-Stage KS7150 Tabletop keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS7150 Platform-Style Keyboard Stand (Setup for...
  • Strong. Provides a sturdy, table-style base for dependable support of large-format keyboards, organs, synths, electric pianos, MIDI controllers, DJ mixers, or other heavy equipment.
  • Adjustable. Width adjusts to fit the length of instruments and other gear for optimal weight distribution and to conserve floor space in venues and recording studios.
  • Ergonomic. Height adjusts to a comfortable level for using a variety of keyboards, mixers, and controllers and each leg adjusts in height to ensure a level platform even on irregular surfaces.

This is an exceptional tabletop keyboard stand and is a great choice for large keyboards, DJ equipment, and mixers. Its telescoping platform is adjustable from 29” to 43.5 inches wide. Its height is adjustable from friction locking and knobs and with the help of this easy line-up position.

Its support bars and hinge offer additional optimal support and allow its legs to fold under. The legs of the stand fold easily for storage and transportation. The stand also features non-slip rubber end caps to protect the floor from the stand.

This stand is super strong and is completely adjustable. The KS7150 features a welded and bolted construction and features a black powder-coated finish. It is also capable of withstanding a weight of up to 230 pounds. It is a sturdy, portable and multi-platform table for mounting arrangements of music devices such as keyboards, steel guitars, lap guitars, etc. Other great features of this keyboard stand are that its legs are not obstructed and its minimum height is still quite high.


  • This is an extremely strong stand, with a completely adjustable model.
  • This is an eminent keyboard stand, that is designed to support large keyboards and heavy vintage electric pianos.
  • It is also capable of holding heavy vintage electric pianos and DJ equipment.


  • The width adjustment rail is very sloppy. 
  • The locking screws in the stand are of plastic and they keep loosening.

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#6 On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro-Heavy Duty Folding Z keyboard stand:

This is an exceptional two-tier keyboard stand, and its second tier is removable. The stand also features a tilting angle adjustment and independent height adjustments. Its height adjustments line up with its adjustment marks. The width adjustments of this keyboard stand are between 21 inches and 37 inches. It is capable of holding keyboards from 55-key width to up to 88- keys width. The keyboard stand folds flat for travel and storage.

On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand...
  • Convenient. Holds two keyboards, one above the other, in a single-stand footprint. The main stand supports 400 pounds total and the second tier supports 60 pounds.
  • Ergonomic. Main stand adjusts in height 23.5″–36.5″ to ensure ergonomic playing while sitting or standing and the height settings are locked in place with two tightening knobs. The angle of the second tier adjusts to enable a comfortable playing position.
  • Compatible. Double center brace reinforces the frame for reliable keyboard support and adjusts the width of the stand 21″–36″ to accommodate a variety of keyboards. Width settings are secured with two tightening knobs.

This keyboard stand is truly professional and is truly heavy-duty. This stand helps with independent height and width adjustment and is capable of holding large keyboards. It was created with the help of the best keyboard professionals in the world and helps musicians to get on stage with their impressive stand. It promises inherent durability, affordability, and innovation. Its on-stage stands are used every day in showrooms, studios, and on-stage shows all over the world. 

The brand now includes more than 300 products in eight different categories, namely microphones, guitars, keyboard workstations, speakers, bands, and orchestras. The front bumpers of this keyboard stand rotate to accommodate the height of the keyboard.


  • It is capable of holding pianos of widths 55-keys to 88-keys.
  • The keyboard stands help with independent width and height adjustments.
  • The stand is sturdy and practically inexpensive.


  • The stand is tough to set up and there are many knobs to loosen and remove.

#7 Plixio Piano keyboard stands with wheels

Liquid Stands Keyboard Stand w/ Wheels - Black Z Style...
  • Adjustable height and width to fit most keyboards: Our universal keyboard stand is fully adjustable, allowing you to properly align your piano, DJ mixers, turntables, synths, and midi keyboards. Liquid Stands' keyboard stand is compatible with all major keyboard brands.
  • Play while seated or standing: What makes the Z style electric piano stand so versatile is its ability to adjust to both the musician's height and the piano's width. With this stand, users will have the option to make music while standing or while sitting on a bench, seat or stool.
  • Weight limit of 250 pounds for the heaviest keyboards: This stand's heavy-duty construction supports the heaviest musical instruments and gear. A Z-style stand offers more stability and is less likely to tip than common X-style stands. Great for use on stage, at home or in the studio.

This is a Z-style adjustable and portable professional piano stand with adjustable height and width. Its adjusting width and height help it to fit on most keyboards. Its universal keyboard stand is completely adjustable allowing users to properly align the piano, synths, DJ mixers, turntables, and midi keyboards. This Liquid Stands keyboard stand is compatible with all the major piano keyboard brands.

