Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 Review (2023)

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 Review

Note: Clavinova CVP-709 has been discontinued by Yamaha, so you should check a good alternative: Clavinova CSP-170.

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 Review

The Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 is one of the preferred digital pianos by pianists all over the world as it samples the sounds of not just one, but two grand pianos, namely the Bosendorfer Imperial and the Yamaha CFX inside one digital piano. This instrument serves as a family entertainment unit and helps people in the entire family entertained over the music. The specifications and features of this piano have been improved to include more pianos. There is also a new Session mode with a built-in recording studio for recording and sharing tunes and music.

Other unique features of this piano are that it is made of natural wood construction and its keys are made of synthetic ivory keytops. Its 88-key linear graded hammer action keyboard dictates unique weight for each of the keys over the entire keyboard. The keys on this keyboard are adjusted carefully with counterweights, in an attempt to improve playability and to achieve a better key return in rapid passages.

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Specifications of the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 Piano

Yamaha has been striving to build exceptional piano playing experience for over a century. With the CVP 709, it is possible to experience a purely digital piano that has the heart of a grand piano. Realistic touch and response are what make this piano better than the rest of the gadgets. The specifications of the Yamaha CVP 709 are as follows.

  • The keyboard of this piano has 88 weighted keys with synthetic ivory keytops.
  • The white keys in this keyboard are made of natural wood.
  • The 88-linear grade hammers in the keyboard are touch-sensitive.
  • There are three pedals in this piano with a half-pedal option
  • The diverse functions of this piano are sustain, sostenuto, soft, glide, etc.
  • Features a TFT-colored LCD that is 8.5 inches in size. The display is colored with touch screen functionality
  • The display’s language includes English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.
  • The Key cover is of sliding type and it features a virtual resonance modeling technology
  • The piano has a polyphony of 256 and 1270 voices.
  • There are 124 preset songs with 16 tracks.

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Diverse Features of the Yamaha Clavinova CVP 709 Piano

Yamaha is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments and the CVP Clavinova series of this piano renders high resolution and high definition recordings. The piano also renders tremendous voice articulation and its voices are highly advanced and are also easy to use. This piano undoubtedly helps the pianist sound like a pro and helps with the most realistic reproduction of high-quality music from diverse instruments. The diverse features of the CVP 709 piano are as follows.

1. Combines the effects of two world-class pianos in one:

The Yamaha Clavinova CVP 709 comprises two world-class pianos in one digital piano. The CFX is one of the finest concert grand pianos from Yamaha, which is the finest piano manufacturers in the world. The samples of this sound are characterized by unique traits such as versatility, subtlety, power, mellowness, and lightness. The strings and hammers of this piano are tuned to perfection by some of the highly experienced piano technicians, who have made sure to sample each of the keys individually. With the CVP 709, it is possible to choose and enjoy amazing reproductions of the Bosendorfer Imperial piano and the Yamaha CFX grand piano.

2. Excellent playability and feel:

This is an excellent piano that features a keyboard made of natural wood, which is unique for making musical instruments. Only the best wood from the finest part of the tree is selected, so that the keyboard that is been produced is resistant to warping and buckling, on par with the keyboards that are made of laminated wood. 

The CVP 709 features a natural escapement mechanism that recreates the feel of an acoustic piano. The keys undergo a let-off and a drop of the hammer mechanism when the key is played very softly. This action of the piano is designed in such a way that its escapement is discernible only at the lightest of the keystrokes, which is similar to the grand piano. 

The finish of the keys on this piano is worth mentioning here as it features an ivory finish to render it highly tactile. The ivory finishing on the keys is of the same quality as present in acoustic pianos. The ivory finishing is a highly absorbent material, that prevents the fingers from slipping, even with hours of performing, without degradation in the feel and texture of the keys. 

3. Counterweights – strike the keys with the perfect balance:

On an acoustic grand piano, each of the piano keys is weighted differently. The strings in the CVP 709 for each note are slightly thinner and shorter at the treble while progressing to become thicker and longer towards the bass. Counterweights are embedded in its keys, in an attempt to balance the weight of the hammers and render more precise control, while playing the notes delicately at low volumes. This piano also holds a carefully adjusted set of individual counterweights to improve the playability of the piano. 

4. Other unknown facts regarding the Clavinova CVP709:

  • Pedal: This piano features a damper pedal that detects the depth of depression and allows for half-pedaling. The damper pedal of this piano renders excellent resistance and helps the pianist to get used to the delicate pedaling of the acoustic grand piano.
  • String sound: The sounds of the strings resonate all through the body of the piano, helping with rich reverberation, that surrounds the pianist. One good reason why the sounds of this piano are complex and rich is that when one string is played and vibrating, the rest of the strings ring, as a response. This phenomenon is referred to as virtual resonance modeling.
  • Headphones: The stereophonic optimizer helps in adjusting the spacing of the sound while listening to it with the help of an optimizer. This factor serves as an inspiration for a pianist to play for hours. While listening to the music played with headphones, the music seems to come from the body of the piano and not the headphone, thus helping with a realistic experience.
  • Piano room features: The piano room of this piano is expanded to include additional instruments such as vintage electric pianos, along with samples of the grand acoustic pianos. There are around 40 different musical styles available along with provisions to record the music sessions at the touch of a button. 
  • Music finder app: The music finder app is an excellent feature to play the right style of music and voice combinations to perform a particular song. 
  • Automatic page-turner: There is an automatic page turner feature in this piano with a guide lamp. The pages either turn automatically or the player can flip through the pages by swiping the screen horizontally.
  • Touch screen: It is possible to touch, slide, swipe and even rotate the contents on the screen o the piano to gain access to its different functions and to make adjustments. The ability to adjust the brightness makes sure that the display is easy to read at all times.

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Pros & Cons of Clavinova CVP-709


  • The super articulation voices feature and the samples of real musical instruments give a natural feel for the music.
  • Players can enjoy karaoke with the songs that are stored on the piano. The lyrics are shown in the display and the words change the color when the song keeps progressing. 
  • The touch screen feature of the piano makes it easy to operate.
  • This piano has an active voice guide feature to notify the current operation that is been executed.
  • The USB audio recorder feature helps to record the performance in a flash drive.
  • Features a highly functional speaker with a bass sound.
  • The piano is compatible with MIDI and iOS devices. 
  • Pianists can connect a microphone and state singing with this piano.


  • This piano is not a budget-friendly option
  • The piano is quite heavy and hard to assemble without assistance.

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Bottom Line

The Clavinova CVP709 is an excellent piano that is known to nurture the inner musician. The piano has an excellent finish with synthetic ivory keytops and a unique wood finishing. This is the first-ever piano that has been molded with the real grand expression technology of Yamaha and it delivers the best sounds of two concert grand pianos from its tiny body. It doesn’t fail to possess an exceptional suite of instruments and sounds for an interactive music environment.


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