With the help of this keyboard stand, it is possible to play piano in both seated and standing positions. This Z-style electric piano is so versatile that it can adjust both to the width of the piano and the height of the musician. The weight limit of this piano is about 250 pounds and its heavy-duty construction supports the heaviest of musical instruments and gear. Its Z-style stand offers great stability and is far superior to most X-style stands.

The headphone stand includes a headphone hook and anchoring straps. It also includes four locking wheels, four adjusting feet, anti-skid foam pads, and a headphone hook. Two anchoring straps attach the keyboard to the stand for additional stability and ambient protection.


  • Allows the pianist to play in both the seated and standing positions. 
  • It is great for use on stage, at home, or in the studio.
  • It is extremely easy to set up and transport with appropriate height adjustments.


  • The bolts are to be lubricated constantly before screwing them in. 

#8 Casio ARST Single-X Adjustable Keyboard Stand

This is an exceptional keyboard stand with an adjusting height along with maximum playing comfort. This is a highly durable and sturdy x style keyboard stand that supports the keyboard. Its sleek back design serves it to be a perfect addition to the Casio keyboard. The keyboard is extremely creative and exceeds the expectations of people. It leverages superior technologies and innovation to create products that deliver new value to the latent needs of customers. 

The Casio keyboard stand is a perfect accessory for the Casio keyboard. It is also easily adjustable to six different heights and helps players in achieving maximum playing comfort. The stand could be too tall, close to the computer desk and it can be adjusted to many height options, to match the comfort needs of the piano players. It is extremely sturdy and is capable of supporting most of the midi controllers.


  • The piano stand is perfectly stable, easy to assemble, and fits in seamlessly, even in small apartments.
  • Its height is adjustable for maximum piano-playing comfort.
  • Its sleek black design appeals to stage shows and live concerts.


  • Requires prompt tightening, or else the stand rocks.
  • The stand is too tall.

#9 RockJam Xfinity heavy-duty Double-X keyboard stand

RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled,...
  • Heavy duty double-x metal construction ensures extra stability for heavy and light digital electronic keyboards
  • Quick-release mechanism allows the user to adjust the height, from 4 - 38 in; compared to most other stands which only permit five set positions
  • No assembly needed; metal parts are welded together, and no screws to lose

This is an eminent and pre-assembled adjustable piano keyboard stand with locking straps. This is a heavy-duty stand with double X metal construction. This stand offers additional stability for both light and heavy digital electronic keyboards. The quick-release mechanism of this keyboard stand allows the users to adjust their height from 4 to 38 inches. This is far better than most other stands that permit only five-set positions.

This keyboard doesn’t require any assembly and its metal parts are welded together. There are no screws to tighten or loosen in this keyboard stand. Its high-strength support straps are attached to the keyboard stand to secure the keyboard from all sorts of movement during keyboard performance.

The non-slip rubber end caps of the keyboard stand, add additional stability to the stand. The depth of the keyboard stand at its top is about 35.5 cm and the depth at its base is about 46 cm. The width of the keyboard stand is adjustable from 17 cm to about 98 cm. The Xfinity keyboard stand is made of sturdy metal and its double X keyboard stand safely supports digital keyboards.


  • Its high-strength support caps secure the keyboard during performance and mitigate the risk of damage.
  • Its non-protective non-slip rubber end caps ensure that the keyboard doesn’t move during the performance.
  • Its heavy-duty construction helps to rest almost any keyboard on the stand without the fear of damage.
  • The keyboard stand doesn’t require screws for tightening.


  • The screws on the straps on the stand are too thin to screw into the bottom of the keyboard.
  • The plastic locking teeth are weak.

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#10 Liquid Stands Piano Keyboard Stand:

This is an exceptional Z-style adjustable and portable heavy-duty music stand for both kids and adults. Fits electric pianos from 54 keys to 88 keys exceptionally well. The piano stand features an adjustable height and width to fit most of the keyboards. This is a universal keyboard stand that is completely adjustable, thus allowing us to completely align the DJ mixers, synths, turntables, and midi keyboards. This stand is compatible with all the major keyboard brands.

This is an exceptional piano stand that helps users to play the instrument in both seated and standing positions. Its versatility lies in its adjustability. With this stand at hand, the users will have the option to make music, while standing or while sitting on the seat, bench, or stool. The weight limit of this piano stand is about 250 pounds and thus it is compatible even with the heaviest of keyboards.

Being a Z-style music stand renders more stability for the users and it is less likely to tip than most of the common X-style stands. This is an exceptional piano stand that is great for use on stage, at home, and even in the studio. The piano stands include a headphone hook and anchoring straps. Each of the keyboard stands includes four adjustable feet and anti-skid foam pads, along with a headphone hook. Two anchoring straps attach the keyboard to the stand for additional protection and stability. 


  • The piano stand is easy to set up, transport, and adjust to its dimensions.
  • The height of the piano stands is between 22.5 and 33.5 inches.
  • Set up and break down of this table takes less than one minute.
  • It is possible to pack this stand flat for transport to gigs.


  • The bottom bars are not deep, and there is a problem getting the legs underneath where the keyboard rests. 

Importance of Music Stands – Why It is Important to Maintain an Ideal Height for the Piano Keyboard:

The ideal piano height should allow the pianist to allow the most convenient displacement of the arms and the forearms. The forearm should be at the right angle to the piano. This also means that the forearm and the arm should form a perfect right angle when resting on the keys of the pianos. To prevent muscle spasms, it is important to maintain the proper arm and forearm positions while playing the piano.

Also, the pianist should maintain the right distance from the piano to prevent spasms and injury to the fingers. To maintain the right distance from the piano, the hands need to zip up and down the keys, without the risk of injuries to the fingers. An ideal piano stand helps in maintaining the appropriate distance between the piano and the player. With the keyboard stand in place, it is possible to find the sweet spot easily, so that we can play the instrument with ease, without having to worry about injuries. 

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Ideal Keyboard Stand:

The ideal height of the piano is where we feel the utmost ease while playing the piano. There are many different types of keyboard stands and there are many important factors to consider while zeroing in on the right keyboard stand.

1. Strength and durability of the keyboard stand:

You choose to pick a stand that offers sturdy support for the keyboards. The heavier keyboards require stable stands and they can provide the keyboard with stronger support. If budget is not an issue, it is optimal to go for a sturdier stand. While buying the keyboard stand, it is important to consider the weight specifications of the stand and check its rating for handling load.

2. Dimensions and weight of the keyboard stand:

While talking about the dimensions of the keyboard stand, it is not just important to consider the size of the stand, but it is important to check the size of the keyboard as well. If you are a tall person, a lower stand will be extremely inconvenient. Your legs can cramp under the stand and you can be slouching while playing the piano. The width of the piano stand should be four inches less than that of the keyboard. Also check, if your stand is capable of carrying heavy keyboards on its second and third tiers. 

3. Choose the stand according to the number of keyboards you will be using:

A single keyboard might require only a simple stand with no additional tiers. But, if you are using several keyboards, then you should choose a multi-tiered stand or several stands that are set up in the L configuration. Some pianist will require their pianos to be stacked one over the other in the multi-tiered stand. Others might require multiple keyboards to be played on separate stands.

4. Portability:

Consider the portability of the stand if you have to attend gigs frequently or attend multiple gigs in a day. The keyboard stands with four legs that are sturdier. If you are looking for a portable piano stand, then consider something quicker to set up and pull down, so that it is easier to transport from one venue to another. 

5. Your desired legroom:

If you are playing piano in the sitting down position, then you can consider a Z-style stand over the X-style stands. Particularly the double-braced versions of the piano stands offer enough knee room while playing seated if you are tall.

Different types of stands for pianos and keyboards:

1. X-Style stand:

This is the most common type of keyboard stand that is popular among musicians all over the world. The legs of these stands are crossed at an angle, similar to the letter X. These stands are capable of supporting all kinds of keyboards and they are also usually very sturdy and budget-friendly. These stands have 8 height adjustments and five positions. 

2. Z-Style stands:

These piano stands have legs that look like the letter Z and are very convenient stands in terms of access. You will be free to play the piano from either side and their height is also adjustable to play in both seated and standing positions. These types of stands are very stable and do not take up a lot of space.

3. A- Style stands:

These types of piano stands form an A-frame underneath and can be adjusted to offer a height that suits both sitting and standing positions. These stands are considered super stable and are designed to render additional support, without being overweight. These frames are less common compared with other stand types and are a great choice for heavy-duty keyboards.

4. Mixed style stands:

These stands are becoming quite popular as they are highly suitable for heavy and big keyboards. They require a lot of firmness and stability and possess the maximum weight capacity to hold the instrument firmly. Also, these stands offer more leg space underneath and are great for those who play piano in a sitting-down position.

Bottom Line:

Keyboard stands have undergone a lot of innovation over the years, and the manufacturers have worked on their materials, sizes, and shapes to minimize their weight and maximize their weight and stability. We hope our stand recommendation and our guide, help you in picking the most appropriate keyboard stand for your home and stage shows.

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